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I wrote a while ago about my struggles with bookstagram on the blog (or the old blog, anyway) and unfortunately, I have not overcome any of them. I think the main problems are 1) I don’t actually have enough books?? I don’t know how this can be a thing, but it is. I just don’t feel like I have enough books to make varied enough photos to keep things interesting? and also 2) my photography and photo editing skills are…not there really. I like to mess around on the app Afterlight sometimes, but I am not a photographer, at least at the moment.

The third and most seemingly un-overcome-able problem is: I CANNOT PICK A THEME. I have changed bookstagram themes about a million times since attempting to use it and I just. Can’t. Choose! I guess there’s no rule that you *have* to have a theme, but bookstagram accounts are more successful if they do, it seems. However, since rebranding my blog, I have thought of a lot of on-brand Instagram theme ideas and now feel the need to share them.

Here are some of the ideas that I have had for bookstagram themes:

  • Black & white w/ purple glow. I have tried this a couple of times, actually, but I seem to get bored of it almost immediately. The idea of this is basically have a black and white photo, then do some purple glow effects over it so it has like a purple mist over it and looks all mysterious.


  • Pink. In lieu of a consistent color story in terms of the actual books, I have considered doing book photos of multiple colors but with pink accessories to keep it consistent. However, the issue with this is that I do not have very many pink accessories (flowers, blankets, etc.) at the moment. This idea feels more on-brand though because of all the pink on my blog in my graphics.
  • Pastels. I would love to do an Insta of pastel books, but the problem with this is that I don’t actually own very many pastel-colored books? And I wouldn’t buy books just to use in photos because they are pastel. That feels silly and I definitely do not have the space for books that I do not read. I wish I were talented enough with photoshop that I could edit the colors of books/book covers and MAKE them pastel, though that would probably lead to many questions about where I got the pastel edition of such and such, which could definitely get annoying.
    I have also thought of doing pastel accessories, which I do sort of have? I have pastel tarot cards, which would obviously be very on brand for my blog name, Cotton Candy Book WITCH, and I guess I wouldn’t necessarily have to use them in a way where I HAD to do a reading of specific books.
  • Cats with books. I do actually have a catstagram where my cats recommend books with my boyfriend, but it is very very inactive and we never post. But since I want to have my kits on the blog now, I could easily make my bookstagram a cat/bookstagram. But it would not be very themed and I’d probably have to rename it something cat-ish.

The ideas I like the most out of these three are definitely the pink and pastel ideas, because they feel very on brand with my blog colors and my general preferred color scheme. However, I also don’t know that I care about bookstagram that much to put enough energy into it? I feel like I could be good at it if I worked at it more, but I’m not sure if it’s the platform for me or not because of having to stick with a consistent theme.

The easiest theme to stick with would probably be the black and white one because I wouldn’t have to have accessories or books of certain colors, but I’ve never seen a black and white bookstagram, I have tried it and gotten bored of it pretty quickly, and I love colorful bookstagrams. So that one is probably out. I just wish I had even ideas of pastel-y accessories I could get to make my themes consistent. Basically I wish I could figure out bookstagram.

Share with my your bookstagram thoughts and tips please!



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  1. I’m finding this really hard too! I like the idea of pastels, as it really fits with ‘cotton candy’. Perhaps you could pick a tarot card that matches the book for each of them? And then explain in the description why you picked that one?

    1. I’ve been thinking about incorporating the my pastel tarot cards more in posts, though I discovered this weekend that my deck is missing a card 🙁 I’m getting another pastel deck in March though with a subscription box plus I’m going to try out some pastel accessories, so I guess I’ll see how it goes 🙂

  2. I don´t care about themes, only that the person behind the words is interesting and easy to talk books with. Most of the larger account have nice pics but are sadly worse discussing with 😛

  3. Honestly, I have a bookstagram, but I’m not the most active — I only post /maybe/ once or twice a week (whereas, a lot of people post multiple in a day). And, I can not figure out a theme AT ALL. I hope one day to actually be fairly decent at it.

    1. I definitely feel that. Whenever I attempt it I always end up posting so inconsistently and I don’t understand how some people manage to post multiple times a day?? I’m glad I’m not the only one to whom the idea of a theme is a mystery!

  4. I really like the black/white with purple glow; it looks really cool and I totally dig it. Also, I’m #1 fan of the book and cat photo combination and I can’t get enough of them. I love books. I love cats. Win/win situation. BUT! I definitely feel your troubles, it’s super super hard to pick and decide and choose and stick with it! I’m at this stage, too, right now — I want to start a bookstagram account so bad but I don’t think I would be happy doing only the same theme but you’re so right with the fact that it’s easier to connect with other bookstagramers, get out there and be a little successful if you are consistent in your palette/color scheme/photo composition etc. It’s such an internal struggle for sure! keeping my fingers crossed for both of us to find the answers to our questions, lots of good luck! x c:

    1. thank you! I feel like the black and white with purple glow would be the easiest to stay consistent with but I’ve tried it before and gotten bored of it quickly? so I’m not sure. It’s just so hard for me to pick a consistent theme; I like being creative and I feel like having to stick to a theme hinders that for me. but idk, hopefully I’ll figure it out eventually.

  5. I find bookstagram both difficult and fun. I like that I am not Amazing at it and that it is allowing me to develop skills that I didn’t have before. But I wish I was better and that I could be more consistent with it.

    1. saaaaame. I am so inconsistent with it and I just don’t have a visual-thinking brain so it is very hard for me.

  6. I have the same problem! I can never stick to a theme, but I also really like seeing my feed with a theme. So I decided to go part-way. I keep changing themes, but my themes last at least one phone screen i.e. 15 photos. If I still like the theme, I continue further for a while, otherwise I scrap it and come up with a new one. But the main challenge has been to come up with different themes that still reflect me. It’s challenging, but I like it!

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