march rewind \\ ummm, what just happened?

Okay, wow, March has been…A Month. For everyone who thought 2019 was bad…so sorry, 2020 is taking the cake for sure. I hope everyone is managing to stay healthy and mostly sane, and if you’re isolating/social distancing that you’re getting in a lot of reading time at least (well, more than I am, anyway).

Okay…let’s get to the wrap up.


what happened

  • Um hello coronavirus?? This is probably the wildest thing I’ve ever experienced. There is no toilet paper left at the grocery store across the street from me. I’ve been teleworking even though I’m a public librarian. Boyfriend is home also because his university is closed the rest of the semester and is teaching online. My state isn’t on lockdown yet, but for all I know by the time this post publishes it could be.
  • The library was closed. At first we just cancelled all public programming and reduced available computers, but a day later they decided to close us for two weeks. Then it became clear we couldn’t open back up to the public, and that timeline has been extended to “indefinitely.” However, I am EXTREMELY lucky and still being paid.
  • I got a really cool side gig. Apparently I’m better at blogging than I thought I am, because I applied to what was originally a freelance position with an organization that works with companies on gender issues as a content creator, and I was hired. My first assignment is to write about gender bias and AI, which I’m super pumped for.
  • I got Animal Crossing!!! I wasn’t sure if I was going to get it or not before it came out, but everyone on book twitter was gushing about it so I splurged and got it, and honestly, I love picking all the weeds on my island. I feel weird playing it at night though because the island is in real time so it’s dark and I feel like I should be asleep, not catching butterflies, lol. And now I’m super in debt to an excitable raccoon, woohoo.



what i read


I only read one book this month, WHEN WE WERE MAGIC, but it was sooooo sapphic and amazing!!! I definitely recommend this one and am debating doing a week-long feature about it even though it’s already out.

I really haven’t felt like reading the past few weeks. I’ve started a few things but lose interest halfway through and can’t focus. I think I’m just really stressed about everything going on and the changes in my daily routine and I just can’t concentrate on reading. Nothing is really appealing to me at the moment and I’m not in the mood to sit down and read for long stretches of time even though I am able to since I’m not at work. It’s very frustrating and I wish I could un-slump so I could knock out some books on my TBR list while I have the time.


blogging life

I ended up taking a hiatus this month because I was feeling bad and insecure about my blog. Talking to a couple prospective jobs about my blogging experience did make me feel a little more confident about it because people seem really impressed by my writing, but honestly, I kind of don’t know why I’m coming back to it other than I feel lost without it. I want to be involved with book influencing, but don’t know how to do that other than blogging because I don’t like any other platform as much and this is what I’m good at and have liked doing the most in the past.



  • Animal Crossing! Let me pick all the pears and pull all the weeds, please!
  • Conan Gray’s new album. I discovered Conan Gray on Spotify somewhat recently and really liked his EP and singles, especially Maniac, and his new album is just so. Good.
  • The Overcoats’ new album. I LOVED the first album by this lady duo called Overcoats and they came out with new music a couple weeks ago and it is so amazning I just [heart eyes]


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  1. I am glad to hear that you seem to be doing alright in these precarious times. I am happy to hear your employer found a way to keep paying you and that you even found a freelance gig! Your blog is awesome and I really, really hope you will get that confidence in it back and feel better about posting again 🙂 I am sure reading will come back to you some more again as well.
    Stay safe and don’t let Nook hustle you too much haha

    1. thank you so much for your sweet comments, Kat <3

      and lol, I will try not to. but he's a crafty raccoon. lol.

  2. I feel you, March has been a doozy of a month. It almost seems like a nightmare that hopefully the world will wake up from eventually. I’m glad to hear you are doing okay though and congrats on the new position! Animal Crossing is my way of life right now, when I play that game (and pull those weeds lol) reality just melts away and it’s just me and that everlasting debt to that raccoon haha! I love Tom Nook though <3 Really, Animal Crossing has done a wonder for my stress! Sending good and healthy vibes your way for April!

  3. Glad to hear everything is going well during these complicated times! Congrats on the side gig, that’s really cool & I hope everything works out with reading & blogging, I’m always looking forward to reading your posts! Stay positive & Happy March! 😄💕✨

  4. March definitely felt very surreal to me as well. We were all sure 2020 would be the start to a great new decade, but things went downhill so fast 😅 I hope you’re doing okay and I’m happy to hear that you’re still getting paid and have managed to also land a cool side gig 💕 I’m also excited for When We Were Magic, I’m here for all the witchy things! I hope you find another book that ‘unslumps’ you and gets you really invested again!

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