it’s in the stars: uranus in retrograde

I wouldn’t be surprised if most people don’t know about planets being in retrograde other than Mercury in retrograde, because Mercury in retrograde gets ALL the hype because it’s the most chaotic retrograde. However, other planets do go into retrograde as well and you can focus on different aspects of your life during them to get fortuitous results.

Right now, Uranus is in retrograde and will be until January 10, 2020. 

This retrograde is a good time to focus on your independence and freedom. Independence and freedom are really important themes in most YA books, because being a teenager is full of authority figures and parents telling you what to do and REBELLION and trying to figure out how to be your own person.

With that in mind, today’s It’s In the Stars feature will focus on books & characters that deal with independence and freedom.



there’s something about sweetie | sandhya menon

THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT SWEETIE is the companion to WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI, and focuses on Ashish, Rishi’s underachieving, athletic brother, and Sweetie McNair, a girl struggling with her confidence and her mother’s expectations about her weight. Though there is of course a romance, the real focus is on Sweetie gaining independence from her mother’s ideas of who she should be and how she should present herself and feel about herself because of her weight, and about her journey to gaining confidence.



girls with sharp sticks | suzanne young

I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!!! I read GWSS on a whim a couple weeks ago and am so in love?!?!? It’s about a creepy school in the near future that trains girls to be perfect ladies, but the girls start noticing there’s something more sinister going on and start “waking up” to the realities of the sexism and misogyny in their lives. If there was ever a perfect book for freedom and independence, it would be this book. I also love that even though the girls fight for freedom from the men who control them, they don’t lose sight of their love and camaraderie with each other.



the right swipe | alisha rai

Can I just…gush about THE RIGHT SWIPE for forever? Would that be fine? Yes? Okay. THE RIGHT SWIPE is a romance featuring two people from rival dating apps. Even though it has a fair amount of romance and fluff, it also deals with the very serious topic of sexual harassment and emotional abuse. Throughout the book, Rhiannon, the lady MC, is trying to find freedom from a past relationship that almost destroyed her career in the technology/dating app sector after the abusive guy she was with spread nasty rumors about her and tried to destroy her reputation. This book made me feel so seen and that aspect of it came completely out of left field, and that is why I will stan this book forever.

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