it’s in the stars: buck moon

In astrology, each month has a full moon with a different name and different spiritual properties and meanings. July’s full moon is the Buck Moon, because it’s apparently when male deer’s antlers are fully grown. Whereas other moons encourage enacting big changes, the moon for the slow, summer month of July encourages us to take stock of what we already have and slow down.

Because of the heat of the month and that idea of taking things slow, today I’ll be sharing some Southern Gothic YA that I want to read.



I have been meaning to read Martina Boone’s COMPULSION series for…an embarrassingly long time. It’s about a girl who is shipped off to a weird island when her mother dies to live with her aunt, but discovers that one of the founding families has been cursed by an ancient spirit, while the other two have been given magical gifts called compulsions. This one also apparently has a slow burn romance, which makes it extra perfect for the slowing down of Buck Moon season.



I’ve been wanting to reread this one since coming up with my own Southern Gothic Jane Eyre retelling idea. I really liked this one the first time I read it when it first came out. SERVANTS OF THE STORM is about Dovey, who’s been heavily medicated since Hurricane Josephine devastated her town and killed her best friend. She starts seeing things and starts questioning what’s real and what’s not. This one gave me serious Southern, give-me-those-collard-greens-(thati’veneverhad) vibes and as I recall did in fact have a lot of southern food descriptions.



I meant to read SWEET UNREST a while ago but never got around to it. It’s about a girl who has weird dreams that get more intense when she moves to an old New Orleans plantation. I probably would have liked this one a lot when I was a teen, but I’m not sure if I should still give it a shot now or if it would just annoy me.



THE RAVEN BOYS definitely isn’t strictly Southern Gothic but it gives Gothic vibes and takes place in Virginia so I’m including it. I’ve been meaning to continue reading this one for forever. I don’t know why I keep starting then stopping it. Anyway. Blue comes from a psychic family but she herself doesn’t have any psychic abilities. She’s been told since she was a child that she will kill her true love with a kiss. She sees a ghostly boy and gets involved with a group of boys at a local boarding school. Magic is involved. This sounds so up my alley and I really do need to continue reading it.


Have you read any of these? What books would you add to this list?

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  1. I love this idea for a book post! Astrology has always been something that I’ve wanted to delve into but haven’t (mostly because I don’t have spare time for any more hobbies). Which is the exact same feeling I have towards gothic fiction as well. It’s great to have some more books to check out!

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