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Today’s post is going to be ~~~witchy~~~ This is a spell jar recipe I found a while ago that I think would go very nicely with the character Lara Jean from TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE. Lara Jean is a very positive, happy, warm&fuzzy person and obviously a Hufflepuff would be very interested in spells relating to positivity and happiness. It’s also a perfect match for these books because TATBILB brought me so much joy when I reread them after watching the movie. I actually didn’t like TO ALL THE BOYS when I first read it, but loved the last two, but when I reread it last year (yay, 2018 is “last year” now!!), I LOVED book 1, was meh about book 2, and LOVED book 3.

Anywayyyyyy moving on to the spell jar:



  • Jar
  • Citrine – abundance – Citrine is a yellow quartz-like stone that harnesses and holds the power of the sun, bringing with it happiness and warmth. It helps stimulate creativity and imagination. In addition to bringing abundance and prosperity, citrine also helps maintain it.
  • Rose quartz – Love – Rose quartz is often used in love rituals and love magic. Rose quartz symbolizes both romantic love and unconditional love of other types.
  • Lavender – calm
  • Blue thread – harmony
  • Glitter – fun
  • Salt – protection
  • Rosemary – Mental strength


  1. Put all materials in the jar.
  2. Light a candle over the jar to cast a spell.

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