dewey’s readathon // hour 10 update

Hello again and happy readathon day! I just wanted to do a post to give a quick update about how I’m doing because it’s hour 10, almost halfway through, woohoo!

Here’s how my day has been going so far:

Got up for 8:00am, the official start time, but went out to get groceries so I could make breakfast. After breakfast, I started reading for the ‘thon with WILDCARD, which I started yesterday. I read for 2-3 hours and had lunch, then napped after finishing WILDCARD.

I was…not as impressed with WILDCARD as WARCROSS? I think in part I was anxious to finish a book for the readathon so I started skimming a bit near the end. I also really wanted to know what happened and wasn’t reading fast enough for my own liking. However, it was still enjoyable, and I thought the romance was much more fleshed out in this book, which was the one qualm I had about WARCROSS. I now ship Emika and Hideo forever. Also all the plot twists were so good and I didn’t guess any of them, which hardly ever happens to me with YA anymore!! So that is good. Also, no spoilers, but…poor Sasuke :””'((((((


After napping, I went to get my OWLCRATE BOXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!! This month’s box has 2 WHOLE BOOKS OMG. I wasn’t interested in either of them initially, but I might give them a try, since that is the point of trying a subscription box, to try something you might not have otherwise.

I also read a graphic novel called JONESY, about a Latinx TEEN girl who writes zines and can make people fall in love with anyone or anything. It was very cute and I might read more of them, because I feel like I really need to give graphic novels a shot because those and manga are the two types of books that move the most in the teen section at my library.

^^so cute!

The next book I’m going to try is PRIDE by Ibi Zoboi, a “remix” of PRIDE & PREJUDICE set in modern-day Brooklyn.


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