december goals

It’s December! Meaning: November is over (yay!!) and it is becoming the Holiday Season of winteryness, joy, presents, and family time. I am personally very looking forward to Christmas even though I won’t be able to go home for it, but my parents are coming and staying in an air bnb and we will have a nice time. Plus, I’m taking the Friday before Christmas off so that I can just relax and be chill for a good while. I have also already purchased my boyfriend’s Hannukah gift, but I am struggling to think of things to get for my mom and dad.

But anyway, here is how I did on my goals for November and my December goals!

november goals

  • Make a goals page in my bullet journal and keep track of my goals.           !!          I did this! And it was very helpful. I liked keeping track of my goals and found it very motivating.
  • Read only when I feel like it.           !X           I kind of did this? I tried to not read for a while but I didn’t like it so I forced myself to read even though I was feeling slumpy, but eventually I found a book, MONDAY’S NOT COMING, that got me out of my slump!! Yay!!
  • Have one night of alone time per week.           X           I did not do this. I actually forgot this was a goal because I did not put it on my bullet journal goals page. So it will probably carry over into next month.
  • Come up with a morning and evening routine (or try a few of them).           !!          I at least did this for the morning. Now when I get up I try to get in some steps on my fitbit and have a morning playlist that I listen to, plus try to use my Verilux light. For evening, I realized I can’t really have a routine because of my work schedule and because it really varies how I feel at the end of the day when I do get off at 5:30 instead of 8:00.
  • Participate in NaNoWriMo.       XX           To be fair this was a tentative goal, but still, LOLOLOLOL I did not do this. I participated for about two days before deciding to break up with my WIP.
  • Clean apartment once a week.             !!              I did this! Yay!!


december goals

  • Get up to 75 books this year. Which means I have to read…8 books next month. Can I do it? I don’t know. This is probably a lofty goal considering how slumpy I’ve been.
  • Work out 4x per week. I did this in November and was very successful! I count my walking as working out so it is relatively easy.
  • Clean once a week. Same as last month
  • One night of alone time per week. See last month.
  • Set up my 2019 bullet journal!! Because it’s almost that time! Woohoo!
  • Participate in Blogmas and Tidyathon. Blogmas is basically just writing holiday/New Year’s themed posts for December. I hope to do at least 12 posts. Tidyathon is hosted by Book Dragons to encourage bloggers to tidy up their blogs and Goodreads. I’m not sure what I’m going to do for it yet but I’m sure I could tidy up my TBR list and shelves on GR.

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