june tbr // aka \\ pride tbr

It’s time for another monthly tbr…only it’s June, which means it’s PRIDE TIME!!! I realized recently that I haven’t read ANY queer books, but I fully intend to remedy that in June by reading mostly to only queer books throughout the month. Here are some of the books I plan to read:

  • We Set the Dark on Fire | Tehlor Kay Mejia – I’ve been meaning to read this one FOREVER and actually started it a while ago but did not finish it because I was worried it might be too depressing, BUT it turns out it’s f/f so obviously I have to finish it now.
  • Tell Me How You Really Feel | Amina Mae Safi – This is a hate to love romance and it’s f/f so of course I must read!
  • The Lost Coast | Amy Rose Capetta – aka queer witch book of my dreams!!
  • Going Off Script | Jen Wilde – I’ve been dying for a new Jen Wilde book since reading THE BRIGHTSIDERS last year…hopefully it lives up to my expectations 🙂


  • Hot Dog Girl | Jennifer Dugan – This sounds like a super cute book about a girl working at a theme park and I think it’s a bi book??
  • The Devouring Gray | Christine-Lynne Herman – Apparently this creepy book about sketchy woods is queer somehow, so that is definitely an encouraging factor.
  • Like A Love Story | Abdi Nazemian – My boyfriend actually got me interested in reading this one for the Iranian rep, but it also deals with being gay in the 80s with the AIDS outbreak.
  • Wilder Girls | Rory Power – I’ve somehow not screamed about this one enough but I’m so psyched for this YA horror about a plague and a quarantine and a creepy school with sapphic characters YES YES YES.


  • The Truth Is | NoNieqa Ramos – I picked this up at BEA. It’s about a Puerto Rican girl struggling with her parent’s expectations and best friend’s death who falls in love with a trans boy with secrets.
  • The Gravity of Us | Phil Stamper – GAYS IN SPACE (kinda) okay the gays are on the ground but their parents are in space, and I was the first person in Phil Stamper’s line at his first signing ever, so I am very excite for this book.
  • Orpheus Girl | Brynne Rebele-Henry – This book is about a girl who loves myths who is sent to a queer conversion camp when she’s caught in an intimate moment with her best friend and crush.
  • Crier’s War | Nina Varela – All I needed to know about this one was it’s queer and it’s fantasy and I was immediately sold.


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