If We Were Having Coffee 7-20-18

If We Were Having Coffee (or, If We Were Having Tea in my version, since I don’t drink coffee) is a feature I like to do occasionally (okay, almost every month) to check in and see how I’m doing with books and things other than books. It is inspired by a post I found on the website of a blogger I used to follow.

So, here’s the third (I think??) round:


If we were having tea…I’d tell you I just started the Grisha trilogy and am LOVING it. I can’t believe I waited so long to read these books. I think the hype freaked me out, but the hype is SO. RIGHT. I think Alina is a very interesting character, though if she ends up with the Darkling I’m going to be very upset because he TRIED TO CONTROL HER AND USE HER FOR EVIL and I do not think he is redeemable. Plus I am a Mal fan. I don’t know if I’m liking Siege and Storm as well as Shadow and Bone, but I like the pirate ship setting and the addition of lots of cool new characters.


If we were having tea…I’d also tell you I’m feeling a bit reading slumpy? Not a full-blown slump since I still want to read, but I’m not feeling as motivated to read lately while I’m at work, which is where I do most of my reading.

If we were having tea…I’d encourage you all to join me in participating in the 24in48 Readathon this weekend!!!!! It’s the first readathon I’ve been able to participate in in a while, and I’m SO looking forward to curling up with my books, my cats, and my bae this weekend and pounding through some amazing books! I love 24-hour readathons, so I think I’m going to try to get most of my hours done on my first day. I’m planning to stock up on caffeinated beverages, make some readathon cake, and drink a lot of tea.

If we were having tea…I’d let you know that my mental health seems to finally be improving! Most of these posts (and my monthly wrap-ups) have been really depressing probably because I’ve been really depressed and suicidal recently. But I’m on new meds and they seem to be working…for now, anyway.

If we were having tea…I’d tell you that the heart problem I was having (elevated heart rate) has also been taken care of with the help of some new beta blockers I was prescribed, and I’ve been feeling LOADS better and no longer feel like passing out frequently at work.

If we were having tea…I’d say I’ve been feeling inspired to start working on my novel more seriously lately. I’ve been working on an outline and fleshing out my story so I don’t stop halfway through again. The problem now is that I don’t know if I want it to include a particular sad element or not or if I want it just to be a romance. I feel like the story wants to be a pure queer romance, but I feel weird about writing something that’s just romance for some reason? idk why. I guess I have it in my head that it needs to be a certain way and I’m scared of letting go of my original idea of it. Here’s my novel aesthetic (I am very terrible at aesthetics):

novel aesthetic.png

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  1. I really enjoyed the fantasy aspects in Shadow and Bone, but the Alina-Darkling-Mal stuff is a huge no-no for me so I haven’t continued the series yet. xD But Six of Crows is so much better, and I just bought Crooked Kingdom! ♥

    I’ve been feeling the mini-slump, too. I’m really anxious about school starting up soon (it’ll be my first year in university), so I’ve been overthinking and haven’t been in the reading mood for a while. D:

    I’m so glad you’re doing better, mental health-wise. 🙂 New blog follower. ^_^

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always

    1. Thank you! I’m so honored; I love your blog!!

      Starting university can definitely be overwhelming, so I’m sending you as many positive vibes as possible <3 I found my college experience stressful for about the first month or so but then started getting used to it, so I hope something similar happens for you 🙂 wishing you the best of luck <3

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