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As you have probably already noticed, I LOVE doing tags. They’re great when you’re feeling creative and also for when you’re not and need a little inspiration. I noticed that there haven’t been any tags made for Pride Month yet, and I also have never made my own tag, so I have decided to to kill two birds with one stone and create the Pride Tag! Feel free to borrow this tag and link back to me here at A Word and a Whisper if you’d like to participate 😀

This tag is a series of prompts based on the meanings of all the colors in the pride flag.

Red – Life – name an author who gives you life

Jandy. Freaking. Nelson. Is everything she writes just going to be perfect? I think the answer to that is yes. I was hesitant to pick up THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE, but it immediately became a new favorite book. Then, when I’LL GIVE YOU THE SUN came out, I put off reading it for way too long because I was super worried it wouldn’t be as good as THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE, but IT WAS!!! So yes, Jandy Nelson is basically perfection and hopefully nothing will sway me from this opinion.



Orange – Healing – pick a book that helped you through a rough time

My pick for this one would definitely be Nina LaCour’s debut novel, HOLD STILL. I was really afraid to read it because I thought it would be too depressing since it’s about a girl whose best friend kills herself, but it ended up really changing how I saw some things. I had just gone through losing a lot of friends because of mental health issues I was having, and looking at mental health through the lens of a person without those issues like in HOLD STILL helped me forgive the people who had hurt me and also myself.



Yellow – Sunlight – pick a book that makes you happy

I’m actually going to pick the book I’m reading right now, Morgan Matson’s new release, SAVE THE DATE. This is my first Morgan Matson experience, but I can tell you with certainty that it will not be my last by any means. I own both SINCE YOU’VE BEEN GONE and THE UNEXPECTED EVERYTHING, and I for sure plan to read them ASAP after finishing this one because it is just so delightful. I love the colorful cast of characters, the potential romance, the family drama, the pupper, just…everything. This book gives me the warm fuzzies something serious.



Green – Nature – what tropes, buzzwords, etc., are you naturally drawn to when choosing a book?

  • Hate-to-love trope
  • Friends to lovers trope
  • “Lyrical”
  • “Lush”
  • Unique formatting
  • DIVERSE!!! esp. LGBT and mental health issues! and intersectionality!!


Blue – Peace/Harmony – what is your ultimate OTP?

I’m going to be really cliche and pick Rhysand and Feyre. I had other OTPs before them, but after rereading ACOMAF and reading ACOWAR, I just don’t see how anyone else can be my OTP. And apparently some people still ship Feyre and Tamlin even though he’s actually abusive? Pffft. Rhysand is so right for Feyre and they match each other so well.



Violet – Spirit – pick a book that speaks to you on a personal level

I could obviously choose a lot of books for this one but I am going to unintentionally pick a violet book for violet, Hannah Moskowitz’s amazing novel, NOT OTHERWISE SPECIFIED. It’s about a girl named Etta who’s black, a dancer, bisexual, and has a not otherwise specified eating disorder. This was the first book I read that really got into how when you’re bisexual, it’s like you’re sometimes not gay enough and not straight enough and it’s hard to fit in to either community. I also loved the talk about performing arts since I also went to a performing arts high school for a time. It was just a perfect, heartwrenching, emotions-ending book.



Brown – POC LGBT Pride – pick a book featuring queer characters of color

For this one I’m going to pick a book I haven’t read yet, ANGER IS A GIFT by Mark Oshiro. In addition to queer stuff, this book deals with police violence, racism, and anxiety. It’s gotten really good reviews from a lot of people I follow, so I think I might read it when I’m finished with SAVE THE DATE and A REAPER AT THE GATES (which comes out today ahhhhh!!!!) It will probably wreck me, but I am so, so ready to be wrecked by this book.



I Tag…

  • Malanie @ Malanie Loves Fiction
  • Marie @ Drizzle & Hurricane Books
  • Iona @ Dragon Waffles
  • You! Do the thing and go forth!

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  1. This is such a cute tag I love it! Anger is a Gift is amazing, definitely recommend it, but do keep tissues at hand! And maybe don’t make the same mistake of reading it in public like I did 😂 I hadn’t heard of Not Otherwise Specified before but it sounds really good. Sounds like an underrated gem 🙂

    1. Oh, in that case I will try not to read it at work then (although since I work in a library maybe people would get it??) And NOS is so so good. It was one of my favorite books published that year!

      And consider yourself tagged if you’d like to borrow it 🙂

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