my book expo experience: thursday

I did it! I made it through Book Expo, day 2! Book Expo is definitely an exciting privilege, but it is also very stressful and overwhelming, especially when you have anxiety. I am really proud of myself for going at all, even though I’m not doing everything I set out to do and not everything is going as expected. I’m trying to let myself enjoy most of it and let myself be proud of being able to do it since for the past few years I would’ve never imagined being able to go to Book Expo for many reasons.

Anyway, onto the Thursday Book Expo experience!

things that happened

me, slightly more tired than on day 1. also I woke up at 5am.
  • I met up with a cool coworker. I knew one of my coworkers was going to be at Book Expo but forgot to get her number before we left, but she somehow got it from someone and texted me about meeting up, so we hung out for a few hours at Book Expo yesterday. It was definitely nicer not being completely alone and to have someone to look for after waiting in a million lines, and comforting to see someone from home who I like.
is it bad that I didn’t know what book to put on the book that changed your life wall? There are just so many!
  • I went to a couple panels. Okay, really I went to about five minutes of two panels. One was about raising a reader and a book of the same title, but I thought some of what they said about children and encouraging kids to read was kind of BS, and I’m not even a children’s librarian. It was somewhat interesting to hear a different perspective but I don’t know if it’s one I’d subscribe to. I also saw a bit of Rick Riordan’s panel with two of his authors and they talked about what they hope readers will gain from reading their books, which was cool. I wish I’d seen more of it but I was starving and had a lack of protein and caffeine headache.
  • I saw more book celebrities. The first day was famous booktuber day, and day 2 was the day I saw a couple of bloggers I’ve followed in the past, including Alexa of Alexa Loves Books. I thought about saying hi but we were in a signing line a lot of people away from each other and I didn’t want it to be weird, so I did not say hi.
the HUGE Alice Hoffman line!!
  • MORE SIGNINGS. Honestly, I mostly went to signings on Thursday. Mary H. K Choi and Julia Drake were too beautiful to exist, and Mary H. K. Choi complimented my hair. I also met Alice Hoffman, whose books I loved as a kid but have not read much of as an adult. I got her book for my mom because my mom LOVES Alice. I debated going to a couple of other signings but I already had eARCs for them so I decided to let other people who didn’t have the books at all get a chance. But it made me so happy that Mary H. K. Choi’s line was so super long because so many of my blogging friends love her (and omfg I really need to read EMERGENCY CONTACT I am terrible).
  • I hung out in my hotel room. A few people from home encouraged me to go out and do things in NYC, but as I’m sure I’ve mentioned, I hate NYC and find it super dirty, which heightens my anxiety, and also very overwhelming, and honestly, going to Book Expo already put me at my anxiety limit and I want to make it through the whole trip without crying so I decided to just rest and relax and prepare for the last day. Plus, my entire body was too sore to walk around or do anything but sit and lie down.


day 2 haul

IMG_4273 2

  • The Empaths Survival Guide – I don’t know if I really believe empaths are a thing, but if they are I definitely am one, and I thought this seemed like an interesting book about dealing with life as a highly sensitive person, which I also definitely am.
  • A Match Made in Mehendi – I told my coworker if I didn’t get this at the ARC drop for Little, Brown, I would cry. I got it so I did not have to cry.
  • The Ten Thousand Doors of January – Mostly got this one because it was pretty. I don’t know much about it other than it’s semi-historical magical realism and about a mysterious house with a magical book.
  • Wicked As You Wish – I picked this one up on a whim, but it doesn’t seem like my thing now that I’ve had time to look at it and I think I might give it to another coworker.
  • Permanent Record – I was so excited to get this book even though I didn’t know about it pre-Book Expo days. It’s about a college drop out and a will they won’t they romance with a pop star.
  • The Last True Poets of the Sea – I don’t remember what this one is about to be honest, but I remember reading about it and wanting it so I went to her signing and Julia Drake was so feckin’ beautiful OMG.
  • The Fountains of Silence – I LOVED SALT TO THE SEA and was excited to get this one. I actually missed the official ARC drop, but the Penguin guy saved a few copies and gave me one. Thank you, Penguin guy!
  • Monster, She Wrote – Also picked this one up on a whim from Quirk because it’s bios of female horror writers!! It sounded cool.

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