here & queerathon: january releases

Hello, and welcome to the first Here & Queerathon 2020 release post! Each month on the 3rd, I will post the books coming out during the month written by queer authors. If you know of any I missed or think should count, let me know so I can keep updating the post!



Spellhacker – M. K. England

january 21, 2020

You should read this book if you want

  • Magical plagues (called the spellplague)
  • A full cast of queer characters
  • An illegal magic-selling business
  • Dangerous heists
  • Conspiracies



dark and deepest red – anna-marie mclemore

january 14, 2020

This book is

  • Partially set in 1518 and partially set 500 years later
  • About mysterious and possibly magical red shoes
  • About a plague that causes women to dance in the street until they die
  • Featuring a trans love interest
  • A dark fairy tale



infinity son – adam silvera

january 14, 2020

Adam Silvera’s latest book has

  • a “gritty, fast-paced adventure”
  • contemporary prose mixed with a fantasy world
  • magical vigilantes
  • a complicated relationship between brothers



lady hotspur – tessa gratton

january 7, 2020

Lady Hotspur is about

  • the world of the Queens of Innis Lear a few centuries later
  • a lady known for her temper and “warcraft”
  • two other powerful ladies
  • f/f romance
  • a revenge plot



we used to be friends – amy spalding

january 7, 2020

You should read this book if you want

  • a story told in a dual timeline
  • a book about a friend breakup
  • a first-time f/f romance
  • a book about growing up and growing apart



lie to me – kaitlin ward

january 7, 2020

I can’t tell if the book is queer, but the author is, so on the list it goes. The gist of this book is:

  • girl wakes up in hospital with no memories
  • girl is told the fall that put her there was an accident but she remembers being pushed
  • another girl is found dead near where she fell
  • girl is very suspicious of everyone, including her new boyfriend


Have any to add? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. That’s such a great idea! I definitely loved reading your list and I’m also anticipating Spellhacker, because it sounds intriguing with the magic and dangerous heists! I also had We Used to be Friends on my TBR, but I had no idea that it included a f/f romance, so that’s good to know 😊

  2. Oh I absolutely love this idea! Definitely will be checking back throughout the year to keep on these releases. Thanks for doing this! 🙂

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