the fall time, cozy time tag

I was tagged for the Fall Time, Cozy Time tag by the lovely Caro! I love doing tags and I love fall, so really, this is the perfect tag for me!

crunching leaves–a book that has reds/oranges/yellows on the cover

I knew instantly I had to pick When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon for the answer to this prompt. I have always adored this cover and probably would’ve read it based on cover alone if I hadn’t known anything about it when it came out. This cover is just so happy and joyful and makes me smile every time I take it off my shelf.

cozy sweater–what book gives you the warm fuzzies?

Am I allowed to pick a book I read only this month? I must, because Charming as a Verb is so delightful and made me feel all kinds of fuzziness. Henri is such a witty, and yes, charming character, but is also so genuine and I just want to hug him and tell him as long as he does his best he’ll be okay. I also LOVE the romance in this story, because Corrine, the LI, is so powerful and Henri is continuously amazed by her and reading about their romance made me so happy.

fall storm–choose a book you’d like to read on a stormy day

I am ashamed to say I haven’t finished this yet but Cemetery Boys definitely gives me stormy night vibes, as it is about witches and cemeteries and dark magic. Maybe I’ll read it for Mabon this year…

cool crisp air–who’s the coolest character you’d like to trade places with?

I would LOVE to be Leo from the Love, Sugar, Magic series by Anna Meriano. Leo is a little girl whose family runs a magical bakery and discovers all the women in her family are brujas, or witches. I would absolutely love to help out in a bakery, especially a magical one!

hot apple cider–what underhyped book do you want to become the next hottest thing?

I’m actually really surprised the book community didn’t hype up When We Were Magic more when it came out. It’s about a group of teen girls who all have mysterious magical abilities. I loved the friendship and sapphic dynamics in this book and the magic system and how dark it was (the story starts out with the MC accidentally killing a guy at a prom afterparty with her magic). This book is so good and sapphic book twitter needs to GET ON IT.

coats, scarves, and mittens–what’s a book cover you don’t like?

The colors on this make my eyes bleed. Not a fan.

pumpkin spice–what’s your favorite fall time foods/comfort foods?

I am really looking forward to soup season. I have a lot of soup recipes bookmarked on the New York Times Cooking app. I also love hot apple cider and am definitely going to need to make a trip to Trader Joe’s soon because they have amazing cider. I’m also looking forward to it being appropriate tea weather (not that you can’t have tea all the time, but it’s just so much more satisfying when it’s actually cold out).

warm, cozy bonfire–who do you tag?

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how I’m celebrating mabon

So, before we begin, let us discuss–what is Mabon? Mabon is one of the Fall time pagan events on the Wheel of the Year, this year falling from September 21-29, celebrating balance in the world. Mabon is the autumnal equinox, celebrated at the beginning of fall, a time when the days and nights start to be equal length and balance in nature is restored.

Mabon is one of my favorite witchy holidays because it is one of the first ones I ever celebrated after becoming a witch. I also in general just love the autumn holidays because I feel very connected to them spiritually and personally and love the colder seasons.

This year, I’m planning to do some witchy activities to celebrate Mabon as part of my goal this month of reconnecting with witchcraft. Here are some of the things I plan to do to celebrate:

  • Cleanse my tarot decks. I do this for every witchy holiday I manage to remember. My favorite and in my opinion most effective way to cleanse a deck is to separate the deck and spread it out by suit. This helps solve a lot of deck problems, especially when it starts to give me a lot of reversed cards.
  • House cleaning. I plan to do a major house cleaning throughout the week and really work on spots that have been bothering me. I also want to look through my old fall clothes and decide what I can still wear so I know how much I need to replace.
  • Watch spooky/witchy movies. I am really in the mood for Coraline, so that’s definitely going on the list. I’m also kind of in the mood for some early episodes of Charmed, so that might happen as well. There are also a couple horror movies on my Hulu list that I want to watch to get in the mood for the season.
  • Actually work on my grimoire, maybe? Creating the perfect grimoire has been an ongoing project for me since becoming a witch. I just can’t seem to create one that works. My cat actually destroyed my last one, so obviously that one wasn’t working either. I’m hoping the care and planning I plan to put into my new one will work out and I’ll finally end up with something I’m happy with.
  • Go for a walk. I have been loving the crisp, cool autumn air in the mornings and have been really wanting to spend some time in the fall weather, and Mabon is definitely an excellent time to do that.
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www wednesday // 9-16-20

WWW Wednesday is a book blog meme hosted by Taking On A World of Words where book bloggers answer these questions:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What are you reading next?
  • What did you just finish reading?

what are you currently reading?

I’m currently reading one of my BOTM add ons, ONE TO WATCH. This book is about Bea, a plus size fashion blogger, who goes viral in a vitriolic take down of beauty standards on a popular dating show, Main Squeeze. She is then invited to be the titular Main Squeeze of the latest season, after dealing with her own heartbreak.

what are you reading next?

BRINGING DOWN THE DUKE was my Book of the Month pick for September since I opted to go with one of the selected member favorites. I’m really interested in reading this one because I’ve never given historical romance a try, and this one, which is about a woman in 1879 who is accepted to Oxford on the condition that she attract men to the suffragist cause. This is also a series, so I am happy to know if I like it there will be more books by this author.

what did you just finish reading?

I won’t lie: I pretty much ended up skimming this book. I liked it at first and was drawn in by Jamal’s friendship with Q and Autumn’s character, but I ended up not being hugely invested in it. I felt like the story read more like a movie, which for me meant that it felt a bit too overdramatic without a lot of development of each issue. I thought Jamal’s relationship with Autumn was tied up too easily, and didn’t believe that she’d stick around after some of the things he did and how much he lied to her. The friendship especially felt too easily resolved which was likely a result of the short timeline in which the story took place, but that aspect of the book had me feeling a bit let down by the execution of the concept.

Have you read any of these books? What are you reading?

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July rewind \\ is 2020 still here??

Hi, hello. Hi. Um. Quite a lot has happened in the world since I last did a monthly rewind on this blog, which was April apparently? And somehow IT IS STILL 2020 AKA THE YEAR THAT DRAGS ON FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES (but, you know, hopefully…not). Anyway, onto the wrap up:

How’s life?

Wow I do not like quarantined life. Considering how much of an introvert I am this is kind of shocking still even to me, but I do not like having large amounts of time being stuck in my apartment on my hands. Fortunately, in July the library where I work switched to sidewalk service, so I go into work every other week. Things have been very quiet so far, but honestly I’m stupidly thrilled to be back at work and have something else to do with my time other than stare at the ceiling and bemoan my lack of hobbies and contemplate the horrible state of the world.

I also went home a few times (once the stay at home order was lifted in my state), was gifted a glorious iPad, and got to spend some quality socially distanced time with a friend. The iPad has definitely improved the quality of my quarantined weeks and is getting a LOT of use. I did also manage to fix the virus problem on my actual laptop, which makes it a lot easier to use.

Really the only other thing of note to happen was that I made a lot of bad quarantine hair dye decisions that resulted in green hair and had to dye it dark brown again to fix it. I should have gone with my gut and just done pink again and would have thus avoided the whole green hair debacle that resulted from dyeing it blue, which I had never previously attempted.

Overall, life is okay I guess, and I, like the rest of the world, am just trying to survive and hang in there.

What i read

I actually managed to read this month! Quarantine really put a damper on my reading, which was unfortunate considering how much more time I had to read had I been able to focus for more than 20 seconds. However, in July, I participated in the Pop Culture Readathon: 90s Edition and managed to read 9 whole books.

1. Be Dazzled – Ryan La Sala
2. The Fell of Dark – Caleb Roehrig
3. Stella Diaz Has Something to Say – Angela Dominguez
4. Check, Please – Ngozi Ukazu
5. Cinderella is Dead – Kalynn Bayron
6. Heartstopper 1 – Alice Oseman
7. Heartstopper 2 – Alice Oseman
8. Heartstopper 3 – Alice Oseman
9. Check, Please 2 – Ngozi Ukazu

Hello, new favorite book^^^

My favorite book was probably CINDERELLA IS DEAD, which is a diverse, queer retelling/continuation of Cinderella. I loved the writing style and the unique twist the author gave to the story, and I can genuinely say it was a version of it I haven’t seen. To be honest though, I had a really great reading month and the only disappointment was CHECK PLEASE 2, but even with that book there were things I liked about it.

Blogging highlights

My posts:

Around the blogosphere:

  • Cielo shared 10 upcoming Latinx books for the rest of 2020
  • Tanya wrote about the recent controversy involving the performative diversity displayed by the Reading Rush organizers
  • Sofia added a lot of books to my TBR with her list of favorite romances of 2020
  • Kayli shared her mid-year update, and you know I love a good update
  • Sabrina wrote a fun post about bookish coincidences
  • Leelyn discussed Storygraph and what it had to say about her reading habits
  • Malka talked about her journey with the romance genre, which was very relatable
  • Charvi gushed about one of my fave reads of the year, FELIX EVER AFTER

How was July for you? Tell me all about it!

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pop culture readathon update!

Hello friends! At the beginning of the month, I announced my intent and potential plans for participating in the Pop Culture Readathon, happening from July 1-July 30. So far, I’ve had a lot of fun participating, but have realized that most of the books I’ve completed fit prompts on the Teen Dream board, even though I originally planned to try to get bingo on both the Family Affair and Thrill Ride boards.

For today’s post, I just wanted to give a little update for which prompts I’ve completed for the Teen Dream board thus far:

  • Laney Boggs – A book involving an artistic element – BE DAZZLED, which I read at the beginning of the month, definitely fits the bill for this prompt. Ryan La Sala’s upcoming 2021 release (will we even make it to 2021??) is super artsy fartsy and is about Raffy, a gay cosplayer, who wants to compete in a major cosplaying competition and prove to his mom and himself that his crafty dreams are worthwhile, and finds love with an unexpected boy along the way.
  • You didn’t tell me you were taking me to a gay bar!! – queer centered book – I’m using THE FELL OF DARK by Caleb Roehrig for this prompt. Nearly EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER was queer, and there was even a PANSEXUAL VAMPIRE!!!!! This book was basically Buffy the Vampire Slayerbutmakeitgay and I was so here for it.
  • Clueless – read a retelling or a classic – I’m using CINDERELLA IS DEAD for this one, which is a continuation of the Cinderella story set 200 years after her death, where the fairytale is used to oppress women and girls. The heroine, Sophia, is forced with the other girls of the land to present herself at a ball where the girls must be chosen by a husband, even though she’d rather marry her best friend, Erin. This book crushed me in the absolute best way and I have still not recovered.
  • Drive me Crazy – fake dating trope – I’m currently reading 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT PINKY, the third book in the wonderful Dimpleverse, about Pinky and Samir pretending to date over a summer. I just started this one and am already enjoying it.
  • Kid ‘n’ play – a book with a bromance – I’m counting CHECK, PLEASE! which is a graphic novel about a gay boy who bakes and plays hockey with his college team, on which there are many bromances.
  • Dianne Davenport – have your best friend choose your read – One of my work friends wanted me to read HEARTSTOPPER and I discovered we had a copy of book 1 at my library and I was ECSTATIC!! I read this book in about 45 minutes and was so there for the mutual queer but slightly clueless yearning. I felt this book so much and related to Nick’s struggles a lot and desperately need the rest of the series to magically appear next to me.

So basically, the readathon is going pretty well! I almost have a couple bingos, so hopefully I’ll get at least one over the next 9 days!

are you participating in any readathons this month?

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mid-year book freakout tag

I know it’s July and not *technically* mid-year anymore, but I decided I wanted to do this tag after all this year because it’s a classic. I probably haven’t actually read enough books to do this tag (I’m at 24 books for the entire year and my GR goal is 25), so we’ll see how this goes, but I definitely still have books I want to gush about.

1. best book you’ve read so far in 2020

This is probably a toss up between THREE DARK CROWNS, which I finally read, and FELIX EVER AFTER. I loved both of them for very different reasons; TDC was a surprise for me because I’d been putting it off for so long, and FELIX I loved because I felt seen by the trans/nonbinary rep.

2. Best sequel you’ve read so far

I’ve only read one sequel this year, which was ONE DARK THRONE, and it was really killer…no pun intended. The cliffhanger at the end of THREE DARK CROWNS had me absolutely needing to read book 2 almost immediately because of the ending with Katharine (who I still love even though she’s evil), so I had to get all the rest of the series immediately.

3. New release you haven’t read yet but want to

Eeeeee I need to read YOU SHOULD SEE ME IN A CROWN!!!!! I ordered this one from Bookshop for one of my Blackout books because it was also one of my most anticipated releases of the whole year, and it’s taking forever and a half to get here. But I NEED this rivals to lovers queer book in my life PLEASE I AM BEGGING!!


4. Most anticipated release for the second half of the year

The book that popped into my head for this is NOW THAT I’VE FOUND YOU by Kristina Forest, who wrote one of my favorite books from last year, I WANNA BE WHERE YOU ARE. I just loved her writing style and she made me remember what I love so much about YA contemporary, so I’m super psyched for her second book.

I’m also REALLY pumped for Tiffany Jackson’s new book, GROWN. I have loved two of her previous books, ALLEGEDLY and MONDAY’S NOT COMING, and can’t wait to read more from her.

5. Biggest disappointment

Honestly I’m not sure what to pick for this one because only one book I’ve read this year was genuinely terrible (VERY NICE). I guess if I had to pick one I’d say I’LL BE THE ONE just because even though I liked the story and romance, I wasn’t a huge fan of the writing style, but I would still definitely recommend that book to people.

6. Biggest surprise

I know I’m repeating books already but for sure THREE DARK CROWNS. I expected I would like it because the premise of three royals fighting to the death for the crown is exciting and one I like, but I wasn’t expecting it to be as amazing as it was.

7. Favorite new author

I’m going to pick Riley Sager for this one because I really liked both thrillers I read by him. I read both LOCK EVERY DOOR and HOME BEFORE DARK, but probably HOME BEFORE DARK was my favorite because it was more on the horror-y end of things. Both were about creepy houses, which is totally my jam, and both completely surprised me because they did not end at all how I guessed or expected.

9. Newest favorite character

I’m skipping 8, newest fictional crush, because I mostly read YA still and that would be weird because I’m 26.


I’d say Auggie from THE FELL OF DARK by Caleb Roehrig, aka gay Buffy the Vampire Slayer, for this one. He really made the story special with his sarcasm, horniness, and general awkwardness. He was so charming and I just wanted to hug him and protect him.


10. A book that made you cry

I don’t usually cry during books so I don’t have an answer for this one.

11. A book that made you happy

Even though it’s a dark book, it still made me so happy to see so many bi characters in Christine Lynn Herman’s 2019 debut, THE DEVOURING GRAY. I had a lot of bi friends in high school so I felt very seen by that book even though it was paranormal.

12. Favorite book to film adaptation

I haven’t actually seen any this year I don’t think?

13. Favorite post you’ve done so far this year

Probably this post. I was inspired to write a letter to a book because I saw one of my favorite bloggers, Nut Free Nerd, do that, so I experimented with that style for my THREE DARK CROWNS review and loved writing a review that way.

14. The most beautiful book you’ve bought this year

I LOVE my physical copy of CINDERELLA IS DEAD, and I’m so glad I preordered it even though I had an eARC. It is just so gorgeous.

15. What book you need to read by the end of the year

YOU SHOULD SEE ME IN A CROWN. I know I already said I need to read this book, but I have a very bad habit of putting off my most anticipated reads, and I refuse to do it with this one. I also need to read 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT PINKY by Sandhya Menon before the end of the year because I keep forgetting about it even though I am very excited for it, which doesn’t usually happen. I’ve just totally lost track of books and when they’re coming out this year.

If you want to do this tag, consider yourself tagged 🙂

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www wednesday // 7-8-2020

WWW Wednesday is a book blog meme hosted by Taking On A World of Words where book bloggers answer these questions:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What are you reading next?
  • What did you just finish reading?


Apparently I have not done a WWW Wednesday since JANUARY??? That can’t be right. Must fix this now.


just finished


OH MY GOD THIS HAD BETTER BE THE BOOK OF 2020!!!!! I didn’t even really know what this book was about before I started it on a whim because I liked the title/cover and knew it was by Ryan La Sala, but I’m so glad I impulsively read this book many many months before publication. This book is about Raffy, cosplayer and crafter extraordinaire, who’s reeling from a breakup with a surprisingly gay soccer player and dealing with constant criticism from his mom about his art. There are so many things I loved about this book, including the fact that it made me really interested in learning more about cosplaying, which is something I know about but haven’t really explored for myself (and I really need a hobby…hmmm…) I adored the writing in this and was totally addicted to Raffy’s hopeful, sometimes self-depricating, creative voice throughout the book. I really want to read REVERIE now because I’m sure La Sala’s writing will be just as good and I’m just so pumped to read more of his words.


currently reading


I’m currently reading Caleb Roehrig’s about-to-be-released book, THE FELL OF DARK. I never knew I needed more vampires in my life but apparently if they’re pansexual vampires I’m right there. This book is basically Buffy the Vampire Slayer but queer & diverse, complete with creepy villains, flashbacks to dramatic and painful deaths, queer witch BFFs, and a swoony vampire love interest (DID I MENTION HE’S PANSEXUAL???) I am loving the quirky, funny, sarcastic voice of the MC, Auggie, and his antics and the antics of all the side characters, and I’m shocked I haven’t heard more about this book as its release nears.


reading next

I just bought these basically for free with Amazon points from my credit card and I’m SO EXCITED!!!! I read CHECK, PLEASE book 1 last year and adored Bittle and his pie baking, and I have been eagerly anticipating STICKS & SCONES coming out since. I usually don’t get this invested in graphic novels but I just loved all the characters in this series and can’t wait to see them again <3 <3

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Pop Culture Readathon: 90s Edition Possibilities

Hello! I am here! I still exist! Which is a shock even to me sometimes, lol. During quarantine, I haven’t felt much like blogging or reading (or doing much of anything except ordering out food and watching reality shows about food and houses), but I’m going back to work on July 7th and I’m hoping that will give me a sense of normalcy, and also encourage me to read more indirectly.

I also saw the Pop Culture Readathon based on 90s movies and it looked so fun that I can’t resist signing up even though I’ve been the worst at readathons for the past couple years, but maybe seeing blogging friends do it will help motivate me.

I was really torn between three different boards, Teen Dream, Thrill Ride, and Family Affair, but ultimately decided that I think I could achieve a bingo most easily with Family Affair and Thrill Ride (plus, a lot of my favorite movies like Scream and Jurassic Park were on Thrill Ride so I may have to do some reading from that board just because I love those movies. Maybe I don’t hate the 90s as much as I thought).

Here are some of the titles I am thinking about reading for the Family Affair prompts:

Read a standalone – There are a bunch of middle grade books I want to read for my upcoming September virtual book talk program on Hispanic Heritage Month books, and I could fit many of them into this prompt. I’m probably going to read Stella Diaz has Something to Say, Merci Suarez Changes Gears, The First Rule of Punk, or Strange Birds for this prompt. I also think it’s fitting to do MG for at least one of the prompts because the theme is “Family”

Read a book set in a “wild” landscape – OMG, I am totally gonna read Surrender Your Sons by Adam Sass for this; it is one of my absolutely most anticipated books of the year. A group of queer teens trying to escape a conversion therapy island? Sign me up.

Read a book with a dark cover – I have a lot of options for this prompt as well, but I think I might go with Gloomtown or Star Daughter for this one. Gloomtown is another MG book that’s supposed to be very spooky, and Star Daughter is a book inspired by Hindu mythology that I’ve been dying to read.

Read a book involving sports – I’m going to read Head over Heels for this prompt, since it’s about gymnastics. I actually usually end up really liking books about sports despite not being at all athletic. I find them fascinating because it’s a subject I don’t know anything about.

I’m also debating doing the Thrill Ride board if I can read enough this month (i .e. More than my no books a month during quarantine). Here are some of the books I’m thinking of reading for Thrill Ride:

Read a book set on the island/coast/body of water – I realized I could read Wilder Girls for this prompt and was so psyched because I keep meaning to read this book, although maybe reading a book where the characters are all in quarantine on an island might be a little too real right now.

Read a mystery or thriller – I know I have more mysteries/thrillers on my TBR but the only one that came to mind was one I just downloaded, She’s Too Pretty to Burn, which is a lesbian thriller.

Book w/ a haunted or creepy feel – I would like to read Burn our Bodies Down for this book, which is the second book by the author of Wilder Girls. I may also read Mexican Gothic because I have an eARC of it and I REALLY want to read it.

Book w/the undead – This is another one where I know I have books on my TBR for this but can’t think of many. Maybe I’ll read the gay vampire book Fell of Dark for this one. Or I’ll finally read Ninth House.

I am hoping to read at least 4 books for Pop Culture Readathon, aka 1 bingo on 1 board. I still have one book I started in June to finish before I get started, so hopefully writing this post will motivate me to read that book so next week at the library when we have no patrons I can read in between shelf reading.

Are you participating in Pop Culture Readathon? What board are you using? Tell me in the comments!

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april rewind // it’s been 84 years…

…and it’s still 2020. fml. Honestly, what is up with 2020 being a garbage fire. Okay, time for the monthly rewind.


what happened

  • I had a family Zoom chat. This is probably the only thing of note that happened this month, tbh. It was kind of nice because we can never all be in the same place as each other because we live from CT all the way to Alaska, so it’s hard to see that many of the cousins at the same time anymore. It was also kind of challenging because there were so many people in the call but it was good to hear everyone’s updates. Apparently most of my cousins’ children are very excited to have everybody at home, lol. And one of my cousins is pregnant so that’s cool for them.
  • I started the Three Dark Crowns series. I should save this for my next section but it is also newsworthy enough to include in this section because GODDAMN, I can’t believe I slept on this FANTASTIC series for so freaking long. This series is definitely going to be the death of me, I can already feel it.
  • Nothing else really of note.


what i read

I am frankly appalled by how few books I’ve read during quarantine. I’ve been under isolation for 40+ days and I’ve only read THREE BOOKS?? For SHAME. I really wish I had the ability to concentrate more and felt more invested in reading because this would be an excellent time to knock some stuff off my tbr. But anyway, here are my thoughts on my April reads:

  • Love Sugar Magic: A Dash of Trouble – I’m super happy I decided to check this one out from my library’s OverDrive. It’ super delightful and about brujas who do magic through baking. It’s a middle grade paranormal series and I’m really excited for the rest of the books in the series and it’s the first MG series I’ve been interested in continuing for a while.
  • Whichwood – I read this one because I thought I’d try to read some of the physical copies on my unread books shelf because I really shouldn’t need an entire shelf from my unread books. This was a companion to FURTHERMORE, a really good MG fantasy, about a moordeshore, or person who washes dead bodies to prepare them for the afterlife. To be honest, I felt like this one was a little overdone and was gory and dark just for a shock factor and I wasn’t super invested in it. It was still well-written for the most part, but I ended up skimming the last third of this.
  • Three Dark Crowns – I stan this series so hard now. It’s so dark in all the right ways and I can tell it’s going to destroy my soul by the end and if Billy dies I am going to SCREAM. Everything about this series is *chef’s kiss* except Mirabella, she’s the only character who’s kind of bland to me.


around the blogosphere

  • Maha wrote about being productive/creative during hard times
  • Caro wrote another post in my favorite blogging feature she does about getting back into writing
  • Kat gave some tips on using SEO in your blog posts
  • Karis posted about how she rates books
  • Kathy wrote about how historical fiction has been comforting to her lately


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animal crossing book tag

Today I’ll be participating in the Animal Crossing Book Tag, an original tag created by Bec and Angharad of Two Book ThievesThis tag celebrates reading and the lovely game Animal Crossing, which is probably helping keep at least half the population sane during isolation. Yay, Animal Crossing! You go, Animal Crossing!



Past Villager – Who is a character you found when you were younger that still has a place in your heart?

Definitely Lyra from THE GOLDEN COMPASS/His Dark Materials series. Whenever I think about that series I get so nostalgic because I listened to it on audio a million and one times when I was a kid.


Blather’s Blatherings – Recommend a historical fiction book that you think everybody should read

Um…I really don’t read much historical fiction. I can’t recommend my usual historical fic rec because the author is turning out to be trash and I can’t ignore that anymore. I guess I’ll go with SALT TO THE SEA by Ruta Sepetys, which is about an obscure ship sinking that I think took place near Poland? There was something about Poland, I think.


Celeste’s Wish – What is a future book release you wish you could read now?

Whatever Tahereh Mafi’s next book is going to be. I’ll be honest and say I still haven’t read the continuation of the SHATTER ME series and I’m not sure if I’m going to. But I loved FURTHERMORE and am liking WHICHWOOD at the moment, so I can’t wait to see what she does outside of those two worlds.


Timmy & Tommy – What is your favourite sibling relationship in a book?

TATBILB, of course!! I love the Song sisters so much. If I had ever had siblings, I would want to have a little sister exactly like Kitty (minus her spilling my deepest secrets, of cours).


The Easter Bunny – A popular book character that you’re not a big fan of

Not a single character I guess but a book–I tried reading THRONE OF GLASS recently and was…unimpressed. I was very bored by both love interests and don’t understand what the hype is about them. Caleana can do better.


Nook’s Loans – An author you’d give all your money to

Jandy Nelson and Leigh Bardugo, TAKE MY MONEY LADIES!!! Also Sandhya Menon; she can definitely have all my funds.


The Sisters Able – What is your favourite fictional family (found or otherwise)?

Blue Sargeant’s family in THE RAVEN BOYS. However, I will say that I find it hard to believe any of those women are as hetero as Maggie Stiefvater portrays them to be.


It’s a C+  – What is a book trope you don’t like that keeps popping up?

Meeting the love interest in a dream. Or meeting some other important character in a dream. Can we retire this please?


The Wandering Camel – What is your favourite book set in a land far away from yours?

Honestly most of the books I’ve been reading lately don’t feature places I’d actually want to go. Like…do I want to be buried in Kalyazi snow or traipse through Tranavian swamps, or cross the Fold? That would be a hard no. But maybe Lyra’s version of Oxford in THE GOLDEN COMPASS so I could have an animal soul companion.


What Would Dodos Do?  – A fictional land you wish you could fly away to at any moment?

Actually, I would like to go to the Inkworld from INKHEART. It’s so magical and wondrous.

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