Fantasies I Want to Reread

Fantasies I want to reread

I am not a big rereader. In fact, I can only think of a single book I reread that wasn’t part of a series (I tend to only reread series books because I forget the last book before the next one comes out), and that was Elie Weisel’s Night, which I had to read three times for classes. Let me tell you, that is not a book you really want to reread.

I don’t reread because I’m afraid of a book not being as good as the first time I read it. I recently found this to be true when I started rereading the Shatter Me series because I’d forgotten too much of it to read the newest book, Restore Me. As I read the series, I couldn’t help but notice how flawed things were, from the writing to the world building to Juliette as a character. I did not like these books as much as the first time, and probably would have given them all three stars had I read them as an adult. I was really disappointed that my fears of rereading came true, and am now very wary of rereading books I first read during my teen years, because I don’t want the magic of them to disappear like it did for me with the Shatter Me books. I still love Tahereh Mafi and think she grew as a writer with each new installment to the trilogy, but I have to say that I found the whole rereading experience lackluster.


However, there are some fantasy books I read recently that I really want to read again. To be fair, three out of the four are part of a series, which is the reason for my rereading. The one that inspired this post is ACOMAF, which I felt the need to start rereading recently after trying to start ACOWAR and being completely lost even in just the first chapter. I didn’t remember pretty much anything they were talking about, and I couldn’t situate myself in the story enough to keep reading, so reread of a 600+ page book it is.

I also really want to reread Caraval before Legendary comes out. Caraval really lived up to the extreme hype for me, which is unusual, and instantly became a new favorite book. But, I was expecting it to only be one book, so I didn’t bother storing away what happened at the end or anything useful that could help me understand the new book. I don’t remember the deal Tella made, which is the whole plot of book 2, so I need to update myself on that in order to fully enjoy the magic that will be Legendary.

I think I probably remember enough of A Torch Against the Night to read A Reaper At the Gates when it comes out in June, but I’m a little worried I’ll be lost again, because I didn’t feel like I fully understood what happened in the book. Sometimes it actually does help me to reread fantasies, because they are so involved and intellectual.

I am definitely rereading The Hazel Wood at some point, which became a favorite book of 2018 even though I read it in 2017, because it is just. so. good. The Hazel Wood is a book full of beautiful, gorgeous writing and a dark, intriguing story, and I would just love to immerse myself in that world again. I also read it as an eARC, so I’d like to experience it in the final printed version as well, as it was intended to be read. Also, if anyone wants to get me a present, the OwlCrate green special edition of this book is at the tippity-top of my wishlist!! (Just sayin’)

What is your experience with rereads? Are you a rereader? What are some books that your opinions changed on the second time around?

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