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2019 goals progress

I love making goals posts on this blog, but honestly I hardly ever stick to them. Recently, I started wondering what goals I had made at the beginning of the year, so I decided to look back at my post for my 2019 goals and assess my progress. So, here’s how I’ve been doing with […]

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august goals

august goals

I couldn’t think of any end of old month/beginning of new month puns, so woohoo, you are all saved from my bad jokes/sense of humor. It’s also not quite a new month yet, but as I mentioned in my wrap-up post, I’m doing my monthly posts a little early because I’m starting my new job […]

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if we were having tea // 6-13-19

if we were having tea // 6-13-19

It seems like it’s about time for another If We Were Having Tea post, a casual, conversational personal post where I basically update you on various things in my life (does anyone actually care?? idk). I tend to do these bi-monthly and generally when things are not so good, so I wanted to do one […]

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my book expo to do list

So in case you missed it…I’M GOING TO BOOK EXPO THIS YEAR!!!!! I am so super excited because I’ve never been to real Book Expo, only Power Readers (I am oooooooold) and the first year of BookCon, which was a STRAIGHT DISASTER, and I’ve never gone in a professional position for work-related reasons either, so […]