I…don’t like long books?

I was thinking about something this week as I accidentally did last week’s topic for Top Ten Tuesday, which was to share the top ten longest books I’ve read…

I am not a fan of long books.

I was looking at the list of books, and most were fantasy series, and I don’t like series much either, partially because they’re usually so long, but that’s a topic for another post. I remember reading a lot of these books and groaning over how long they were. I started rereading the Harry Potter books a couple months ago, but stopped because I was dreading having to read the later books. The longest book I’ve read is HARRY POTTER & THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX, which clocks in at over 850 pages.

I am embarrassed by this.

I think lots of book lovers love long books, and people have that saying “I like big books and I cannot lie” from the song, and I’m over here like…I would prefer my books small or medium, please. It’s not that I *can’t* read long books, I just prefer to read in smaller, more manageable chunks that allow me to read more books per month or year versus books that seem to never end and take forever.

It makes me feel like I’m not a real book lover sometimes.

Which is ridiculous, because I love books more than anyone I know, my literal job is books, and I know there are many types of booklovers and readers. A book lover isn’t inherently more or less valid based on how much they read or what type of book they read, if they read or listen to an audio book. But still, I sometimes get this nagging sense that I’m not a as good a reader as I think I am or that other book lovers would cringe if they knew I wasn’t a long book person.

I know there’s no right way to love books, and my way of loving books does not make me more or less valid as a bookworm. Still, I feel self-conscious about my dislike of long books, and I hope that this post will perhaps encourage others to voice their own book-loving concerns so we can all feel less embarrassed about things that probably don’t need to be embarrassing.


How do you feel about long books? Do you have any bookworm habits you worry others would judge you for?

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  1. I like long books, but that’s completely fair! I also find them harder to start reading, because if it’s bad, I am probably going to spend two hundred pages out of eight hundred to be sure before I dnf it and that seems like a waste. Trying to get better at putting books down earlier in general.

    1. It can definitely be a challenge to put down books no matter the length. I think I’m more likely to put a long book down because I don’t want to commit if I feel like I’m not going to like it early on, but that is a very good point about spending longer trying to figure out if you like a book when it’s longer, also because pacing can sometimes be an issue so it can take a while to figure out if a book is good.

  2. This is such an interesting post – and I’m so happy you shared this! Even if I can get through long books and I’m not really trying to… discriminate books by their length in any way, I have to admit that I gravitate towards shorter books just as well, just because they allow me to read more books in one month, they’re shorter and they’re just… less of a commitment. With a massive book, I’m always scared that, it’s long and it will FEEL long, meaning that it won’t be as fast-paced and captivating and I can really FEEL like, the 500+ pages of it passing by and I hate that feeling hahaha.

    1. Same! Whenever I see a book that’s over 400 pages I just worry that it’s going to feel super long (and honestly to me they usually do). I agree about liking shorter books to get through more during a month. Also, in general I feel like shorter books just feel like a good length to me, and pacing tends to be better.

  3. I partially agree. I love shorter books because then I can finish and start something new and it keeps things fresh. I’ve read a few long books that I’ve dearly loved but a lot of them feel like they drag on, like maybe they didn’t really NEED to be that long and someone should have edited out a few feast scenes or something.

  4. I’m with you here Mel! I relate to every word of this post!
    I tend to veer away from long books because they take a long time to get through, and also because the pacing tend to be slow in general, which means harder for me to get into. And ugh The Order of the Phoenix- I hear you there!

    1. Just…if the series didn’t have that book, I’d totally reread it! But I do not feel in the mood to reread the longest book I’ve ever read lol

  5. I totally relate haha. I have a deep and passionate love for Harry Potter haha but other than that I have no patience for long books and tbh I still haven’t read any Throne of Glass books because they’re so long lol

    1. It is definitely weird sometimes. Like, of course if we like the book we want it to last, but then you can also start worrying you’ll get tired of it if it’s too long.

  6. I always feel super accomplished when I read a long book, but they do take me an AGE to read (and sometimes the add unnecessary bits in), so they have to be really good books 🙂 I have about 2 or 3 on my TBR that I can’t wait to pick up, but they are about 800 pages and I just don’t feel I have time to tackle the beasts!?

    Plus, I do feel that there is a pressure as a book blogger to read lots, and so my longer books tend to fall to the back of the queue. That said, it’s important to just enjoy your reading, so read what you want, when you want to. If that means you don’t want to pick up a longer book, don’t! 🙂

    Lovely post!

    1. thank you! there is definitely some pressure to read lots of books as a book blogger, which is probably another small reason I’m not a huge fan of longer books. I like to be able to read something new quickly, so that’s another reason I stay away from longer books, plus I just tend not to enjoy them.

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