a list of book blogs compiled for your reading pleasure

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen my tweet asking for links to new WordPress book blogs started in 2019 or later. I was not expecting to get a lot of responses, but I was pleasantly surprised to end up with a long list of new blogs to peruse. Today, I want to share some of the book blogs I discovered because of that tweet and list those and a few others I’ve discovered lately here for your personal reading pleasure.

If you are reading this and responded to that tweet but don’t see your blog listed, fear not! I’m planning to make a new feature highlighting new blogs and blog posts that I like to help others find new blogs and give back to a community that has given me so much.

Without further ado, here are some of the blogs I’ve discovered recently:

A Little Shelf Righteous

I was so happy to discover Meg’s blog because her recommendation posts are especially killer. She has written recommendation lists on a variety of topics, including books for Folklore fans (ft. one of my childhood faves, THE LUXE), books by Black authors, reads featuring the rich & famous trope, and more. I even managed to discover some new titles I hadn’t heard of through her blog that I quickly added to my TBR list, and I’m sure you will, too!

Rae’s Reads and Reviews

What immediately stuck out to me about Rae’s blog was the uniqueness of her content. Her posts are extremely creative, from book tags (including this one based on the new Chloe X Halle album) to book recs based on Gospel songs.

Eleanor Sophie

Eleanor Sophie is a literary/lifestyle blog that I enjoy for the variety of topics she posts about! I especially enjoyed her post about her first impressions of Folklore (#sorrynotsorry for all the Folklore post hyping). I’ve also gotten a lot out of reading a bunch of her smart, detailed reviews, which are often of books that weren’t on my radar before.

Rin’s Reads

Erin migrated over to WordPress and started a new blog last month! If her early content is any indication of what’s to come, I’m definitely going to be a long-time follower! I’ve especially enjoyed her review of BOYFRIEND MATERIAL and her wrap up post for Reading Rush, in which she also discusses the hosts’ problematic actions.

The Diverse Clan

The Diverse Clan just came to be this month, and I am so pumped for it! They were founded with the goal of boosting content by marginalized bookish creators. They already have some great features on their blog, including a diverse bookish creators masterlist, information on important issues happening globally, and a place you can apply to be a contributor! I am excited to see content from a variety of creators about diverse books and can’t wait to see what they come up with!

August Event Sign ups

Yes, we need a whole post for August event sign ups because I am being an overachiever and signing up for multiple readathons and events this month because I have no self control. Hopefully I have a good reading month this month and don’t fall into a slump, because I have a LOT of reading to do!

Here are the events I hope to participate in this August:

dewey’s readathon: reversathon | august 7-8

I am so excited about this event! I have loved participating in Dewey’s 24-hour Readathon events in the past, but haven’t been able to read for more than a couple hours of the past few. I am hoping to change that with reversathon and read the majority of the time, and maybe even stay up late reading, which I have not done since college, which is now almost five years ago, lol. Reversathon is different from other Dewey events because usually the 24 hours goes from 8am to 8am, but this time it’s from 8pm to 8pm.

diversify that shelf | august 10-19

This readathon, focusing on reading diverse books, is being held from August 10-19 by Noura. I wasn’t sure if I’d participate in this one initially because I’m not as good at short readathons anymore, but I may just try my best during the actual 9 days and then extend it to the whole month. There are prompts for this readathon, which I’ll make a TBR for closer to the event.

arc august | all month

I haven’t participated in ARC April or ARC August for a couple years, but I plan to change that this month! ARC August is a readathon happening from August 1-30 with the goal of knocking out some ARCs from your TBR! I plan to use it to read some upcoming ARCs that I want to read before release date. This readathon is hosted by Read. Sleep. Repeat.

latinx readathon

Latinx Readathon seems to be being mostly hosted on Twitter, with the goal of reading more Latinx literature! I’m not sure how many books I’ll end up reading for this one because most of the ones I have access to to fit the prompts aren’t ARCs, but we’ll see.

This is my tentative, smol TBR for the Latinx Readathon:

subtle asian book club

I wasn’t sure if I’d participate in this at first because I am already participating in so many, but the book club pick is THE POPPY WAR, which I already started reading a bit at the very end of July, so I figured I may as well participate since it’s for a whole month and the reading of it is broken up and doesn’t have to be done in a couple days or a week. I’m looking forward to seeing the discussion on this in the facebook group.

August readathon roundup

Hello, and happy August! Last month, I really enjoyed participating in the Pop Culture Readathon, and was very excited to motivate myself to read through more readathons in August. The problem was, when I started looking for August readathons to participate in, there were just. So. Many. And even though I’d like to participate in all of them, one must not make oneself crazy over the number of readathons they are participating in.

Still, there are A LOT of great events happening this month, so for this post, I’m going to highlight a few of the ones I found really appealing and tell you about them and how you can sign up. So, without further ado, let’s get on to the readathons!

Short readathons

Diversify That Shelf – August 10-19 – Host: Noura – The goal of this readathon is to read more diverse books! There will be prompts for this readathon to help you pick your reads, but Noura says in her intro post that she wants it to be pretty low-key, and you can use the same book for multiple prompts! To sign up, just tag Noura in your TBR.

Avatar: The Last Page Turner – August 1-14 – This is a readathon themed around the show Avatar: The Last Airbender. There are 4 teams based on the type of bending (Water, Air, Fire, Earth) and prompts that go along with each. Check out the announcement video here.

Galleyathon – August 10-16 – The goal of this readathon is to clear your NetGalley (and Edelweiss) TBRs! There are prompts you can follow listed on their Twitter account. To participate, tag your progress tweets with #galleyathon

Dewey’s Readathon: Reverseathon – August 7-8 – I used to love participating in Dewey’s Readathon, a 24-hour readathon that usually happens in October and April. I haven’t been able to read much during it for the past couple years, but I really want to give their reverse readathon (meaning it starts at night instead of in the morning) a try this year. You can sign up here and even if you only read for an hour of the readathon, you still count as a participant!

Month-long readathons

Tropeical Readathon – August 1-31 – Registration closes August 8! This readathon is all about tropes. Tropeical Readathon is genre-based with boards and prompts for different genres of books. You can find more info here.

Meteor Shower Readathon – August to October – This readathon, which you can find at the handle @MeteorReadathon on Twitter, is being hosted to celebrate the release of MISS METEOR by Anna-Marie McLemore and Tehlor Kay Mejia by reading all their books leading up to MISS METEOR’s release!

Magicalathon – August 1-31 – Found at @Magicalathon on Twitter, this is a fantasy-based readathon. You can choose a team such as school of fae, school of assassins, and more, and read based on the prompts for that team.

Here & Queerathon – ALL YEAR – Oh hi, of course I have to plug in my own readathon. We are reading queer books either by queer authors or with queer rep ending on December 31! You can find more info on signing up under the tab for forms.

Latinx Readathon – August 1-31 – This is, of course, a readathon all about reading Latinx lit! They have a board with different prompts, which you can double up on, and you can sign up by filling out this form.

This is by no means a complete list of readathons happening in August because there are A TON, but I hope it’s enough to get you inspired and reading!

why i’m contemplating starting 2 new blogs

Don’t worry; I’ve now decided that I do want to still keep posting here on Cotton Candy Book Witch. But I have more ideas of what I want to post about and how to create content that reflects me even more/in addition to how I show myself on this blog.

The blogs I am thinking about creating are as follows: 1) Mel in the Stacks, which would be my professional blog about librarianship and reader’s advisory. I have written about library stuff on this blog in the past, but I feel like that content isn’t really relevant to what I’m trying to portray with this blog, and I also want to have a blog I can put on my resume and not be concerned about having stuff that’s too personal there. I basically want a professional space where I can show my knowledge of librarianship and stand out to potential employers and start making a name for myself in my career.

2) Wilder Reads, which would focus more on queer books and books by diverse authors in general. I already do promote a lot of diverse books on this blog, but for a lot of reasons that I’m going to go into in a second, I feel like it might be better to have this blog separate from the witchy stuff.

Here are some thoughts on why I want to start a second book blog:

  • This blog mostly gets views for witchy content. My top viewed posts on this blog are actually not even about particular books, minus my review of WICKED SAINTS, but about witchcraft in general. I guess I shouldn’t be terribly shocked by this, because witchcraft has been growing in popularity over the past few years and my posts about it have pretty good use of SEO, so it makes sense that most of the traffic goes there. But if I want to be known as a book blogger, it’s not great because my bookish posts aren’t that popular and don’t get a ton of views here.
  • I’m thinking about how I want to do content in the future. One of my goals this year was to experiment with doing basically my own mini blog tours where all the content on my blog for a week is about a specific book. So far I’ve done this for 3 books, and I’ve really enjoyed coming up with the witchy/bookish crossover content for my fave reads. So my thought is to focus on doing that type of content on this blog and more general queer/bookish content on Wilder Reads.
  • This blog feels more personal. Because this blog deals with my interest in witchcraft, it feels a lot more personal than any of my other book blogs ever have. But I’m also questioning whether it’s the first thing I want to promote about myself in the book community. I also talk a lot about my mental health struggles on here, which is something I’ve started to question whether I should do, and I’d kind of like to have a space that’s just queer and bookish.


I’m kind of nervous about the prospect of starting another blog because I’m seriously a perfectionist when it comes to my blogs, and I don’t really have the funds right now to do all the stuff I’d want to do like go self hosted and buy the perfect theme and commission a header. I’m also worried about building a following all over again since it’s taken me 2 years to get to 600+ on here. I’m hoping I can just go for it and start creating good content anyway because that’s what really matters, and I hope some people who follow me on here will also join me in my new blogging pursuits!

Things that happened & what i read during quarantine

Today’s post is going to be something a little different. I almost did a traditional wrap up for May-June, but I decided I’d rather talk about things that happened and some highlights of what I’ve read.

  • I went home to see my parents. Actually, I saw both me and my partner’s parents over quarantine once the stay at home orders were lifted. I was really proud of myself because I drove 5 hours by myself, which is the most I’ve driven alone since I moved to where I am now. I was really happy to see my parents because I hadn’t seen them since December, and I always find it so relaxing to go home.
  • My partner’s parents got a really cute dog. Normally, I am NOT a dog person, but this is the floofiest, cutest puppy I have ever seen and he really liked me and cuddled me and I am a fan of that dog. He will grow up to be a Good Boy.
  • I read FELIX EVER AFTER. Aka, the best queer book this year. Honestly the best one I’ve read in a while. This book is about a trans boy who gets outed at school and catfishes the person who he thinks is responsible to get revenge. There are a million and a half things I loved about this book, one of the top being that Felix keeps questioning his gender identity throughout the book even though he’s been “out” as trans and has a best friend who accepts him and is so respectful about asking what his new pronouns are. It’s also the first time I’ve seen demi rep in a book. I just felt like I saw myself so much in this book and in Felix’s struggles and joys and I simply loved it.
  • My parents got me an iPad. I am in love with it. I had suddenly started thinking about getting an iPad before I went home, and then my mom offered to get me one for an early birthday gift, and it has honestly made quarantine so much more bearable.
  • I read I’LL BE THE ONE by Lyla Lee. This book, like FELIX, was one of my most anticipated books of the year. It’s about a plus size girl who goes to compete in a k-pop competition and falls in love with a semi-celebrity. I thought the fat rep in this one was really good, and so close to my own experiences being overweight. I really related to Skye at some points. I was also thrilled to see a bisexual character not end up with someone of the same gender because I feel like that’s so rare in bi representation and it’s something I look for because that’s what happened to me, and it was nice to see a bi character attracted to a boy and not feel ashamed or be shamed for it by other queer characters.
  • I contemplated starting 2 new blogs. I don’t know why this was considering I wasn’t even blogging on one blog. I think it was mainly because I was so unmotivated by blogging and have been feeling really disconnected from witchcraft because I haven’t been doing something daily to practice it like I normally do, so having a witchcraft themed blog felt kind of pointless. But, I also wanted to start a professional library-related blog that I can put on resumes, because I’m starting to worry about putting a blog with so much personal stuff on a resume.
  • Oh my god, Twitter started being really draining. I’ve thought about deleting my account there a lot, but there are some bookish friends I only talk to on Twitter, plus it’s responsible for me and my partner getting together. But it’s been a minefield lately for me with people QRT’ing transphobic stuff all over the place and abusers being outed and reminding me of painful and traumatic experiences I’ve had. It just seems like it’s something new every day and it is too much sometimes.
  • I read A SONG BELOW WATER by Bethany C. Morrow. This was pitched as a #SayHerName novel about two magical Black girls (including one siren!!) I loved all the mythos in this book and the relationship between the two found family sisters. This was such a powerful story that I think would be empowering and validating to a lot of young Black girl readers, and I’ll definitely be pestering our teen librarian to request it for our library when we’re buying materials again because it’s SO GOOD.

bookemon readathon sign-up post

Today I’m excited to share with you one of the events I’ll be participating in this month, Bookemon!! Bookemon is a BookTube event hosted by booktubers MEGAN OF TOME INFINITY, SAM OF SARCASM AND SCI-FI, JADE OF JADED READER, STEF OF NOVELTEA CORNER, SARAH OF NOVEL SARAH-NDIPITY, and ERIK OF BREAKEVEN BOOKS. This is an event inspired, of course, by Pokemon, with the goal of beating Team Rocket’s 1,000,000 health points. To gain Combat Points, you can participate in a variety of team challenges (I’m team Mystic), and other prompts based on Pokemon types to get more points. You can find more information on the prompts and overall challenge with this document.

My Bookemon buddy is Rapidash–called Rhymedash in this challenge–both because I love Ponyta and because fire types Pokemon get a 250 CP bonus for reading standalones, which I read a lot of.

My main goal for this challenge is to at the very least complete all of the team prompts. Within each book, I’ll definitely be able to do a lot of the extra Pokemon type prompts, so I’m not going to bother sharing books for each individual prompt that I want to read. But, here are are some of the books I want to read for each of the team prompts:


blue team: read a book featuring a blue cover

I probably have a few on my TBR to fit this, but as of now I’ve already completed this one with Nikita Gill’s poetry collection, FIERCE FAIRYTALES.



logical: read a book you know you should get to

I’m going with BEACH READ, my BOTM pick from last month, for this one. I may also read another previous BOTM book, ANNA K., for this prompt, which also counts for the blue prompt.



gym training: read a book from the library or your owned tbr

I will continue the THREE DARK CROWNS series with TWO DARK REIGNS and FIVE DARK FATES.


mystic group book

The group book for Team Mystic is THE TEN THOUSAND DOORS OF JANUARY, which I actually own.


blanche’s mission: a book that is set in another world

I may also end up counting one of the THREE DARK CROWNS books for this prompt.


articuno: read a book about or based on middle eastern mythology or culture

I will be reading GIRL, SERPENT, THORN for this one, which is a sapphic fantasy based on Persian mythology.



Are you participating in Bookemon Readathon? What books would you read for these prompts?

bookending spring: springtime jam

It’s time for my last post for Bookending Spring with the Springtime Jam prompt, which asks bloggers to share their favorite things about spring, bookish or not. Bookending Spring is hosted by Sam and this prompt is hosted by Michelle.


my favorite things about spring

  • It’s Dewey’s Readathon time! I always used to look forward to about April 20-25ish for the past few years because that’s usually the time when the Dewey’s 24-hour readathon is hosted. I haven’t been participating the past few times, but I’m hoping to read at least a couple hours for the current event, which is today!
  • Camp NaNo. I also used to participate in Camp NaNo and have in the past gotten a good chunk of WIPs written before. Now that I’m not participating, I still really like reading people’s posts about writing for the event and reading about people’s awesome-sounding WIPs that I definitely need on my shelf.
  • T-shirt weather. I love sweaters, but I’m always excited to put them away and bring out my comfy and cute t-shirts. I just feel lighter when I’m wearing t-shirts and that’s always a nice feeling.
  • Visiting home. Typically, I go home to visit my parents in May because it counts as kind of a Mother’s Day/my mom’s birthday visit. I’m really bummed I can’t travel home this year.
  • May book releases. I don’t know why this is, but for some reason May is always FILLED with amazing new book releases. Spring and Fall are generally the best release seasons, but May especially is a month that always has what feels like hundreds of new books.


what are your favorite things about spring?


bookending spring: spring cleaning & unhauling tips

Today’s Bookending Spring post is hosted by Michelle. The idea is to share your collections, or spring cleaning tips. I am going to be sharing some factors that go into unhauling books for me when I think it’s time to clean out my shelves.


am i still interested in the book?

Obviously I only buy books I am interested in reading, but if a book sits on the shelf for a long time it can end up becoming less appealing to me and sometimes I can even forget what a book is about or what drew me to the book in the first place.


how long have i had the book?

I feel like I need to have a more clear-cut deadline for how long I can keep a book unread on my shelves, because I have been known to keep unread books for 5+ years. I think a reasonable rule would probably be that I can’t keep a book unread on my shelf for over a year after I get it, but if that’s too soon for you, I think 3 years is also a good deadline.


am i only keeping this for sentimental reasons?

A lot of the 5+ years kept books on my shelves are books I kept because even though I hadn’t read them, they held a special sentimental significance to me. However, I have realized since Marie Kondo-ing my books a few times that sentimentality is not a good reason to keep an unread book gathering dust for years.


am i only keeping this for aesthetic reasons?

I am ashamed to admit I sometimes get multiple editions of a book before I have read it because I’m 100% convinced at the time that it will be a new favorite. However, I have two editions of HEARTLESS by Marissa Meyer on my shelf that I’ve had since 2016 that I haven’t read yet, and an ARC and hardcover of STAIN by A. G. Howard that I haven’t finished, so clearly this is not advisable. Books like these are the most painful for me to part with because obviously I had high hopes for them, but there must be something about them preventing me from reading it so there’s no point in keeping multiple editions of unread books for years.



bookending spring: begin again

Today I’ll be sharing my Bookending Spring post based on the prompt Begin Again. This week’s Bookending Spring posts are hosted by Isabelle @ Nine Tale Vixen. For Begin Again, share how what you would do differently when starting your blog/bookstagram/other social media channel and tips for new bloggers.


how i’d bookstagram differently

I have often written about my struggles with bookstagram, but seem to be getting the hang of it now with my new account, Bitter Melon Books. So here are some things I would do differently if I started my bookstagram for the two millionth time:

  • I wouldn’t connect my account to my blog directly. I think a lot of people would disagree with me about this, but for me, removing the association with my blog and just starting fresh really helped me realize what I wanted to do with the account and freed up what my aesthetic could be.
  • I’d pick a theme that is easily maintainable. I think this was the major problem with the themes I tried using in the past. I often picked stuff that relied on certain lighting, and I don’t have any photography experience, so maintaining the same settings for each photo was hard for me when I tried different themes.
  • I’d worry less about props. The accounts I followed when I first started being interested in bookstagram definitely made me feel like I had to have stuff like daggers and sprigs of baby’s breath to be successful, but I have now found accounts that focus more on the books and vibe of the photo vs props, and I have realized I can bookstagram without all the fancy stuff.


tips for new bloggers

Since I only just started having a consistent bookstagram, I don’t feel qualified to offer tips to new bookstagrammers, so for the second part of this post I will be imparting my blogging wisdom to newbie bloggers instead. Here are my tips:

  • Interact! Interact! Interact! Interacting with other bloggers both in comments on my blog and other blogs, as well as on other social media channels like Twitter, has made my blogging experience exponentially better. I spent an embarrassingly long portion of my blogging career not talking to other bloggers, and it was lonely and also I didn’t get as much engagement on my own posts.
  • Don’t be intimidated by people who you admire or think of as a “celebrity” blogger…because honestly, people in the blogging community today are all super nice! I’m really glad I’ve gotten over thinking of certain bloggers as “celebrity” bloggers because it’s made me more confident when interacting with people online and I’ve made a lot more friends.
  • Don’t feel like you have to do every social media channel. This is honestly something I still struggle with, because I feel like I need to be doing the latest cool thing all the time. It’s important to stick with social media channels you’re actually interested in using and are passionate about. It’s totally okay to try stuff that’s new to you, but you don’t have to do something just because it’s popular or cool if it’s not your thing.
  • Think about your other interests when creating your ‘niche’. This is something I wish I’d done earlier on. I think it’s really hard for a new blogger to know what their niche is going to be before they start, but once I started thinking about how to incorporate my major non-bookish interest, witchcraft, into my posts, it got a lot easier to create a niche and brand for myself.
  • Create a blogging schedule that’s reasonable for you. And acknowledge that what that means may change over time! I’ve definitely gone through phases of blogging less and then blogging a ton again, but it’s all about finding what you can maintain and enjoy doing.


If you’re interested in what the other prompts are and participating in Bookending Spring, check out this post.




*hiatus announcement*

I mentioned in my February wrap up that I might take a hiatus, and the time has now come. I am just very tired and stressed and want to focus on other things for a few weeks. But I will be back. The current plan is to come back to blogging at the end of March. But I just need a break to think about things.