Do I like Read-a-thons?

About a month or so ago, I saw a blogger (can’t remember who, but if it’s you, please say so!) do a post about whether readathons actually help with reading. I thought it was a very interesting post because I love readathons, or at least the idea of them. I definitely get a lot of reading done during them because I’m more motivated to do so, but the post did make me start to wonder if I actually like them.


I love the idea of a 24-hour readathon.

Get up in the morning, start reading, have lots of snacks on hand, and stay up all night reading really good books? That sounds like the perfect way to spend your time to me. However, I have tried to do a couple 24-hour readathons recently, and I failed miserably. In college, I used to be able to get quite a few hours in, and, most weekends, I’d stay up until 2-4 in the morning just reading and watching horror movies and then some kids animated movies to recover from the horror movies. It seems that I cannot do any of these things anymore, because I fail so miserably at 24 hour ‘thons now. So, in terms of the 24-hour ones, I love the idea of it, but in reality, I can’t really do them.

I also get really stressed out about them.

I psych myself out a few days before because I know I’m not going to make it through a full 24 hours, which I start feeling weirdly guilty about? Which I know makes no sense, because I’m doing these events for my pure pleasure and fun.


Week long readathons, on the other hand, I think I do still like.

I LOVE participating in events like Bout of Books, which is this week!! I get the most reading of the whole month done during events that are Bout of Books length, usually. I try to focus on reading shorter books so I can read more, and I always plan a loose TBR pile, which helps me focus my reading as well. I am a big mood reader most of the time, but having books planned to focus my mood reading really helps me get more read. I also like that a week isn’t too long or too short, so I can read when I feel like it and not feel as much pressure.



I also love prompt readathons.

Over the spring months, I participated in the seasonal Spring readathon, which had a bunch of different prompts. I discovered the OWL and NEWT readathons too late, I think, but I like the idea of those as well. Having prompts encourages me to read books I have put aside for a while because they fit the prompt, and reintroduce me to books I put on my TBR list a while ago that I haven’t gotten to yet.



So, generally speaking, I love the IDEA of a 24-hour readathon but not the reality, but I do love other readathons.

I think if I want to do 24-hour thons, I just need to start not psyching myself out and putting so much pressure on myself to readathon perfectly. Readathons are supposed to be fun, so I need to focus more on that idea rather than reading an entire 24 hours exactly or reading a certain ridiculous number of books.


Do you like readathons? Have you participated in any fun ones recently?

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  1. I suck at all readathons in general. xD I know it’s just for fun, but I feel so much pressure that I end up not getting any reading done. 😢 I’d love to do 24-hour readathons, but I NEED MY SLEEP. It’s just not possible for me. Rather than readathons, I’d go for a set-your-own-pace buddy read with some friends instead. 😊

  2. I’m super bad at Readathons… I always forget I’m supposed to be reading a certain book and get distracted 😛 but great post!! Can definitely relate to this.

  3. Readathons aren’t really for me – well, I didn’t even really try it out, but the simple idea stresses me out a little bit and I feel so much pressure, too… I don’t think I’d be good at it, at all haha 🙂

    1. yeah, nothing’s fun when you feel pressure. I used to not pressure myself about them as much and just enjoy them but lately for some reason I have to do everything perfectly or I can’t have fun. It’s exhausting lol.

  4. Great post! I’ve never done a 24 hour readathon and the idea doesn’t really appeal to me. I feel so bad if I don’t get up, move around, go outside or something for too long haha. Also I’m a total mood reader and there’s no way I’d be able to stick to it haha.

    1. I used to be able to read for really long stretches of time without stopping but I have lately been finding it hard to concentrate for that long for some reason which is one of the reasons I have a hard time with them.

  5. I adore Readathons of all kinds 😄 I very much love 24 Hrs Readathons, but I agree that you can also really get stressed about them. Recently I saw something different, a “Summer Cozy Reading Afternoon”, where you only read for a few hours in the afternoon, maybe something like that woul work better for you?

    1. Ooh, that sounds delightful! I think my problem now is I feel like I have to do everything perfectly in order to enjoy it, even though in the case of 24hr readathons I never used to do the full 24 hours and still liked it anyway, so idk what’s up with me and those atm. I would like to be able to do them again.

  6. I’ve done a couple of the 24 hour readathons, but I always sleep during them – there’s no way I can stay up 24 hours. Or maybe I could if it started earlier in my timezone – but they always seem to start at 1 or 2pm when i’ve already been up 5 hours means I would need to actually be awake for nearer 29 hours! So I definitely prefer the weeklong bout of books (like you I’m also a mood reader so definitely need plenty of options).

    1. I tend to prefer week long ones too, but the 24 hr ones are fun to attempt 🙂 Bout of books is one of my favorites as well! I always get so much reading done during them

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