librarian pet peeves

I really like being a librarian. I get to be around books all day, often have time to read while I’m on desk, and helping people in the library with computers and finding resources is easy and satisfying. Coming up with programming and displays is creative and fun. However, there are things that happen at the library that get on my nerves a bit. So here is a short list of pet peeves I have as a librarian.

  • When there are signs on the computers that say the computers are down and people STILL come up to me and ask if the computers are down. Like…they’re all turned off with paper over them. The answer is pretty obvious.
  • When people eat in the library. We have rules about not eating in the library, and at my branch, there are signs literally everywhere saying NO EATING ALLOWED IN THE LIBRARY. It is not unreasonable to have a no eating rule, yet people insist on breaking it.
  • When people try to get my attention by waving at me from a computer. I obviously try to be alert to people’s needs, but sometimes I’m doing something else and I won’t see you waving at me. I also don’t like it when people just call for me from across the room. Like, you can’t get up and walk to the desk? It’s just rude.
  • When people leave the door to the quiet study rooms open when they have a group with them. We have three rooms we use as quiet spaces for studying, but sometimes, for some reason, study groups leave the door open so people in the teen area can hear them talking, and then get annoyed when I ask them to close the door. The purpose of the quiet rooms is the QUIET. So…close the doors.
  • When adults swear a lot while talking in the library. I get it when teens do it, because they are young and learning what’s appropriate in a public space. But adults should know better. It always irks me when I have to tell adults to watch their language in the teen section.
  • When men comment on how I look in any way. I had one guy say “stay pretty and god bless” to me about five times in one hour once. It also becomes obvious when someone wants your help because they find you attractive in other ways also, even if they don’t say or do anything. I am not here to be pretty for you, I’m here to help you learn how to use library resources.


Though I have my days where some people get on my nerves, overall I like my job so far. The branch I work in is in a very urban area, so we get a lot of…interesting people and I feel like I actually make an impact on people’s lives. Things happen that are annoying, like the stuff listed above, but in general the library is a good place to work, and definitely fits my personality very well.


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  1. i actually hate bothering ppl so i only ask for help at the library if it’s ABSOLUTELY necessary, like if i checked that they have a book and on which shelf it should be, but i still can’t find it……. can’t even imagine asking if a computer works when it SAYS it doesn’t. :///
    it’s ridiculous that ppl generally don’t know they should be QUIET at a library :<<<

    1. I mean my library tends to be not quiet in general so I can kind of understand, but not for the rooms. And please, bother your librarians as much as you want! Most of us actually like it when patrons ask us questions, and that’s our job! I just find it difficult when people are rude about it, but even then I’m usually happy to help 🙂

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