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It’s almost June! Woohoo! Summer is nigh, which I’m actually not to excited about, to be honest, because I do not like the heat and that is basically what summer is: a hot, melty mess. I’m already upset at the heat because some new makeup that I just bought melted and now it’s a weird consistency that won’t return to normal and…anyway, enough ranting. Summer is always a magical time in YA books, and June begins the onslaught of new summer releases!

Here are some June Books I’m excited about:

  • Save the Date | Morgan Matson – I’m ashamed to admit this as a contemp lover, but I have yet to read a Morgan Matson book. I’ve wanted to because they look fun, but they are also large and that intimidates me. This one might be my first try though, because it has wedding prep and family drama and I’m guessing a romance? What could go wrong here?
  • Summer of SaltΒ | Katrina Leno – I haven’t gotten through a Katrina Leno book yet, but this one might be it. This one is about a magical family of women who live on a mysterious island and a tragedy. Plus, it’s LGBT!!
  • Invisible Ghosts | Robyn Schneider – I liked Robin Schneider’s second book, EXTRAORDINARY MEANS, so I’ll probably get to this one. It’s about ghosts and friendships and stuff, so it’ll probably be good.
  • A REAPER AT THE GATES | SABAA TAHIR – THIS BOOK DESERVES TO BE TALKED ABOUT ALL IN CAPS FOREVER!!! I AM SO PSYCHED AND NERVOUS FOR MY PREORDER OF THIS BOOK!!! I NEED MORE HELENE!! I’m hoping I won’t need to reread TORCH before I read this, but I might anyway just because I liked it πŸ™‚
  • My Plain Jane | Cynthia Hand & Brodi Ashton & Jodi Meadows – I didn’t readΒ MY LADY JANE because I’m not usually into historical, but this book is based on JANE EYRE, so I might try it out.
  • A THOUSAND PERFECT NOTES | C. G. DREWS – THIS BOOK ALSO DESERVES TO BE SCREAMED ABOUT IN ALL CAPS. But I will resist. I have followed Paper Fury and Cait since before she was Paper Fury. I’m not usually one who seeks out abuse stories, but I am very curious about her writing since she blogs about it all the time, and am excited to get my pre-order from Book Depository, and grateful that it exists so U. S. people like me can get this book even though it’s not being pub’ed here.


I’ll probably read some ARCs of books coming out later in the year that I have, too. I am kind of in the mood for GIRLS OF PAPER AND FIRE, which has apparently had its release date moved because it was being pub’ed on the same day as a Sarah J. Maas book, which strikes me as ridiculous, like, she really doesn’t need to be the only book published that day in order to sell, but whatever. I also want to read FINDING YVONNE, about a violinist who gets pregnant, which I think might already be out. I’m also excited for NOT EVEN BONES, which has a terrible cover but sounds exciting and is about a girl who sells the parts of monsters on the black market, but is then betrayed herself when she refuses to dissect a living subject.

Basically, there are a lot of good books coming out and I must read ALL OF THEM!!! And, if my reading pace keeps up, I probably will get to read at least many of them. So that is good.

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  1. OH this is such a great TBR – I hope you’ll get to read some of Morgan Matson’s books. I’m a huge contemporary lover and she is one of my favorite authors for sure, I can’t wait to read Save The Date. I hope you’ll love it πŸ™‚ Also really want to read Summer of Salt, Invisible Ghosts and A Thousand Perfect Notes πŸ˜€
    Happy reading! <3

    1. I hope I do, too! I’ve heard so many great things about her from other bloggers over the years but haven’t managed to read one of her books yet.

      I hope you enjoy the other books as well!

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