long ass fantasy books to get you through quarantine

If you’re stuck at home due to either WFH, quarantine, or self-isolation and want to avoid increasing your panic by participating on social media, one excellent option is to turn to books. If you find yourself wanting to escape to another world entirely through your reading, you may want to consider picking up a long fantasy book to hold your attention for the 2+ weeks of isolation. So, today I’ve complied a list of chonky fantasy books that will definitely sustain you during a period of quarantine or self-isolation due to COVID-19:



house of earth and blood – sarah j. maas

pgs. 803

I am not ashamed to admit that I checked this book out almost immediately after we got it *just in case* I am allowed to take leave from work at some point because honestly, that is probably the only way I’ll have time to read this chonky ass book. Sarah J. Maas’ CRESCENT CITY series is about murder, demons, a half-fae half-human girl, and an underground market/city, and I will forever call it CRESCENT CITY even though its real title is HOUSE OF EARTH AND BLOOD because CRESCENT CITY is a better and more interesting title and that’s how it was initially pitched.



chain of gold – cassandra clare

pgs. 624

I have not read any Cassie Clare books other than CITY OF BONES, but I know everyone loves the Shadowhunters world and this is a chonker, so obviously it had to go on the list. I think this new series is a continuation of the CLOCKWORK ANGEL, etc. series?? It’s Shadowhunters in Edwardian London.



serpent & dove – shelby mahurin

pgs. 513

Slightly less chonky BUT it’s about WITCHES and a HOLY WAR so obviously I am here for it because I must read all the witchy books. I’m embarrassed I still haven’t read my eARC of it yet. Also apparently it has at least 1 sexy scene.



the starless sea – erin morgenstern

pgs. 498

So I guess this book is slightly less chonky, but for me personally anything that’s 400+ pages counts as a “long book.” I never read Erin Morgenstern’s first book, THE NIGHT CIRCUS, but I know a lot of people liked it, so…anyway. This book is about a mysterious book and doors into other worlds, so that sounds right up any book lover’s alley.



winter – marissa meyer

pgs. 827

Honestly, the sole reason I never finished the Lunar Chronicles series was because this book was so enormous and I never had time for it. However, if you are looking to get super invested in a series for two weeks of isolation, definitely check out this sci-fi space-y fairytale retelling series, featuring characters like Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, and Rapunzel, among others.



priory of the orange tree – samantha shannon

pgs. 848

I haven’t read any of Samantha Shannon’s books yet but I know people were super pumped for PRIORY when it came out. I don’t know much about it but I think it has dragons? It is also even longer than the Sarah J. Maas book which is A Feat.



the poppy war – r. f. kuang

pgs. 644

This is an adult historical fantasy about a shaman I think? It is Asian-inspired and lots of bloggers I know LOVE this book. I also follow the author on twitter and she posts a lot about silly stuff her boyfriend does and CAN RELATE to that brand.



middlegame – seanan mcguire

pgs. 528

I wasn’t interested in this when it first came out because I hadn’t yet read any of the Wayward Children series but now that I have—WANT TO READ!!! This book is about a set of twins, Roger and Dodger, who are mysterious and “something more than human.” AM INTRIGUED. Kind of fantasy/sci-fi-y

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  1. Now is definitely the time to read all the huge Fantasy books I have been putting off 😊 I also just got House of Earth and Blood as I was really feeling a book like it! (I can also never remember what’s the right title 😂) And I also have Serpent & Dove that I hope to read for the OWL’s 🥰

    1. ooh, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on serpent & dove. I keep meaning to read that one.

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