may goals

New month, who dis?? It’s the goals post, that’s who. To start off, I’ll recap my March goals since that was the last goals post I did.


march goals

  • Read 5 books    XX      I did not do this in March. I’ve been reading really slowly lately.
  • Read more new releases. Ideally at least 3.       X!          I kind of did this because technically over March and April I read four new releases.
  • Try one new recipe per week.       XX       I did not do this.
  • Eat healthy 5 days out of the week.          XX            I did not do this.
  • Clean apartment once a week.           XX          I definitely did not do this.
  • Research astrology.        X!            I sort of did this? I at least researched some apps that could help me learn astrology and downloaded one that I looked at a little (read: a VERY little).
  • Basically I did terribly on my goals.


may goals

  • Read 5 books. I’ve been wanting to try to increase my reading pace and get back to reading more books per month. My average this year seems to be about 4. But I want it to be 5 so I can read a good balance of upcoming books and also backlist books and rereads.
  • Get 10,000 steps 5 days/week. I’ve been trying to move more lately and one thing I love to do is get 10,000 steps on my fitbit. I’m always excited when it reminds me to get my 250 steps per hour so I can get up out of my desk. It’s so satisfying to get 10,000 steps and have my device do its little vibrating dance thing.
  • Try one new recipe per week. I got a new cookbook and discovered a really great recipe website recently, so I think I can do this this month. I also got an instant pot that can be a rice cooker, steamer, slow cooker, or pressure cooker, so I really want to experiment with that and see how it works.
  • Clean apartment once a week. Actually do it this month. This seems to be a permanent goal I am ever trying to reach.
  • Experiment with songwriting. I actually used to write songs as a teenager and then got out of it for a really long time, but lately I’ve been hearing lots of music and lyrics in my head. I also have some keyboarding skills that I could put to use if I manage to get a small and inexpensive keyboard. I’ve been wanting to get back into doing something creative for a long time, and right now it seems that songwriting is calling to me.
  • Work on my grimoire. A grimoire, or book of shadows, is a witch’s book of witchy information like spells or tarot reading results or rituals or things like that. I’ve been wanting to expand my grimoire that I started a while ago for a long time now but never seem to sit down to do it. I have a print version and a digital version, and I can’t decide which one I want to work on more, because the digital one is super organized and neat but the physical one is really pretty.
  • Keep track of my goals in my bullet journal. I think one of the many reasons I hardly ever reach my goals in my goal posts is that I don’t have a system of keeping track of them. I have a habit tracker, which helps for my healthy habits stuff, but as far as creative goals or other goals, I don’t have a method to help motivate me and keep track of what I’ve done.

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  1. Good luck with these! Working on my grimoire is a goal of mine this month as well, and I keep meaning to add a goals section to my bullet journal but I always forget until I finish setting up my monthly stuff :/

  2. Wow, I can definitely relate to not meeting all my goals. I’ve been saying literally all year that I’m going to start cooking (and by that I mean learning how to cook) but I have yet to actually cook much of anything. Maybe this will be my month for that as well! I’m also always trying to clean my apartment more often…lately I tend to put everything off and then binge clean (is that a thing?) all in one go after things have gotten really bad. I know cleaning won’t feel so awful if I break it into smaller chunks, but alas, my procrastination always gets the better of me.

    Best of luck with May! I hope you achieve all your goals – and if you don’t, I hope you resist the urge to beat yourself up about it! <3

    1. binge cleaning is definitely a thing! I’ve noticed for me I get to a point every couple months where I get super freaked out and stressed by how disorganized I am and go on a major cleaning and decluttering spree. Here’s to hoping we both meet our cleaning goals this month though!

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