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things i want to do

I wrote a draft of this post about a year ago when I was feeling super down and depressed, and then ended up not posting it and keeping it for myself because I worried it was too personal. I’ve definitely been feeling down again, which is largely why I took a hiatus again, but writing […]

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september goals

september goals

Why do I still do goals posts when I never manage to accomplish all my goals? It is truly the mystery of our time. BUT here we are again, new month, new me, new goals. This month I’m going to try to keep things more reasonable and not make a million goals that I know […]

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2019 goals progress

I love making goals posts on this blog, but honestly I hardly ever stick to them. Recently, I started wondering what goals I had made at the beginning of the year, so I decided to look back at my post for my 2019 goals and assess my progress. So, here’s how I’ve been doing with […]

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august goals

august goals

I couldn’t think of any end of old month/beginning of new month puns, so woohoo, you are all saved from my bad jokes/sense of humor. It’s also not quite a new month yet, but as I mentioned in my wrap-up post, I’m doing my monthly posts a little early because I’m starting my new job […]

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