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I already talked about this very briefly as one of my answers to my Liebster Award nom post, so apologies for the slight repetition. Anyway…I have recently realized something weird: other than reading, I really have…no hobbies?? I have things I vaguely like doing and things I used to like doing, which probably definitely don’t count since I don’t do them anymore (aka playing my instruments), but nothing that I like to do that I spend a lot of time doing.

This might be okay if I actually read at home, but I kind of…don’t? Which is weird because I love reading, so you’d think I’d do it anytime, anywhere. However, since I spend a lot of my work day reading while I’m on desk, I just don’t want to read when I get home because it feels too much like work. I’ve thought about trying to read different types of things at work vs at home, but that feels like too much pressure and I’m not good at reading multiple books at once anyway.

Basically…I need a hobby. I need something fun to do when I’m at home that’s somewhat engaging, though preferably something I can do while watching trash tv. Ideally it would be something not terribly expensive as well, because I don’t have a lot of spare money.

The problem is, I don’t know what I’m interested in. I’ve thought about photography a bit, but the idea of Instagram just stresses me out and I feel like that’s all I’d do it for. Plus, that would require more equipment and props than I want.

I’ve also thought about trying creative lettering, because I’m super into bullet journaling. I basically use mine as a daily planner, but lots of people use theirs for more creative purposes. The problem with that is I can’t draw from my own mind and usually draw off of things I find on the internet. Still, I’m kind of leaning towards this because I love journaling and have wanted to try to make my journal more creative. Plus, I love all of the studyblrs and bujo instas that I follow, and journaling would be a great, easy way to generate lots of content.

I think one of my problems in finding a hobby is that I can’t get used to the idea of doing something simply for myself. Like most people, I’m surrounded by various types of social media constantly, plus it feels like some kind of validation to have lots of followers, even though going into something wanting lots of followers is probably not a good way to go into it.

To sum up: I am lost when it comes to hobbies. What do people like to do? What can I do that doesn’t cost a lot of money? Feel free to share your thoughts and your own hobbies, for I am stuckkkkk.

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