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New month, wrap-up posts, goal posts, and the best kind of posts of all: the TBR posts! I love doing a monthly TBR post, but this month I almost didn’t do one because I only have one book I want to read that actually releases in July. So, this TBR post is a mishmash of mostly June releases I haven’t gotten to yet and August releases that I want to read before their release.

Here’s what I hope to read in July:

  • Finding Yvonne – I’ve had this on my TBR pile for a while since getting my first ever batch of ARCs from LBYR. This book is about a violinist who realizes she might not be good enough to go to a conservatory after high school and struggles with that and an estranged relationship with her father, and meets a musician she relates to and becomes unexpectedly pregnant. I love books about music and this one sounds really good from an author who gets many good reviews for her other books. Am excited to read (also it’s short wooooo).
  • To Be Honest – First of all, the main character is a fat girl and second of all her nickname is SAVVY which is the cutest. I’m not too sure what it’s really about other than an overbearing mother obsessed with weight loss and a hopefully cute romance. I am hoping to feel seen in this book and for it to be very body positive and good.
  • The Looking Glass – I keep forgetting about this book then getting super excited about it all over again when I rediscover it and read the synopsis. It features dancing, a book of fairy tales, and a missing sister, all of which should combine to make a really good book.


  • Notes From My Captivity – I really loved Kathy Parks’ YA debut, THE LIFEBOAT CLIQUE, and have been looking forward to another snarky and sassy book from this author ever since. This one is about an aspiring journalist who goes to Siberia to chase a story about a legendary family of hermits…and gets kidnapped. This has all the makings of a Mel book and after her first book I have very high expectations of this author.
  • A Thousand Perfect Notes – Honestly, I didn’t even care about what the synopsis of this book was when I first heard it was coming out because it’s by CAIT of PAPER FURY, the blog that probably every blogger aspires to be like. I have been curious about Cait’s writing for so long as a long-time follower of Paper Fury, and was so psyched she was being published. I had to order this one special from the Book Depository since it’s not available in the US, and I literally almost cried when the package came.
  • The Art of French Kissing – I forgot about this book even though I have an eARC of it, then read a review somewhere and got excited about it. It’s about a teen girl who goes to a Chopped-style cooking competition to win a scholarship to culinary school, then ends up going to culinary war with one of the other contestants, aka hate-to-love romance aka the best romance trope. I hope this book is as adorable and fun as it sounds!


Have you read any of these books? What’s on your TBR list for July?

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