december rewind \\ swimming in winter

what happened in december

  • I met Nic Stone! She’s the author of the YA book DEAR MARTIN, which my library system used as their pick for a program that encourages people to read all the same book. My library then hosted an event where Nic Stone came to talk to a bunch of kids who we bused in from various schools and then had a discussion, Q&A, and signing, and it was all very interesting. Nic was very engaging and cool and the kids asked surprisingly good questions. I was unfortunately getting over a stomach virus that day so I was quite out of it, but overall it worked out pretty well and I’d love to have more authors come to the library in the future. Her lipstick game was also so on point and has inspired me to attempt to become a lipstick queen in 2019.
  • The holidays. My parents came and visited my boyfriend and I and stayed at a cool Air BnB that was a farm and had an indoor pool that we swam in on Christmas. I felt really guilty and anxious for a lot of their visit though because I just wanted things to be the same as they were when I was a kid and we always had Christmas at my childhood home, but I couldn’t do that this year because I had to come to work the day after Christmas. I was just so worried that my parents, especially my mom, would hate the new Christmas and not enjoy it and it would be my fault. I kept apologizing because I felt so emotional and depressed and disappointed and everyone said this was a fine way to spend Christmas and they were just happy to see me, but I still felt really guilty about it and just couldn’t get over it. On the bright side, SWIMMING and also we watched the second Incredibles.
  • I decided I want to work in children’s librarianship. For many reasons, I have come to the decision that if I don’t get the children’s job I’m currently in the running for, I am going to tell my bosses that I want to work toward becoming a children’s librarian in the future. One of my bosses said last week that she “can really see me as a children’s librarian” and I have “a children’s librarian demeanor,” so I don’t think they will be surprised. I worked in children’s when I first started working in libraries and really liked it, and I just hate working with adults so much and working in children’s would ensure that adults I worked with would be parents, and therefore significantly less annoying and hopefully less rude and aggressive than adults I currently have to deal with at the library. I’d also like to have library programs that people actually come to, and kid’s programs are so fun and cute and fun to plan and prep for. All in all I just feel children’s is a better fit for me than teen and adult reference.


what I read

This month I read a couple books, but the only ones that matter are FOREST OF A THOUSAND LANTERNS and KINGDOM OF THE BLAZING PHOENIX. Sorry, other books; you just can’t compare. I am not yet done with KINGDOM, but I am enjoying it so far so I’m still including it on this list because Julie C. Dao is a QUEEN (but not one who eats the hearts of her enemies; just crushes them with her words).


blogging things

This month, an exciting thing occurred: I reached 300 followers! I’m very proud of myself even though it feels like a small number to me because it’s only my first year and when I blogged before, it took me five years to reach just over 300 and not a single, slightly-less-than-a year.

I also got the nicest compliment from my mom about my blogging. She said she’s always enjoyed reading my blogs, but that this blog is just so much better and I really have my own voice now. Something I’ve been worried about is whether my voice stands out among other bloggers I follow who have really unique voices, so it was so nice to hear that this blog has given me my own voice and that it has improved from my other ones.


around the blogosphere

Here are some posts I thought were cool this month:

  • This post is technically from late November, but I had to include it. Kaleena made an AMAZING book blogger organization spreadsheet that is already saving my 2019 reading and blogging life.
  • Sam wrote a fascinating post about cancel culture in the YA world that I think is so important and relevant.
  • Evelina wrote a very helpful post on requesting ARCs from NetGalley as a blogger with an interview from a real publicist!
  • CW introduced an adorable new corgi character, Bao, at The Quiet Pond, and unwrapped gifts for its inhabitants from fellow bloggers!
  • Shealea created #Project14Lists and wrote about how her reading has changed in 2018.


book haul highlights

I got…an embarrassing number of books this month. I somehow ended up with 18???? This is unusually high even for me. To be fair, most of them were eARCs and books I bought at the end of November, so maybe it’s not *that* bad??? Anyway, here are some of the titles from my haul that I am extra excited about:


  • Somewhere Only We Know | Maurene Goo – Okay, so I didn’t love Goo’s last book, THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL as much as I’d hoped. But I still have super high hopes for this book because I just adored I BELIEVE IN A THING CALLED LOVE so so much! This one is about a K-Pop star and it’s obviously a romance and I’m anticipating all the cuteness and best ships.
  • Going Off Script | Jen Wilde – By now, you have probably noticed how much I LOVED Jen Wilde’s 2018 release, THE BRIGHTSIDERS, so obviously I was going to read her next book no matter what it was about. GOING OFF SCRIPT is about a girl who starts interning on her favorite TV show, writes her own script, and shares it with the head writer…only he passes it off as his own writing, plus makes her gay character straight.
  • The Everlasting Rose | Dhonielle Clayton – I accidentally got two copies of this, because I got one copy at a library meeting literally one day before my review copy request to the publisher went through. I’m planning to give my first copy to a fellow librarian who was interested in reading it. But OMG I finally got approved by Disney for a review copy and it’s my second most anticipated book of the year!!!! (Sorry, first place goes to A. G. Howard’s book, STAIN. Anyway.)
  • Fake It Till You Break It | Jenn P. Nguyen – I am so psyched for this one because it’s about childhood friends who hate each other but fake date to appease their parents and hate-to-love and fake relationships are my favorite romance tropes EVER. If this book isn’t fantastic, I’m going to be v sad.





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  1. working with kids at the library would be so amazing! i hope u get the job!
    ahhh i loved forest of a thousand lanterns so much!! i have still yet to read kingdom but im rly excited abt it!
    happy new year!

  2. Congrats on getting 300 followers, that’s amazing!!! 🎆💗 It’s so cool that you got to see Nic Stone & I really hope becoming a children’s librarian works out for you in the new year!! I’m sorry Christmas wasn’t that great for you, but maybe it’ll be better next year? 💕

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