bout of books: final update


It’s day 3 of Bout of Books, a week-long read-a-thon hosted here. Yesterday was the final day of the read-a-thon, and here’s my final update!

Here are all the books I read during this Bout of Books:

I was honestly expecting to read maybe 3 or fewer books since my reading pace has slowed so much the past year, but I think this reading challenge may have sped it back up! I’ve already read 8 books this month, which is my best reading month in about 2 years. I’m now 4 books ahead on my 50 book Goodreads challenge as well.

As for the books, my favorites were probably THE BRIGHTSIDERS, which is the last one I read, and MY SO-CALLED BOLLYWOOD LIFE. THE BRIGHTSIDERS had the best queer rep I’ve ever read, a great teen rockstar story, and totally shipable romance. MY SO-CALLED BOLLYWOOD LIFE was adorably over-the-top and completely delightful. I also really enjoyed 10 THINGS I CAN SEE FROM HERE, about an anxious lesbian, that was one of my most anticipated reads last year that I didn’t get around to, so I’m glad I did this time. The most disappointing read was THE DEEPEST ROOTS, which, though I liked the magic elements, was ultimately forgettable and boring.

How was your Bout of Books?

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