how book blogging has changed my reading habits

Since reaching the 500 follower milestone, I’ve been reflecting a lot about my time as a book blogger and how my reading and bookish habits have changed over the past 7 years while I’ve been blogging. I definitely read and approach bookish things differently because of blogging than I did when I was just an avid reader who didn’t blog, and today, I wanted to reflect on some of the ways I’ve changed my reading habits because of blogging.


  • Reading for quantity. This is not to say I don’t strive to read great books, but I do feel for the past few years I’ve been much more focused on reading to be able to say I’ve read a certain amount vs. focusing solely on the quality of what I’m reading and just focusing on enjoyment. I admit I feel A LOT of pressure to read a lot of books per year, and it’s been hard for me since my reading pace has slowed the past couple of years to not read 100+ books a year.
  • Being more aware of new releases. Book blogging has made me really good at researching upcoming titles in a variety of genres, though I’m probably mainly a YA expert still. I am always on top of new releases in YA and can probably tell you what month an upcoming book you name is coming out in because of blogging.
  • Access to more books. One of the biggest perks of book blogging is the ARCs, not gonna lie. I love having access to titles before they release and having publishers be open to sending me books that I want to read.
  • I’ve become kind of a book snob, honestly. When I was younger, I mostly found out about books by going straight to the new section of the library every time I went in. Now, if a book isn’t on my TBR for the year, I’m a lot less likely to spontaneously pick up a title I’m interested in. I’m much more skeptical about books I haven’t heard of, and this is something I’d like to change about my reading habits. I do really miss the joys of discovering new books by browsing the library shelves or a bookstore.
  • I feel more pressure about reading. Sometimes book blogging can make reading feel like a bit of a job. I think I used to take breaks from reading more often before I started book blogging, whereas now I feel like if I don’t read for a month or two, I worry about not having enough material to create content for my blog. I think a lot of book bloggers struggle with guilt when they don’t read for whatever reason, and that’s something I’d definitely like to work on within myself.
  • Being influenced by the hype monster. This can be good and bad, but I have read quite a few books because of book community hype that I’ve really liked, such as GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE, which I don’t think I would have picked up on my own. Sometimes it’s really fun to read a super popular book with everyone else, because you feel like you’re part of something bigger. So while the hype monster can increase our expectations unrealistically, it can also make reading a book more fun and connect you to other readers.


Book blogging has definitely been a majorly positive influence on my life overall, and I can’t imagine not having it in my life. Still, looking at this list has made me realize there are some habits I want to change to make reading more enjoyable for me again, so I’ll probably be writing about that at some point.

In the comments, I’d love to hear from you all how blogging has affected your reading habits!

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  1. Congrats on the 500! 😍 Honestly, I relate to all of these SO much, I’ve definitely realized over the past couple years the number of books I read has been dropping! But like you said in your post, its hard not to think about quality over quantity, that’s something I’m planning to work on more in 2020! ✨📚 Wonderful post!

  2. This is such a fantastic post and so relatable! I relate so much to not really walking into the library or bookstore anymore and picking up any book that catches my interest- and even if it does, I check its rating and reviews on Goodreads.

  3. Congrats on the 500!!! I completely agree with everything you said, tbh. To me, the worst is this feeling of guilt if, in my spare time, which isn’t much, I’m not blogging or reading. This is a hobby, but it’s hard for me not to face it as work so that can take out the joy of reading. It’s all about finding that balance, which I’m still struggling with.

  4. I never realised I did it but oh my gosh I relate so much to the book snob thing! I hate that I do that now, because I found my two favourite books by just walking into a bookstore and picking up whatever took my fancy. Next time I visit a bookstore I’m going to make an effort to not just pick up the books I’ve seen on Goodreads 🙈 This is a really original post, I love it!

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