july rewind \\ change is in the air

I’m doing my monthly rewind a couple days early this month because by the time this post goes up I’ll be starting my new job (!!) and will likely be too busy to blog. So I am wrapping up July a couple of days early as a result.


things that happened

  • I GOT A NEW JOB!!!!!!! (ish). The (ish) is because it’s at my same library system, but it’s at a new branch, and it’s a CHILDREN’S job instead of teen. Back in December I realized that children’s librarianship might be a better choice for me, and mid-July I got a call asking if I still wanted to do that, and then I was transferred. I have a lot of emotions about leaving because I do really like my coworkers and my kids, but I think in general working at a smaller branch in the children’s department will be a good change for me and fit my personality and skills and interests better. Plus, most people I’ve talked to about it think the branch I’m going to will be a good fit for me and my former manager said she thinks I’ll be a “great” children’s librarian, which is very affirming and gives me more confidence that I’ll love and be better at this job than I am with teens.
  • I saw a friend! It really is newsworthy when I see friends in my not-working time because it happens so infrequently, lol. This particular friend and I tend to see each other on an every six months basis for some reason even though we live not an unreasonable distance away. I don’t know why this happens because he is always enthusiastic about getting together and we enjoy our talks about music and life but then don’t see each other for another six months. I hope I can fix that though.
  • We had another annoying neighbor incident. I don’t know what it is about this apartment, but my boyfriend and I keep getting stuck next to people who have no sense of basic human consideration and decency. This month, he had a screaming fight with a neighbor because she refused to turn down her super loud music that I could hear in the bedroom with my hearing aid turned off and played it every night for a week from 8-11pm. I honestly don’t understand why people think it’s okay to play music so loudly that it bothers all their neighbors. Even our upstairs neighbor was bothered and banged on our floor because he was annoyed and thought it was us. Anyway, it all sorted itself out once my boyfriend called management. I can’t wait until we can afford a house and not have to deal with annoying apartment neighbors. I can’t tell anymore if I hate this particular apartment or hate living in apartments in general. Ugh. Anyway.
  • I started a kidlit recommendation Instagram. Kind of. I’m still not very consistent with it because Instagram is not really my thing, but I have a new Insta at @urlibrarymom that focuses on kid’s books. My thought is that it would help hold me accountable for reading more picture books and kidlit in general on my journey to becoming a children’s librarian.


what i read

I really…dropped the ball on reading this month. I meant to read 5 YA novels, and I only read one. I did have a variety of reading, but I only read 4 books in total, which is not as much as I would like. My favorite book was definitely THE GRAVITY OF US by Phil Stamper, which was spacey and queer.

I also liked Megan Boyle’s collection of blog posts, which was apparently marketed as a poetry collection even though it’s not strictly poetry, which is interesting. I found a couple of the posts a little triggering, but the writing was interesting and I would be curious to read LIVEBLOG by her, which is a collection of all her blog posts. She started a liveblog of minute to minute posts about her life in the hopes of becoming a better person if she had an audience to judge her thoughts and actions, which apparently caused a major public breakdown a while ago, but still, the writing and concept are interesting.


writing updates

I don’t know why I’m including this again when I have approximately zero writing updates to give this month. I had been feeling super inspired by two particular ideas, but then life happened and got in the way and I lost motivation. But I still kind of want to start doing some serious outlining/planning/research for my two ideas.

I still am interested in writing a loose, Southern Gothic sapphic Jane Eyre retelling where Helen Burns (Jane’s best friend at Lowood) doesn’t die. There will still be a Rochester, but he will be creepy and possibly a serial killer. Also ghosts and possession and horror elements that I have yet to decide upon.

I also got interested in doing a Harriet the Spy (aka one of my favorite things as a child) retelling, but in this one, Harriet is a college student who has anxiety and has trouble making friends, so she writes an RPF (real-person fanfic) blog about kids at her school that goes viral even as she makes friends in real life. It will also be queer and the love interest will be nonbinary. I have already decided this even though I have no other plans for it. I will definitely have to read fanfiction, especially real-people fanfiction, which may be creepy, but it’s RESEARCH.


around the blogosphere

I didn’t do much blog hopping this month so this will be a very short section. Oops.

  • May wrote about things you shouldn’t feel guilty about as a book blogger
  • Paulina asked if she is a seasonal reader


blogging life

This month I reached 458 blog followers! Thank you all so much for sticking with me. Caro also nominated me for best adult book blogger for the 2019 book blogger awards. I was so super flattered to get the nomination because I haven’t been on this blog for that long and I really admire Caro’s blog as well and always enjoy talking with her in the comments, so that was a major highlight.

I also started writing a lot more witchy-themed posts. When I switched over to self-hosting and Cotton Candy Book Witch back in January, I intended to do this, but for the most part have stuck to my usual bookish-only posts. I’ve been really liking making the change to more witchy posts and feel that fits my brand and what I want to do with this blog. One thing I would like to do is incorporate my cats into the blog more, since I had graphics made of them when I first started this blog, introduced them as my familiars, and then never got around to doing posts with them. I just haven’t figured out a clever way to incorporate my kitties into my blog.

I’d also like to make my bookstagram more witchy and feature the cats more. My boyfriend and I had a cat instagram with book recs a while ago, but he wants me to make a new catsagram so people can’t find it through his information. I’d love do do an instagram that incorporates bookish and personal tarot readings as well as cat book recs, but as I’ve discussed numerous times, I’m dreadful at picking an aesthetic.

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    1. it’s going okay. I can’t open any of the doors because they’re all weird and alarmed. attempting not to feel overwhelmed. but mostly it’s okay.

  1. I wish you all the best luck for your new job, hopefully the change is going to be manageable! 😊 I also hope that things with your neighbors will stay quiet for now, I really hate when people are being inconsiderate as well 🙁 And you’re welcome for the nomination, I really like your blog and chatting with you 💕

  2. I am super behind on my blogging read list so I’ve only just seen this post (I’ve had to ignore June/July altogether sadly), but congrats on the new job! I hope it’s all going well, especially as it sounds so positive for you 🙂

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