If We Were Having Tea

If We Were Having Tea is my version of a post called If We Were Having Coffee that I once saw on one of my old favorite book blogs before it became basically a mommy blog (no, I’m not salty about it, you’re salty!) I meant for these to be only occasional posts but I seem to do one every month or two, so I guess this is the September If We Were Having Tea. It’s a personal post that is basically life updates. Plus, I’m still out of post ideas so…here we are.

If we were having tea…I’d tell you that as of the writing of this post, I’m currently reading Lev Rosen’s book, JACK OF HEARTS (AND OTHER PARTS). I’d pitch it as Simon Vs. meets Pretty Little Liars. It’s about a gay teen who’s very sexually active and starts writing an advice column about relationships and sex, and at the same time starts getting creepy notes from a stalker. I am enjoying it so far, though honestly I skip the graphic sex descriptions because I am not a person who enjoys reading graphic sex. For the most part it blacks out for current sex scenes, but even reading about condoms coming off makes my stomach turn, which is weird because in real life I am fine with condoms?? Okay, this is getting to be too much information…moving onward.

If we were having tea…I’d say things have been tough the past couple weeks at the library and I am burnt out af. I had to work two Friday and Saturdays in a row, and this weekend I only had Sunday off and I have to work five days in a row again until I can have another weekend. People have been extra nuts and needy for the past two weeks, and my coworker went on vacation so I am at the desk by myself dealing with all these problems with no help.

If we were having tea…I’d tell you my anxiety has been so much better for the past month or two, so even though work is stressful, I’m at least not anxious. My new meds seem to be working very well, and my suicidal ideation is gone for the most part, too. This is probably the best I’ve felt mental health wise in two or three years.

If we were having tea…I’d tell you I am having trouble reading my most anticipated books of the year, yet again. I still haven’t read A REAPER AT THE GATES because I don’t know if I need to reread A TORCH AGAINST THE NIGHT, and I’ve tried to read WILDCARD a few times but can’t get into it. I like it so far, but I am just waiting for the perfect moment to read it so everything can be perfect for my reading experience of it. Basically, I’m putting too much pressure on myself as usual.

If we were having tea…I’d talk about the mental health workshop I went to a couple weeks ago (which is one of the reasons I had to work two weeks in a row). It was somewhat interesting, but also kind of triggering when we got to topics like suicide, and I had to leave the room until we moved on to something else. It was also kind of gratifying to know that in most of our role plays and quiz questions, I had the right idea about what to do with teens who have mental health issues.

If we were having tea…I’d say I wish I had more of a life outside of work. I feel like I go to work, come home, eat, and sleep, and that’s about it. I have nothing fun I do on weekends, and it’s starting to get me down because I’m just bored on weekends and don’t come back into the week feeling refreshed. I wrote recently about my search for a hobby, but it’s not going well as of now.

If we were having tea…I’d tell you I’m getting into Tumblr again. I have two Tumblrs right now, one main and one side blog. My side blog is about witchcraft and books and combining them. I like writing the posts and learning about this subculture even if I don’t actually believe in some of their beliefs; it’s just really fascinating and reminds me of my Wicca phase when I was much younger. I’m also debating starting a sort of studyblr where I would share more personal stuff and pages from my bujo, since I have no outlet to share that even though I’m really into bujo-ing.


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  1. Okay, first, I LOVE this post idea. It’s so interesting and unique.
    Also, I haven’t read Reaper, either! I have to buy it but my parents have imposed this heavy book ban until my exams get over and I NEED TO READ IT. I’m thinking of rereading Torch before it tho.

    1. Oh okay, now I feel a bit better about not having read Reaper yet lol. I hope you get to read it soon, or at least get to reread Torch in the meantime!

  2. I’m sorry to hear that work has been a little stressful, hopefully it won’t last <3 I am happy that you've been feeling better with your anxiety overall though, that's great! I hope this will continue, I'm sending you lots of positive vibes and love <3 <3

    1. thank you! I’m hoping things will be back to normal after this week because I won’t have to work two fridays and saturdays in a row and nobody will be on vacation. *crosses fingers*

  3. I love this post idea! Mind if I steal it and write one at a later date? Hehe. And by reading this, I can see parts of myself in you. I feel the same with finding a hobby. It’s kind of why I started my blog back up again. I’m glad you’re not anxious as much anymore and I’m happy that the medication is working for you. I’ve currently been bad and stopped taking mine because it made me gain so much weight that it makes me sad; I’ve also been hating myself this week for not being productive enough. I tell myself it’s just cause it’s my period week and I didn’t feel like doing anything at all. ;(

    1. yes, please feel free to steal it, although it is not mine. I believe I found it on The Perpetual Page Turner, which may not exist anymore.

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