children’s book tbr for january 2020

Hello friends and welcome to my first TBR post of 2020! One of my reading goals for the year is to read more children’s books, especially picture books, so I can do a better job recommending books to patrons at the library and have a bigger repertoire to choose from for story times. In that spirit, one of my goals for January is to read 5 children’s books, including 4 picture books and 1 middle grade.

Today, I’ll be sharing some of the books I hope to read this month to fulfill my goals.


  • Priya Dreams of Marigolds & Masala | Meenal Patel – This book is about a little girl learning about her Indian heritage through her grandfather. I picked this book because I saw it on our new books shelf, and I want to encourage people to check out our new books, so I decided to pick something that looked interesting and was diverse.
  • Pokko and the Drum | Matthew Forsythe – POKKO AND THE DRUM is about a little frog whose parents give her a drum and how she plays music loudly in the forest with a bunch of other animals. I’m reading this one partially because it’s on our new shelf and also because I have to read it for an upcoming meeting where we’re having a book discussion.
  • My Hair is a Garden | Cozbi A. Cabrera – This book talks about hair care and hair positivity, which I think is a message a lot of my little girls would love to hear. I chose this book because it was one of the ones on display on the shelf that our shelver put out and it looked good. I also want to read more picture books with black protagonists because my library’s community is largely African American.
  • Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party | Kimberly Dean & James Dean – If you don’t have little children in your life, you probably don’t know this, but kids LOVE the PETE THE CAT books. They have quirky illustrations featuring animals and Pete learns a lot of lessons about life with the help of his friends. PETE THE CAT is always a good series to use for story time because kids love him.


  • Maybe Something Beautiful | F. Isabel Campoy – I’ve already read this one but I’m including it anyway because it was on my January TBR. It’s about a little girl who meets an artist who helps paint her gray city and make her community vibrant and beautiful.
  • Ana Maria Reyes Does Not Live in a Castle | Hilda Eunice Burgos – I picked this book because it was an American Library Association award winner a couple years ago and I got an old ARC copy recently at a children’s department meeting. This book is about a little girl who dreams of going to a fancy private school that could change her life.

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  1. Reading this post is making me think of all the books I used to read as a kid and now I’m getting all nostalgic omg haha! 😀 Now I wanna go read one! Sending good luck your way on all your goals this year <3

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