here & queerathon: february releases

Hello, friends! It is the third of the month and therefore, time for another post highlighting queer releases for Here & Queerathon, the year-long readathon I am hosting focusing on queer authors & queer representation, which you can still sign up for using the form from this page.

Without further ado, here are some of the queer books being released in February that count for this challenge:



belle revolte – linsey miller – february 4, 2020

  • One girl comes from a poor family and wants to be trained in the magical arts
  • The other wants to be trained as a surgeon and skip out on magical training
  • They also look alike
  • So obviously, they switch places and lives, so one goes to finishing school for magic and the other learns about medicine
  • But there’s also a war going on, and the two girls want to try to help end it



the gravity of us – phil stamper – february 4, 2020

  • I am so excited for this book. Two queer teens on a NASA base fall in love while their parents await a mission to space.
  • If you want to hear me screaming about this book, check out this post, this post, this post, and this post.



we unleash the merciless storm – tehlor kay mejia – february 25, 2020

  • sequel to We Set the Dark on Fire, which I’m planning to read this month
  • it’s about the love interest from WSTDOF



ink in the blood – kim smejkal – february 11, 2020

  • honestly I’m not too sure what this one’s about but apparently it has tattoo magic and religion
  • was pitched as perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo and Kendare Blake
  • also has a traveling theater troupe somehow??
  • honestly sounds v weird and dark




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