dear Three Dark Crowns by kendare blake

I saw Holly at Nut Free Nerd do letter post to a book she read recently on her blog and really liked the idea of writing about a book that way, so I decided to give it a try with one of my recent reads, THREE DARK CROWNS by Kendare Blake.



Man, I feel like I have been seeing you recommended by everyone forever for YEARS now and honestly I don’t know why I haven’t read you before now? I know I don’t usually go for series anymore because I have terrible series amnesia, so maybe it’s good that I waited to read you until you were a completely published series, because I don’t think I could survive without the next books in it for long.

GODDAMN, I can’t believe I’ve been sleeping on reading you for so long. You are such a dark story, about three sisters who are destined to fight to the death until only one of them remains to become queen, and your author, Kendare Blake, does NOT shy away from the potential for darkness and goriness that that premise brings. You are a super FIERCE story and honestly I still don’t know who I want to become queen (although I think Mirabella can go; she’s messing with my favorite ship too much).

Even though I guessed one of your major twists within the first three chapters, you still kept me on my toes for the whole book. I loved each of the three settings and learning about all the politics of each one, and getting to know each of the sisters in turn (except Mirabella. I never liked that bitch). And even your side characters are amazing; I love Billy and Arsinoe’s friendship, and Katharine’s weird whatever vibes with Pietyr (can I still ship them after that ending? I mean, DAMN).

It has been so long since I’ve felt the need to buy a second book in a series IMMEDIATELY after finishing the first one, and so long since I’ve felt this invested in a story, so thank you for putting more excitement back into my reading life. I seriously have not been able to stop thinking about you since finishing that final sentence.

I can’t wait to read ONE DARK THRONE and see how much more twisted this tale is bound to get.




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  1. as someone who is also hardcore on the katherine-pietyr train, i am also very conflicted on how us shippers will be moving past this XD. love the format of this review!!!

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