if we were having tea // 6-13-19

It seems like it’s about time for another If We Were Having Tea post, a casual, conversational personal post where I basically update you on various things in my life (does anyone actually care?? idk). I tend to do these bi-monthly and generally when things are not so good, so I wanted to do one where things are actually okay for the most part.

Anyway, let’s get on with it:


If we were having tea…I’d tell you I’m enjoying reading more. After writing my post about how my mental health affects my reading, I feel like something was kind of lifted inside of me and I was able to start making a more active effort to make reading more enjoyable again. I’ve been experimenting with reading multiple books at once, and so far I’m really liking it. I feel like it keeps me from getting bored and it makes me look forward to reading each book when I’m reading the other one. Plus, I’m reading two really good books right now, UPROOTED by Naomi Novick and I WAS BORN FOR THIS by Alice Oseman, so that doesn’t hurt either.

If we were having tea…I’d say I’m SO PSYCHED for Sandhya Menon’s Pinky book!!!! When I read THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT SWEETIE last month, Pinky was my favorite character. I also totally ship her and Samir even though they currently HATE each other. Apparently the Pinky book will use the fake dating trope, and I’m SO HOPING it’s about Pinky and Samir. If it is not, I may cry.

If we were having tea…I’d tell you I got into a minor car accident recently. I am okay and the other vehicle was fine, but I’m worried about my car and don’t know if I need to take it in to a mechanic or not. I’m just worried because I don’t have much to spend on car stuff right now and it’s such an old, beat up car that I don’t know if it’s worth it to keep fixing it or if I should start saving for a new one. And it’s still driveable. Anyway.

If we were having tea…I’d tell you about the happiness project I’m debating doing. A while ago, I started reading Gretchen Rubin’s book, THE HAPPINESS PROJECT, about a year in her life where she set all kinds of goals to become “happier” and did lots of research on happiness. Since I’ve been feeling so much better mental health wise, reading part of this book was super inspiring and made me want to do my own happiness project, but put it in a mental health context so I can use the research in the future when things might not be so great again. I love doing research (I mean I am a librarian) and I really have been wanting to try to be more positive in my life, so maybe this is something I should do??

If we were having tea…I’d ask you if I should do the Francesca Lia Block writing class that I discovered recently. My main qualm is the price, as it is rather expensive and also would be a big time commitment that I’m not sure I’d be able to do, but the theme is healing and personal growth with writing. The goal of the class is to share your personal story through writing and also set you up for writing a longer work, which is something I really need help with and have been wanting to do for quite some time. Plus, Francesca Lia Block was my writing idol when I was younger and I have so much respect and awe of her.

If we were having tea…I’d say I am really in need of Stuff To Do. I’ve been finding on my days off, I just mope around the house and don’t do pretty much anything. I do fully realize I could use this time for writing or creative pursuits, but for some reason I can’t convince myself to write yet still. The Artist’s Way is helping me explore my creative block, and I have written a very little bit, but I want to be way more creatively productive and have it in my head that I need to write every day to be a “real” writer (which is probably false). I just really want fun and/or creative things to do and also STRUCTURE so I’m not sitting around doing nothing and napping a million times when I’m not at work.

If we were having tea…I’d probably tell you a little about all the writing projects I want to embark on. I have a million ideas right now, but there are three that I’m really strongly considering starting to outline (I should note I’ve never outlined before trying to write a novel, but after my first two half-novel failed attempts, I really think outlining would be a major help to me). One idea is an adult chef romance, and the other two are YA. One of the YAs would be a lesbian, Southern Gothic Jane Eyre retelling and the other would be a fanfiction/Harriet the Spy retelling. They’re all queer, of course. I’m debating whether I could potentially multi-write the same way I multi-read?? I’ve yet to hear about any authors I know of working on multiple projects at once but I assume it’s a thing and can be done, right??

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  1. It was so nice to have tea together. You could set aside one hour and write on your days off. Or even 10 min to start . Make the list of all the projects you want to write and in that 10 min pick one and write just one scene.

    I know of one author who writes one project in the morning and then another in the afternoon and has been writing 2 novels simultaneously for a while.

    Instead of a full outline you could start with just a summary. Then you know where the story is going but then you could play with outling more.

    Thanks for the cuppa!


  2. When I was like 15 years old I thought hosting a over-the-top alice in wonderland themed tea party (ofc having baked all kids of appropriate pastries) was the most exciting idea ever and I’ve still to make it happen because I need more tea-drinkers in my life. The dream still lives on, haha.

    Anyway – sounds like you’ve got a lot of ideas to pursue! It’s great to have things to look forward to, but I get that it’s difficult starting. Or maybe not always the right time, but you’ll figure it out if it is. I’ve watched & loved and heard a lot of other writers loving Brandon Sanderson’s free writing university lectures (doesn’t matter if you’ve read his work or not, he’s great at writing cross-genre). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4ZDBOc2tX8 I thought of it because there’s one episodes he talks about outlining, and I’ve also never outlined, but then the project has came to a halt mid-way because for it to make sense so much needed to be rewritten. He gives examples of his writing friend also being this way, a “discovery writer” and how she does things, where she goes back and structures the story afterwards and create the outline then kind of. Don’t remember the exact episode right now unfortunately. Or straight-up outlining might work great for you, who knows

  3. First of all, I LOVE the idea of this post! I haven’t read an “if we were having tea” post of yours before and this is such a cool idea! (may I steal it? with credits ofc?)

    I’m glad you’re making progress mental health-wise! It’s very important and it’s cool that you’re working on it.

    About you needing stuff to do, how about picking up a course or signing up for a class? Maybe even something exercise related? I found that when I have something to learn or study which has deadlines set that I cannot tweak, my days become more productive. That’s because I have to find time for other things despite having those deadlines and schedules, and hence it somehow makes me more productive. I get more things done when I have a packed week than when my week is very free.

    1. feel free to steal! I got the idea first from the perpetual page turner who got it from someone else but I couldn’t find her original link.

      I’ve thought about trying a class, especially something writing-related. my main worry with that is the time commitment because I’m scared I’ll sign up and suddenly have no time. But in reality I could probably make time for something like that. But I do like studying and having something productive to do with my time so that may be a good idea.

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