It’s Pride! proud moments of the month

Since it’s the last week of Pride Month (but never the last week of pride, if we’re being honest, because QUEER PRIDE NEVER STOPS!!), I wanted to share some of my favorite moments from the month relating to queer things and Pride itself:

  • Writing about queer stuff on the blog. Up until this month, I don’t think I really wrote anything about queer books, being queer, or any queer things, really. Doing so made me realize I really want to focus more on queer books and diverse books in general on this blog. I love writing about, researching, and reading anything that has to do with queer stuff, so putting more of a focus for that on the blog makes sense. I definitely enjoyed coming up with topics for my It’s Pride! series, and found it remarkably easy also, which clearly shows that I should be writing about this stuff more often and not just during Pride Month.
  • Creating my Pride tag! I’ve never been brave enough to create my own tag, but I realized I wanted to do one and that Pride was a good theme to start with. It was good practice for writing other tags in the future hopefully, and people seemed to like it a lot, which was very gratifying.
  • Coming out on Facebook. A couple weeks ago, I ended up revealing on my personal Facebook account that in addition to identifying as bisexual/pansexual, which most people already knew, I’ve also been exploring the fact that I might be nonbinary. At this point, I think I’d describe myself as DEMIFLUID, or, I feel like a woman most of the time but sometimes feel like a different gender. For me that usually means that when I feel fluid, I feel like expressing myself in ways that are either hyper feminine, or more on the butch side of things. I wouldn’t say I ever identify as male, but nonbinary-femme and demifluid seem to fit what I feel. Pronouns preferred are she/her or they/them. Honestly I’d probably do they/them more if I could, but not a lot of people respect they/them pronouns and I always worry about being annoying or too demanding or something, even though I know that’s silly.
  • Making my Pride display at the library. I made the LGBT Galaxy, featured below, with planets, stars, and definition flip up parts of queer-relating words. It was the first display that I made really big and bold and creative, and my boss’ boss, who was very critical of my displays when I first started, said she loved it.
  • A girl getting very excited by the display. A couple weeks ago I also had a class visit at the library, and one of the girls in the class was super psyched about the Pride display. She explained what some of the terms meant to the other kids, and when she saw the book ABOUT A GIRL, with two girls kissing on the cover, she immediately picked it up and her whole face lit up and I was very excited. Other kids seemed interested in the books and learning the terms, too, which was really amazing for me.



Books featured:

  • About A Girl
  • Ramona Blue
  • Every Day
  • Adaptation
  • Proxy
  • Ask the Passengers
  • If I Was Your Girl
  • It’s Not Like It’s a Secret
  • None of the Above
  • A Line in the Dark
  • Gallery of Unfinished Girls
  • Grasshopper Jungle
  • Fan Art
  • Beast
  • Autoboyography
  • Two Boys Kissing

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  1. Oh my gosh this is so awesome! I always feel a little weird about how some people only really publicly support pride in June because I feel like it’s a year round thing? not just one month? but anyways

    THAT STORY ABOUT THE DISPLAY WAS SO ADORABLE WOW I LOVE IT that’s so amazing look at your impact!!! ahh i’m tearing up, what a lovely story–thanks for sharing! need to convince my library to make their own pride display.

    1. Pride is definitely not just one month! I am always very vocal about my queerness/queer support but honestly worry sometimes that it annoys people, but too bad for them (haha).

      thank you!! It was honestly my most exciting moment as a librarian so far. and as a librarian, I can say that many of us are very open to suggestions from patrons!

  2. Omg I’m crying about that girl picking up the book with two girls kissing on the cover. That just warms my heart. Your display is so cute I love it. Also congrats on coming out on Facebook <3

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