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the mid-year book freak-out tag

omg y’all, it’s halfway through the year!!! okay, actually, it’s over halfway through the year now that I’ve actually gotten around to doing this tag in…July…oops. But it’s only the second week of July so that still counts as mid-year…right? Welp, either way, I want to do this tag because I wait for it every […]

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the wonderstruck book tag

I know someone tagged me for this while I was gone, but I can’t remember who it was! If it was you, please let me know in the comments so I can link to you 🙂 This tag was created by Purely Olivia. I knew as soon as I saw someone do it that I had […]

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the get to know me book tag

I love tags and haven’t done one in a while, so I am stealing this tag made by Rachel that I saw on Aurora Libralis.   Name your favorite color and a book you own in that color I used to say my favorite color was purple, but recently, it has become pink, and I now […]

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annual end of the year survey!!

Today is one of my favorite blog postings of the year, aka the annual End of the Year Survey hosted by The Perpetual Page Turner that I’ve done every year since I first started blogging! I am so excited that I am a) once again blogging so b) I get to do the survey this […]

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bookish naughty or nice tag

bookish naughty or nice tag

After I woke up from my post Christmas grocery shopping nap, I got bored and decided to do the Bookish Naughty or Nice Tag because no one tagged me in it yet [insert sad face here] and I feel like determining that I am probably mostly on the “naughty” end of things this year, much […]

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Three Bookish Things Tag

Three Bookish Things Tag

So I wasn’t actually tagged for this tag yet, but I saw it on Velvet Spade Reads and really liked it, so I am stealing it sans being tagged. I have also been in a bit of a posting slump lately and have no ideas for posts, so here we are with bookish tags, aka my […]

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Liebster Award

I am delighted to say that I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely Lily of Sprinkles of Dreams! I have not been blogging long so it means a lot to me that someone seems to like my little corner of the internets. Thank you, Lily! Here is a small blurb about […]

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