february goals

Yay, it’s a new month, January’s over, and it’s time to make some goals for February! January was very stressful so I’m hoping February will be better. I also didn’t set any January-specific goals last month and found that I did not like that, so I am happy I get to set new goals for a new month for February.

Let us make goals:

  • Read 5 books. Ideally I would like to read at least 2 backlist books and 3 new releases. I’ve been really crappy about new releases so far and am already behind on stuff I meant to read for January/February. But, there aren’t as many books coming out in February that I’m dying to read, so hopefully I can catch up.
  • Finish the Grisha trilogy. Which includes my reread of SHADOW & BONE and SIEGE & STORM so I can finally read RUIN & RISING. Which I guess would be 3 backlist books, but that’s not a bad thing. I just REALLY want to finish the Grisha books so I can move on to SIX OF CROWS and also read the new KING OF SCARS.
  • Drive one place that scares me. I’ve been super anxious about driving for the past few months, to the point where I basically only drive to work and to get gas. I would like to make myself go somewhere that makes me scared at least once to try to prove to myself that driving is not as scary as I think it is.
  • Go to a new restaurant by myself. I used to love going out to eat on my own and just read and have good food, but I haven’t done that at all since moving, mainly because I either order in or go out with my boyfriend. But I do want to try doing some things that I used to find fun, and this would definitely be one of them.
  • Stay up late at least one night. I have weird obsessive compulsive thoughts about staying up past a certain time, and I really want to get over that because going to sleep as early as I do prohibits me from doing anything fun, even on weekends. I always want to stay up and watch movies and read, but I never do because I psych myself out because of my obsessive need to stick to a routine. I know my thoughts about staying up are compulsive and not real but it’s still so hard to combat them and convince myself that the world won’t end if I stay up really late for a night or two on the weekend.
  • Journal more when I’m having obsessive/compulsive thoughts. I’ve been trying to do more personal journaling lately, and I think that might help me with getting over the large hump that is my obsessive and/or compulsive thoughts. If anyone has experience journaling to help with obsessive thoughts, any suggestions would be welcome!
  • Clean apartment once a week. I really need to get back to trying to do this; my apartment is a mess.
  • Start researching/outlining my new WIP idea! I have an idea for a WIP that I’m very excited about that was inspired by one of the recent seasons I watched of Top Chef and will be queer and diverse. I keep telling myself I’ll start outlining soon but then I keep putting it off because I’m so scared to write anything. But hopefully writing it as a goal here will help??

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