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2020 reading challenges

As I was struggling to think of post ideas for this week, I realized something ridiculous: I didn’t sign up for my own reading challenge. I have certainly been encouraging people to sign up for Here & Queerathon 2020, but I have yet to make my own sign-up post, or to make a sign up […]

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my favorite witchy posts

my favorite witchy posts

It’s October, aka the official start of Spooky Season (though tbh it’s always spooky season for me because I’m a witch) so I thought it would be appropriate to share some of my favorite witchy posts that I’ve written since starting Cotton Candy Book Witch. So, without further ado, here are my favorite on-brand posts: […]

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my most popular posts

Recently, I’ve been doing a little research into my stats to see what kind of posts have been most popular on my blog in the past year. The main reason I did this is to see if my witchy posts do well and if people like them or if they’re just something I like to […]

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Choosing my bookstagram aesthetic

I do have a bookstagram but am not currently very active on it. I’ve always struggled with taking book photos, but especially with picking a single aesthetic for my photos because I’ve never found one I liked. Lately, I’ve thought that it might be fun to pick up bookstagram again because I’m always bored on […]

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if i could bookstagram

if i could bookstagram

I wrote a while ago about my struggles with bookstagram on the blog (or the old blog, anyway) and unfortunately, I have not overcome any of them. I think the main problems are 1) I don’t actually have enough books?? I don’t know how this can be a thing, but it is. I just don’t […]

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