Litsy App: First Impressions

As I discussed in this post, I have been struggling mightily with getting started on bookstagram. I’ve also been having problems keeping track of my unread books, but don’t really like the Goodreads app. So, I was very excited to discover the Litsy app by LibraryThing a couple of weeks ago. Litsy is basically Goodreads and bookstagram put together, with the ability to follow people, like, and comment on photos. You are also given a “litfluence” score, which is influenced by the number of books you add, the number of likes you give, comments, and people following you. As of the writing of this post, I’ve only been using the app for a couple of days, but I’m so excited about it that I want to write an initial reactions post already!


also, my username is the same as this blog, @awordandawhisper.

So, here are some of my first impressions of Litsy:

  • Lower photo quality than bookstagram. I can’t decide if I like or dislike this about the app at this point. The photo aspect of Litsy seems much more casual and low-key than Instagram, where there are props galore and if you take a photo of a book on your couch it won’t get any likes probably. Litsy users seem to require fewer photography skills and it’s more like a photo diary of bookish moments. I realize I could do photos like these on Instagram, but I still feel like Insta is more “professional” and reliant on aesthetic and photography skills than Litsy so we’ll see.
  • It’s like a photo diary about books. As I just mentioned, Litsy is kind of like a digital diary about books with photos. You can review books, but you can also add a quote you like with or without images attached, or just a blurb about anything relating to a book.


  • It’s hard to find people to follow. As of right now, they’re having a technical problem where you can’t search for other users. I also don’t know who’s on Litsy so I don’t know who to follow, and you can’t search by genre, and I mostly want to find more YA people, since that’s what I read. So, if you’re on Litsy, tell me and/or give me a follow so I can follow you back!!
  • It’s like the best aspects of Instagram and Twitter. Sometimes I wish I could divide my Insta into categories, like fashion and beauty, bujo, books, etc., so Litsy kind of lets me do that with at least my most favorite thing on Instagram, which is pictures of books! It’s also a bit like book twitter but without the garbage fire that Twitter usually is, at least thus far.
  • The ratings are much easier to decide on than Goodreads. I really don’t like star ratings very much, to be honest, especially since Goodreads doesn’t do half stars. On Litsy, the categories are essentially you liked the book, it was so-so, it was bad, or you didn’t finish it (at least that’s my interpretation of the hot air balloon icon rating). It makes adding ratings to books I add to the app very easy because there are fewer, more straightforward options rather than ambiguous stars, which mean something different for everyone.


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