if we were having tea

If We Were Having Tea is a personal post I do every now and then to check in with myself and in the hopes that you will all let me know how you are all doing in the comments. Lots has happened recently, so I felt it was time to do another If We Were Having Tea post. So, grab a blanket and maybe a kitty (or other floof), a cup of your favorite cozy beverage, and settle in for a life update from your favorite witch:


If we were having tea…I’d tell you that all things considered, I’m actually doing a lot better than I would have been a few months ago. I keep thinking thank GOD I did my serious mental health treatment back in November because I do not think I would be okay right now if I hadn’t. I’m low-key down probably a little over half the time, but I think that’s to be expected given the circumstances. I feel like crying sometimes but restrain myself somehow because I kind of feel like if I let myself fall apart I’ll become a wreck and nobody wants that. I know crying about all this would probably be healthier in the long run, but I just can’t let myself do it yet.

If we were having tea…I’d tell you I’ve had enough of a break from work and am ready to go back, lol. I tend to get super burnt out by librarianship every three or four months, and I was definitely approaching burn out territory when this all started, but now I’m ready to not be a telecommuting librarian. Another job would be fine to telecommute, but I actually kind of miss some patrons and having daily interactions with people even though doing it constantly is draining? It’s weird; on the one hand, I know librarianship might not be what I want to do forever, but I also kind of miss doing it and having those interactions with people.

If we were having tea…I’d say I’m really worried about what people in the city are going to do to participate in the census. The library system where I work was going to be a huge census pusher to make sure everyone gets counted so the city/state can get the funding it needs, and that’s even more important this year. I’m also worried about how my kids who probably don’t have computers at home are doing. I’m also trying to emotionally and professionally prepare myself to do a lot of helping with job hunting when we go back, because lots of people will be facing unemployment. I’m taking two courses right now about job search/resumes, so I’m hoping I’ll feel more confident helping people with that by the time we go back.

If we were having tea…I’d talk about how I’m not really enjoying anything right now and am finding it hard to focus, especially on reading. I’m debating just going and trying to read all my most anticipated reads while I’m off to give myself something more to be excited about with reading, since I’m finding it hard to connect with what I’ve been trying to read. I’m also putting a weird amount of pressure on myself with my bullet journal all of a sudden and feel like every page that goes in has to be perfect.

If we were having tea…I’d say thank goodness for My Little Pony. Last month, I met someone on the Bumble BFF app who turned out to also be into MLP, which I used to love in college, and I was inspired to rewatch and then continue the show. Honestly, I relate so much to Twilight Sparkle; she’s such a Virgo. This show is so comforting and sweet and cute and pastel and just what I need right now.

If we were having tea…I’d tell you that I’ve been kind of interested in trying junk journaling. From what I gathered from the Junk Journal Junkies FB group, a junk journal is a journal of ephemera, pretty paper, and kind of like an art journal/scrapbook hybrid. It reminds me kind of of this project I did in high school where I had to make a Book of Self with an old book I didn’t want anymore, which was super hard for me because I love all books. But it seems like a hobby I’d enjoy for sure, and I kind of want to make a paranormal junk journal/witchy junk journal.

If we were having tea…I’d say I’m weirdly inspired by Tumblr right now?? I’ve been into it since discovering witchblr two years ago and accidentally making a witchblr that now has 3,000+ followers, but I there are just so many facets of Tumblr that fascinate me, like dark academia Tumblr and studyblr and cottagecore Tumblr and soft&delicate aesthetic Tumblr. I feel weird about this because I feel like lots of younger people are on Tumblr but I just really enjoy scrolling Tumblr and making a million Tumblrs that I can’t keep up with.

If we were having tea…I’d tell you I’m anxious a lot of the time because of all the uncertainty in the world and my life. My state just got a shelter in place order, and I know I definitely won’t be going back to work before that is lifted, and probably not even until the state of emergency is lifted. It’s hard to keep going when so much is up in the air, and I don’t know what life is going to look like in two months, or even a week. But overall, I am doing fairly alright, and I’m very grateful to be in a position where I am off work but still able to get paid and keep my health insurance, because I know many people are struggling. But there’s still a lot of uncertainty, and that’s really hard to stomach sometimes.


How are you all doing? Are you on Tumblr? Tell me in the comments!

what i’ve done while isolated so far

Writing has always been a useful outlet for me, so I’ve decided to try and use it more during the COVID-19 outbreak both to keep a record of what has been going on for the future and also to help keep myself sane. Originally, the library system where I work was just going to be closed to the public, but now we’re closed even to staff and I’ve been at home for the past few days. Today, I’ll be sharing some of what I’ve done while out of work so far:


  • Made a lot of lists. Bullet journaling has been a really helpful creative and practical outlet for me in recent years, and I’ve continued that trend while out of work. I’ve been making a lot of lists, including recipes to cook from a cookbook I checked out from the library before we closed, books to read, books I currently have on loan, things to do other than stress eat, and even a list of lists, because I am Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony, anyone??) These lists are really helping me with my anxiety.
  • Teleworking. I won’t talk too much about this here because I think I may do a separate post of what I’ve been doing as a public librarian to telework, but I’m technically supposed to be working from home during this time.
  • Stress eating. Omfg, I’ve gained 3-4 pounds back over the past week because I’ve been eating so much. I had been doing so well with healthy eating for a couple months so this feels like a major setback and I know I need to get it together and eat better, but cooking is so comforting so it’s hard to give up.
  • Bought the Sims 4 on sale. The Sims 4 was on sale for $5 and the magic sims 4 game was on sale for $15 so I bought both because I figured now is a good time to get into the Sims.
  • Had a lot of plague nightmares. I keep having nightmares and especially plague nightmares. I also have had dreams about writing a YA plague book. Clearly I am stressed.
  • Started the Throne of Glass series. I figured since I may not be going back to work any time soon if the mayor of the city where I work is smart that now would be a good time to binge read a couple series I’ve missed out on. I’m starting with THRONE OF GLASS and then maybe moving on to the Shadowhunters books because there are a million of them.
  • Rewatching My Little Pony. I loved MLP in college and still do, so I decided to rewatch it and then continue on to the seasons I haven’t seen yet. It’s so adorable and comforting and just the thing I need right now.
  • Being on Twitter too much. I saw an author I follow say he takes 3 hours off social media a day and I feel like this would be a really good thing for me to do because I’ve been on Twitter WAY too much for my own sanity considering every tweet is about COVID-19 and being isolated and quarantined and toilet paper running out. On the one hand I do feel better connecting with my friends on Twitter, but on the other seeing EVERYONE post about the virus is stressful.


I think that pretty much covers everything I’ve been doing over the past few days. I’m supposed to go back to work March 30th, but if things escalate like the news keeps saying it will based on other countries like Italy, I’ll be shocked if the library opens back up and think it would be super irresponsible to staff and patrons if it did. I’m really stressed about the prospect of having to go back to work in the middle of a pandemic but I’m hoping the city will do the right thing and have everybody stay home because I would not be comfortable going back in.


is anybody else working from home? what have you been doing while isolated to stay sane?

2019 goals: how i did

Since I started bullet journaling in 2016-ish, I have been very interested in making goals every new year. I spend a lot of time in December thinking about my goals for the next year, and plotting them and planning my goals pages in my journal, and then…I accomplish none of the goals. With that in mind, I wanted to do a recap of my 2019 goals and see how many I did not do (lol).



  • Be more positive/practice gratitude.      !!     I didn’t do this for most of the year because I was EXTREMELY depressed, but I’ve been doing it a lot lately, and I’m going to count this one as done.
  • Find a hobby.          X!       I don’t know if I did this? I guess journaling more could count even though I already did it before this year??



  • Find a job that makes me happy.         X!          I ended up transferring to a new branch of my library system where I worked this year and working in the children’s department. Depression really made it a struggle to like anything, but things have been a lot better lately so I’m hoping I’ll be happier at the job now.



  • Work out 4x per week.               XX         lolol depression kills another goal yet again.
  • Eliminate caffeine.            XX       I think I did this for approximately 4 weeks of the whole year, so no.



  • Get more alone time.          X!        I didn’t do this for most of the year but then I took leave from work for almost a month so I did get more alone time. I still don’t really actively try to separate myself from my boyfriend, but I’ve realized sometimes I like us just sitting together in a room even if we’re not talking. I don’t always like going to a different room entirely because it makes me feel isolated and trapped.
  • Make my apartment feel more like home.       XX         I did not do this. Having lots of annoying neighbors and two exploding ceiling disasters really did not help me like the apartment more. I’m still really struggling with this, which is unfortunate because I’m going to be here for at least another whole year.



  • Reach 500 followers.       !!        I did this!!
  • Also stop worrying as much about follower counts.       !!        I didn’t worry as much or feel as pressured to get followers, so that’s something.
  • Improve my post formatting.         !!         I have found styles of posts that work for me, and I’ve realized I don’t have to format my posts like everyone else. I am fine with the way I format my posts now.
  • Work on images for posts.       XX         lolololol did NOT do this. All my featured posts are from Unsplash.

that time i drew the tower before starting a new job

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that a) I’m a librarian and b) that back in August, I transferred libraries in the library system where I had been working for over a year to become a children’s librarian. Though I was excited for this change because I’ve been interested in becoming a children’s librarian, I was also very nervous because it was, well, a change. So, being witchy, I decided to consult my tarot cards.

The card I ended up pick was the tower.


Now, for those who aren’t familiar with tarot, the tower is not one of the more desirable cards. People dread picking the Tower, along with Death, the Devil, and some of the minor arcana like Three of Swords, because the Tower represents a shattering and destruction of a fundamental structure in your life.

So, naturally, I was a little upset about getting the Tower right before making a major life change.

Now that I’ve been at the job for a few months, I can say that this card was probably accurate. In some ways, it was accurate in the traditional, negative way. By transferring, I did lose daily in-person contact with my best work friend, who has always been a major source of support for me since starting this job.

But, the Tower also seems to represent in this case a huge change in my life in terms of shattering some old attitudes I had about the job and saying “good riddance” to them. Since starting my recovery journey from depression, I’ve definitely noticed a huge change in my attitude about my job. I’m a lot better at not blaming myself when people, whether it be patrons or coworkers, are negative towards me when it’s not actually my fault. I actually enjoy helping people, and am willing to sit with someone to solve their problem. A lot of my main fears about the job have started to ebb and go away, which has made the day-to-day of the job much less stressful.

The Tower can represent a change in the structures of your life, and a change in PERSPECTIVE. The “structure” that has been shattered the most is my overbearing negativity about my job. I’m sure there will be times when I don’t like it, but my hope is that overall, I’ll be able to remember why I became a librarian in the first place.

In the end, the Tower card ended up being an accurate representation of my experience on this job, though not for the negative reasons I first predicted. Because the Tower came to pass, I’m a lot stronger, both as a person and as a librarian. So, if you get a card like the Tower in a tarot reading, it’s not necessarily a reason to be afraid! Sometimes, a card like the Tower can just mean that you should open yourself up to change and, if you’re lucky, you can still come out on top.

things i want to do

I wrote a draft of this post about a year ago when I was feeling super down and depressed, and then ended up not posting it and keeping it for myself because I worried it was too personal. I’ve definitely been feeling down again, which is largely why I took a hiatus again, but writing my morning pages for The Artist’s Way and coming up with a more concrete treatment plan have been helping me feel a little hopeful, and I wanted to share this list of things I want to do in the hopes that maybe it will help someone who’s in a similar dark emotional place think of things they want to do that will make them want to keep on going. So, here’s a list of things I want to do:

  • Get a job I’m passionate about. I am liking the new librarian job better than the old one, and think I might like it even better if I was feeling better, but I’m still not sure if being a librarian is what I want to do for the rest of my life, and when I talked to an old coworker about it, she said I owe it to myself to find out, which I think is true.
  • Marry my bae. He is great. I feel like I should have more to say than that but honestly, “he is great” just about sums it up because…he is?? Like…idk I just really love him a lot?
  • Move to a bigger place. I’ve talked a lot on here about hating my apartment, one of the reasons being that it’s very small and it’s impossible to feel like I ever get alone time. Plus, the cats get the cat crazies a lot and don’t have enough room to run around so they tear everything up with their little clawpaws instead.
  • Work on my grimoire more. I definitely want to do more witchy stuff in general. I feel very connected to witchcraft for a lot of reasons. Carrying my crystals around has been more helpful to my mental health lately than almost anything else, and I love connecting with the witchy community online because everyone is so supportive.
  • Get a new car. My car is very old and beat up because it has seen a couple accidents on my watch, and I just hate looking at it and feeling guilty about them and also want a hybrid.
  • Learn ukulele. This one is actually kind of inspired by my mom, who retired this past year and decided she wanted to learn an instrument and is taking ukulele classes. I’ve always wanted to learn an instrument like ukulele or guitar to accompany myself while singing, and I feel like if my mom can do it, I can too! Plus, it would be fun to play together because music is something I’ve never been able to share in that way with her even though my family was always extremely supportive of my music, so it would be a fun way to connect.
  • Write a book. Eventually. I have so many ideas for books that I’m passionate and excited about, but am scared to write them for some reason.
  • Write poetry. Something I’m not scared to write is poetry, because with Instagram poetry there’s such a variety out there that people like. I know I can write like some of the poets I follow, and I enjoy writing it. I always feel inspired to write poetry when I read it, and I want to take my poetry somewhere someday.
  • Rescue all the cats. I just?? Love?? Cats so much? I already have two but I just want to save all the kitties and have kitties everywhere being happy and safe and loved and cared for.
  • Reach 1,000 blog followers. I’m almost at 500 followers, so almost halfway there! I never thought I’d even make that many followers and am excited to meet that. I milestone, and it seems possible now that I can reach even more people eventually. I know I shouldn’t attach social media stats to my self-worth and for the most part I don’t, but it would just be such a satisfying milestone to reach.
  • Change my name and pronouns. I really want to go by Mel in real life because it feels more me for a lot of reasons, including that it’s kind of gender neutral, and I want to use they/them pronouns. I feel very strongly that I am nonbinary, and I want to express it more in real life even though it’s kind of scary because I know I’ll have to be assertive and correct people a lot because I don’t present as masculine as I want to and look very feminine. *I wrote this post before I did this but I have started doing it YAY*
  • Experiment with YouTube. I’ve been staunchly avoiding Booktube for a long time, but lately I’ve been watching some booktubers I actually really like and find super inspiring, and kind of want to try my hand at it as well and see if it’s something I could be good at.
  • Feel more okay than not. Obviously, recovery is the ultimate goal for me. I just want to know what it feels like to have “okay” be my baseline emotion instead of “lowkey depressed.” I want to be able to let myself be happy and not feel like it’s all going to come crashing down. I want to have more okay days than bad days, and even be able to have a good day once in a while. I want more nuance in my emotions, and not just be below okay all the time.

On a semi-related note, I just want to thank everyone who’s reached out on this blog and on Twitter when I’ve written about my mental health struggles. Knowing that people see me and care about me even though they’ve never met me in real life (minus Kayli, we know each other in real life, lol) is just so comforting, and honestly even virtual hugs and encouragement are just so helpful. So thank you, and I hope to share some better news sometime soon.

tips for depressed book bloggers

So apparently the theme on this blog this week is depression? I’m sorry? But also, it appears to be mental health awareness week so if there was a good week to write about this stuff, it would be this week. Yesterday, I wrote some tips for depressed witches, but I also thought of some that might be useful to book bloggers. Please note these are just tips, obviously I’m not saying you must do these things; everyone deals with depression differently so it’s up to you to pick and choose what those things might be.


what to read

  • If you want to escape your life…try fantasy! I think one of the main reasons I’ve gotten into fantasy more in the past couple of years was because when I read, I really didn’t want to be reminded of my real life struggles, so reading about quests and prophecies and magic really helped distract me from what was going on in my life.
  • If you need a jolt of happiness…try romance! I only started reading romance this year, but it’s such a nice break from what I normally read and being able to count on an HEA is just what I need when I’m feeling down sometimes.
  • If you want to feel seen…try contemporary! I read pretty much exclusively dark, gritty contemporaries throughout my teen years because I just wanted to feel seen and understood and know I wasn’t alone. If you’re feeling alone in your struggles, I would definitely recommend reading contemporary novels.


other tips

  • Don’t put pressure on yourself to read if you don’t want to! I’ve noticed it’s always a toss up if reading actually helps my depression or not. Sometimes reading is a good distraction, but other times my anxiety/depression makes it hard to concentrate on anything for too long. It’s important to do what’s right for you when it comes to reading, and try not to feel bad or guilty if you feel like you can’t read for a while.
  • Interact with other bloggers. If you’re the kind of person who isolates yourself when you’re depressed, you may want to try interacting with other people online, even if it’s not necessarily responding to comments on your own blog, just as a low-key way to keep yourself talking to people.
  • Take a hiatus. I did this recently and it kind of helped. Don’t feel like you have to keep blogging when you’re going through a hard time. Depression can make you feel like you have too much on your plate, and if blogging is something you might want to remove from your plate for a while, don’t feel bad if you need to take a break!

things i could do instead of reading

Okay, I know this is a BOOK BLOG and therefore I should be talking about BOOKS ALL THE TIME and READING FOREVER but…lately, I’ve just wanted a BREAK. I don’t know if I’m in a slump or still book hungover from DAISY JONES and THE RAVEN BOYS even though it’s been a while, but for whatever reason, reading has just been feeling like a chore and I think I need a bit of a break.

I’ve never gone more than a day or so without reading, so while contemplating taking a longer break, I’ve also had to think about what I could actually DO instead of reading, which is my main hobby. Okay, it’s really my only hobby. But there have to be other things I can do to fill my time the way reading usually does, right? RIGHT. For instance, I could…


  • Write. I read a book of poetry this weekend by the Instagrammer Atticus, which was not very good but I also really enjoyed and felt inspired to write by? I’ve debated sharing poetry on Instagram before but never gotten far with it because I don’t have any visual artistic skills, but have yet to do it because I only write poetry sporadically (usually when I actually get around to reading more poetry again). But taking reading off my schedule would definitely give me the time I never have to write.
  • Research WIP ideas. Can I call them WIPs if I’m not actually writing the story yet? I have three ideas currently that I’d like to explore further, but need to do a lot of research first for all of them about various things, including real person fanfic and Persian cooking. I keep meaning to do research for all these ideas and have been doing about an hour of research here and there, but haven’t found the time to commit to seriously getting started with my ideas.
  • Listen to podcasts. I have about a million podcasts on my new phone that I keep meaning to listen to but never do because I never make the time. There’s one I especially like that analyzes pop songs called Switched on Pop that I’ve listened to a few times on long trips, and there are a ton of episodes from that that I’d like to try. I also want to try Gretchen Rubin’s podcast, since she wrote THE HAPPINESS PROJECT, which I enjoyed when I tried to read it earlier in the year.
  • Catch up on shows. I’ve been watching Daredevil for the past couple of weeks and am in love with it. I also started Veronica Mars a while ago but didn’t keep up with it. I am also dying to watch the new Dark Crystal show on Netflix because that was one of my favorite books/movies as a kid.
  • Try more video games. I only have 5 games on my Nintendo Switch so far, and only 3 of those that I really play. I have been wanting to find some other games to try since I have the gaming system that would be distracting and relieving after a day of work.


I guess it might seem silly to some that I had to make a list of things I could do besides read, but when reading is your entire life it’s so hard to think of things?? Honestly, this break is probably going to last for all of a day or so because I seriously can’t get by without reading. Still, it was helpful to make this list and see what other things I could fill my time with.

september goals

Why do I still do goals posts when I never manage to accomplish all my goals? It is truly the mystery of our time. BUT here we are again, new month, new me, new goals. This month I’m going to try to keep things more reasonable and not make a million goals that I know I’ll never accomplish, so we’ll see how that goes. But first, let’s recap my August goals:


august goals

  • Read 5 novels.     XX       Did not do this; only read 3
  • Read SPIN THE DAWN, WILDER GIRLS, and WICKED FOX.     !!       I am counting this one as done because I did try to read all of them, I just wasn’t in the mood or DNFed them.
  • Finish THE RAVEN BOYS and DAISY JONES AND THE SIX.          !!         I DID THIS and they were AMAZING!!!!
  • Reduce my diet coke intake.            !!           I am now Diet Coke free!!
  • Try one new recipe per week.           XX      Oh lol, I forgot I made this ridiculous goal. It is ridiculous because I started getting major cooking anxiety/stress in August and ended up going out for almost every dinner.
  • Start research/outlining/planning of my WIP ideas.            !!           I am going to count this as done because I did research a little for my Harriet the Spy fanfiction retelling idea, even though it was only a little bit. But small steps are better than zero steps.
  • Start working towards my daily step goal again.        X!      SPEAKING OF STEPS there is this goal. That I sort of did but only at the very end of August when I went home. Other than that I was pretty sedentary most of the month, unfortunately.


September Goals

  • Read for fun without pressure. This feels like a weirdly difficult goal because I always put pressure on myself to read a ton of books a month like I used to be able to, and I never just read what I want without worry. So we’ll so how this turns out.
  • No Diet Coke. Continue doing this.
  • Get more steps. Ideally I’d like to get 150 active minutes per week because that is the recommended amount of light to mild activity for heart health/general health, and as I mentioned last month when I made this goal, it does make me feel better.

2019 goals progress

I love making goals posts on this blog, but honestly I hardly ever stick to them. Recently, I started wondering what goals I had made at the beginning of the year, so I decided to look back at my post for my 2019 goals and assess my progress. So, here’s how I’ve been doing with my 2019 goals a little over halfway through the year.



  • be more positive/practice gratitude.     X!     I still definitely struggle with this. I have experimented a bit with gratitude exercises, but honestly, I don’t think they’re really my cup of tea. I’ve also had a lot of mental health struggles this year that have made being positive a challenge, and also my stressful former job made positivity a challenge.
  • find a hobby.      X!     I don’t think I did this the way I meant to, but I have been doing tarot more often and want to try doing witchy things more because I enjoy exploring that.



  • find a job that makes me happy.        !!       So…I guess I’m on my way to this one! I’m definitely more content and less stressed in this new job, and I think it is going to end up being a very positive change for me.



  • work out 4x per week.        XX      I think by this I meant actually work out and not just getting 10,000 steps per day 4x a week, so technically I am most definitely not doing this.
  • eliminate caffeine.      X!      I’m kind of doing this?? I have made progress on this goal recently and think I can do it?? Does that count??



  • get more alone time.      XX      I have not been doing this.
  • make my apartment feel more like home.     XXXXXXX       It has been nearly impossible to make this apartment feel like home due to horrible neighbors and the recent ceiling explosions. Nothing seems to go right here and I hate living near the road and it’s just so small and I hate it. I want to move.



  • reach 500 followers.       XX     Not yet, but soon! I’m at over 450 so I think I can probably make this goal by the end of the year.
  • also stop worrying as much about follower counts.      XX       lolololol noooooo
  • improve my post formatting.       X!        I’ve experimented more with this but I don’t know if it’s where I want it to be still.
  • work on images for posts.          XX         I am horribly bad at bookstagram as we have seen so my images for posts are sparse and usually from Unsplash stock photos.


So…I guess I’m not doing too great on most of my goals? It’s also probably good that I didn’t make any writing goals, because LOL, writing? I don’t know her. I am happy my personal and career goals are turning out relatively well because that’s something I was super concerned about at the beginning of the year. So somehow I still feel like I’m progressing on my goals even though this post does not seem to back that up. So…that’s good? Yes, that’s good.

august goals

I couldn’t think of any end of old month/beginning of new month puns, so woohoo, you are all saved from my bad jokes/sense of humor. It’s also not quite a new month yet, but as I mentioned in my wrap-up post, I’m doing my monthly posts a little early because I’m starting my new job and probably wont’ have time to write them during the actual week. So here we are with the monthly goals post. Does anyone enjoy these or do I write them just for myself? The world may never know.


july goals

  • Read 5 novels.       X        I did not do this. I also intended to read 5 YA prose novels specifically, but 2 were MG, 1 was a graphic novel, and 1 was a poetry collection.
  • Read 2 July releases.            XX        I did not do this. Oops.
  • Watch one movie per weekend.            X!         I honestly can’t remember if I did this. I did it for three weekends at least. I may have to repeat this goal again.
  • Reduce my Diet Coke intake again.                  XX         Ummmmm, I EPICALLY failed at this goal. I actually increased my Diet Coke intake.
  • Have 4 bottles of water 5 days out of the week.         XX       Did not do this either.
  • Work on my WIP ideas once a week.          XX      Lol. lolololol. I did not do this even once. I forgot this goal existed. I blocked it out of my mind so I wouldn’t have to do it. Bad Mel.


august goals

  • Read 5 novels. Trying this goal again.
  • Read SPIN THE DAWN, WILDER GIRLS, and WICKED FOX. I sometimes make a TBR for myself for the month but never stick to it. But I do really want to make sure I read these three books, so I’m making reading them an official goal for the month.
  • Finish THE RAVEN BOYS and DAISY JONES AND THE SIX. Maybe I should make a monthly TBR post for this month. But I am determined to finally finish these books even though it’s taking me forever and a half.
  • Reduce my diet coke intake. Preferably one can per day, two max.
  • Try one new recipe per week. I’ve been getting very bored of the food I’ve been having, probably because I tend to make the same foods until I get tired of them. So I want to try one new recipe that I did not make the week previously every week.
  • Start research/outlining/planning of my WIP ideas. I guess I can’t really call them WIPs because they are not IP yet. But I want them to be! So I want to start doing research and planning to write them. No set number of times this month.
  • Start working towards my daily step goal again. I seriously fell off the wagon in terms of my 10,000 step daily goal in July, so I want to try to do that again in August because getting my steps does make me feel better and reduces my anxiety. Plus it wakes me up in the morning. So I want to start doing this again, at least 4 times per week.