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It’s time again…for a readathon! I recently wrote about whether I like readathons or not and concluded that in general I do not like them, but I also can’t resist a good readathon, especially if it has prompts, so I am making a TBR list for this readathon even if I don’t end up actually doing it. Contemporary-A-Thon is a ‘thon all about reading contemporary books, happening from the September 17-23 and is hosted by @BookHangover_ on Twitter and Youtubers Page and Pens, Chelseadollingand MyReadingIsOdd.

Here are the prompts and the books I’m hoping to read for each:

1. Read a book with orange on the cover


This…counts as orange, right? This book is about a music contest, plus it’s diverse, so I’m hoping it’ll be good even though people seemed not to be super into the author’s first book. It’s also a 400pg contemporary, and honestly, I always side-eye contemps that are 400+ pages, because usually they do not need to be that long. So I am skeptical about this one, but we will see.


2. Read a book that is dark/taboo/spooky


I requested this one impulsively because of the pretty cover, but I’m not generally into abuse stories. However, I read a positive review of it from a blogger I like, so I’m considering trying it.


3. Read a diverse book


I am so excited for this book. It’s basically about 1950s lesbian pulp fiction, and has a contemporary narrator and a historical narrator. Plus, I really liked this author’s lesbian Macbeth retelling, AS I DESCENDED. Hopes = high.


4. Read a book in a non-traditional format

Weirdly enough, I’m stuck on this one, even though I love books in quirky formats. If it’s in a quirky format, it’s basically automatically a Mel book. I just don’t have any contemporaries in weird formats on my TBR currently, apparently.


5. Read a book with your initials on the cover

This one is hard. Plus, do I use my real initials or online name initials? This is dilemmatic.


6. Read a book by a new to you author


People seem to really like Bowman’s first book, STARFISH, so I am hopeful about this book, which is about Hawaii and music and grief.


7. Read a predicted five star read


I will read everything Tahereh Mafi writes and I’m so excited for her to write a contemporary novel (2002 counts as contemporary, right?? Is my life historical fiction already????)

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  1. Best of luck for this readathon! I really want to read This Is What it Feels like, it sounds like such a fun, great book 😀 I hope you’ll love all of these 🙂

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