celebrate black history month by preordering these books!

To celebrate Black History Month, which takes place throughout February, I am going to be sharing a list of books by black authors releasing in 2020 that I am super excited for.

So, without further ado, here are some books I can’t wait to read:


the voting booth – brandy colbert – july 7

I am embarrassed to admit I still haven’t read a Brandy Colbert book yet even though I’ve been intrigued by all of the books she’s released so far. This one is a one-day love story that takes place on voting night, when Marva sees Duke turned away from the polling place and decides to help him make sure his vote is counted.



now that i’ve found you – kristina forest – june 2

OMG, Kristina Forest is releasing a new book I AM SCREAMING!! I LOVED her first book, I WANNA BE WHERE YOU ARE, last year, and am so here for whatever she writes next, no matter what it’s about. This book also deals with the arts, but is about a young actress on the cusp of stardom who gets blacklisted.



cinderella is dead – kalynn bayron – july 7

This book

  • is a Cinderella continuation
  • set 200 years after the original Cinderella story
  • in a world where teen girls are required to appear at the Annual Ball to show off their talents and find a husband
  • is QUEER AF
  • seriously, what more could you ask for in a perfect book?



a song below water – bethany c. morrow – june 2

This book was pitched as a book about two magical black girls, one of whom is a siren. Apparently it also has murder and mystery. I am so excited for this book, and will probably be sad that it is less than 300 pages.



you should see me in a crown – leah johnson – june 2

Leah Johnson’s debut is about two rival prom queen contestants falling for each other. I ship it already.



felix ever after – kacen callender – may 12

I am so excited about this book I can’t contain myself. This book is about:

  • a trans boy (!!!)
  • who unfortunately gets outed by someone posting messages with his deadname and photo before he transitioned
  • so he plots revenge
  • and somehow gets involved in a love triangle




clap when you land – elizabeth acevedo – may 5

I still need to read WITH THE FIRE ON HIGH and am embarrassed about it. Anyway. This book is dual narrated by two sisters who don’t know the other exists until their father dies in a plane crash.




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