introducing…Willow & Cedar

Today is a special day.

Today is the day I introduce you to two new members of my blog, my beautiful, adorable, handsome, turned-to-graphics by the marvelous Kat, kittens, Willow and Cedar.

Please take a moment to examine their cuteness:

^ Cedar                                                     ^Willow

When I made the transition to Cotton Candy Book Witch, I definitely had it in my mind that I wanted to incorporate my cats into the blog more. My cats are extremely important to me in real life, and since I want to incorporate more witchy things into the blog, adding them seemed appropriate because witches often have animal spirit companions called familiars.

In witchcraft, familiars serve as companions through a witch’s magical path as well as protectors. I definitely feel my cats relate to me in those ways, even though I’m very new to my study of and interest in witchcraft. They have certainly protected me emotionally in many ways since I’ve gotten them and I just love them so so very much regardless of if they would be my familiars or not because they are little adorable angels <3 <3 (please excuse my gushing about my cats)

I’m still a little unsure how exactly I’m going to do this, but my goal is to incorporate them into my reviews and book recommendation posts. My boyfriend agrees with me that Cedar is definitely a Contemporary Cat and Willow is our Fantasy Cat, so those are the genres they will each be representing.

I am very excited to start incorporating the cats onto the blog, since I feel like the three things I love to gush about the most are books, cute/funny things my boyfriend says/does, and, of course, these adorable little kits. It is most def on brand for me to include my babies on my bookish journey, so I hope you enjoy the addition of Willow & Cedar!



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