how i use tarot

I was having a conversation with my mom a couple weeks ago about my blog, and specifically, witchy tarot posts on my blog. I commented that even though I enjoy doing them and often get comments from people saying they love that kind of post, that is not reflected in the views I get. She made an interesting observation that my tarot reading posts aren’t actually predicting the future. My immediate reaction was “well, that’s not what I use tarot for.” This made me start thinking about what I do use tarot for and how it plays into my life. So today, I’m sharing how I use tarot so maybe people will understand more what it is and can be:

how i use tarot

  • Clarity in a situation. Tarot is a really good way to gain clarity in a particular situation. Even though I am generally very articulate about how I feel about things, sometimes I can still feel a little lost about a particular situation, and drawing a tarot card or two can help me figure out and reflect upon how I’m actually feeling about what’s happening.
  • Making a decision. I am extremely bad at making decisions because of my anxiety and general indecisiveness, so drawing cards that represent two options in a decision can help me discover how a certain path in whatever decision I’m making might make me feel. Of course, tarot cards like to play tricks sometimes and occasionally when I’m drawing cards because the path is unclear in a decision, I will draw a card that basically says the path is unclear.
  • Daily tarot draw. Sometimes I’ll draw one or two cards during the day to center myself and collect my thoughts about whatever is happening that day. I find drawing a tarot card without asking any particular question and just reflecting on the day a very grounding practice that helps me gain focus and clarity on a more general, daily level.
  • Reflecting on the past, present, and future. One of my favorite tarot spreads is a simple three card spread with one card to represent the past, present, and future. Often, this helps me clarify how the past is influencing my present, and what could happen in the future because of my past and present. I am not very good at staying in the moment, so the present card usually helps me figure out where I am in the moment a lot.
  • Reflecting on my emotions. Though I am usually good at knowing how I’m feeling, tarot helps open me to the possibility of what I could think about a situation and opens me up to new perspectives on whatever I’m doing a reading for.
  • Taking stock of my mental health. Obviously reflecting on my emotions bleeds into how I’m doing mental health-wise, and I have done quite a few readings that exactly describe the state of my mental health.


In short, I use tarot mostly to take stock of my emotions and offer insight into what I’m feeling and sometimes what others might be feeling, though that is often unclear from the cards I draw. Tarot is a useful tool to tap into your emotional intuition, and I personally feel tarot is more about interpreting what’s already there than predicting the future. Tarot certainly can be used for that and I believe that may be its original purpose, but it’s not personally what I use it for, which I imagine leaks over into how I do readings about books with tarot.

Tarot can be used in a variety of ways, and I have by no means outlined all of them here, but these are the type of things that I find helpful when doing a tarot reading and what I usually read for. The way you use tarot or someone else uses tarot might be very different from how I use tarot, and tarot interpretations can be a very personal thing for each person, so someone else might very well tell you different things about how tarot is used.

Tarot is definitely my favorite part of witchcraft that I’ve studied so far, and I’m really hoping if I keep at it I can get good at it and eventually memorize all the cards. I’m definitely a beginning tarot reader but it’s very fun and I highly recommend giving it a shot if you want to try something simple but witchy.

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    1. I hope you decide to try it out! learning it is a very slow process for me but I’m enjoying it.

  1. I used to have a set of tarot cards and this was exactly what I used them for. Reflection on yourself and your emotions seems so much more purposeful when you have a physical and visual object to refer to.

    Thanks for the post. It’s honestly making me consider picking up a new set of cards.

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