it’s in the stars: full moon in aquarius

Today marks the beginning of the full moon entering Aquarius. The full moon in Aquarius is a period full of unexpected surprises. During this time, definitely expect the unexpected and stay on your toes!

In the spirit of the unexpected and unconventionality, today I’ll be recommending some books that use unconventional formats.



shatter me – tahereh mafi

I guess there’s not too too much that’s unconventional about SHATTER ME other than the crossing-out style of writing, but also, this is a super unique dystopian and worth sharing on an unexpected/unconventional list. The writing style was so not what I would’ve expected for that genre the first time I read it because it was so poetic and lyrical. It definitely read like a lyrical contemporary despite all the dystopian happenings.



illuminae – amie kaufman & jay kristoff

Now, I have a confession to make…I haven’t finished this book either time I tried to read it despite loving the format. I got about 100-150 pages in but I just couldn’t do it. Probably because the space stuff confused me because I’m really not a space YA person in any format. But, this book is

“Told through a fascinating dossier of hacked documents—including emails, schematics, military files, IMs, medical reports, interviews, and more”



all of this is true – lygia day penaflor

A lot of people hated this book because it does feature a character who commits sexual assault but surprisingly…I kind of dug it. I didn’t feel like the book redeemed him. But that’s another conversation. ALL OF THIS IS TRUE is told in interviews about a group of teens who befriended the author of a book they were all obsessed with, and she basically becomes the leader of their crew and it gets all cult-y and stuff. It’s really bizarre and dark and vaguely problematic, but I guess I’m allowed to like one problematic book.



miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children – ransom riggs

I would like to point out that Ransom Riggs is married to the illustrious aforementioned Tahereh Mafi. However, she is a WAY better writer than he is. Honestly, the first time I read Miss Peregrine, I HATED it. It’s told in regular prose but has creepy vintage images accompanying it. Honestly, I found the whole book very gimmicky and didn’t like that half the story was him describing the photograph I could see on the next page. And I don’t even remember what the story was about other than creepy children and something about a grandfather, which tells me the plot wasn’t that interesting to begin with.


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  1. Lots of really great recommendations here! I have only read Illuminae (I couldn’t get into Shatter Me or Miss Pergrine’s). I haven’t read All of This is True so I may pick that up! Thanks for sharing these 🙂

  2. Ahh this is such a great list! I’m not usually reading a lot of space books, but I ended up really enjoying Illuminae, the formatting and the story were so addictive somehow. I also loved All of this is true, despite it being slightly problematic, somehow I really enjoyed reading it ahah 🙂

    1. Right? I felt so weird about liking All of This is True but…I was so hooked?? I’m still thinking I might give Illuminae another try someday because I just feel like it’s a me book even though I don’t do space stuff. I’m determined to like it, lol

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