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my book expo to do list

So in case you missed it…I’M GOING TO BOOK EXPO THIS YEAR!!!!! I am so super excited because I’ve never been to real Book Expo, only Power Readers (I am oooooooold) and the first year of BookCon, which was a STRAIGHT DISASTER, and I’ve never gone in a professional position for work-related reasons either, so […]

blog hiatus

this is just a very wee post to say I have in fact decided to take a blog hiatus. I will definitely be returning from it, and probably won’t last more than a week. My goal is to hiatus and recharge for at least two weeks because my brain is dead and can’t think of […]

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smol announcement: comments

Hi, friends. It has come to my attention that some people’s comments have not been going through since I went self-hosted approx. 2 weeks ago, so if you have commented and I have not responded yet, it’s because my site appears to be having problems, not because I’m ignoring you! I am so sorry I […]

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Etymology: Magic

Etymology: Magic

Since I’m starting to intro some witchy-type postings to this blog, I thought I’d introduce something I’ve been doing on my Tumblr, which is the etymology of different words relating to magic/witchcraft/related things. For those who don’t know, etymology is the study of the origin of words, basically looking at where words come from and […]

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#booksfortrade tips

For those who don’t know, #booksfortrade is a tag on Twitter on which people share books (okay, mostly ARCs) they have available for trade and then other people respond to the tweets with books THEY have for trade, you exchange addresses, send your books, and booksfortrade happen! It’s a really great thing that I’ve had […]

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