my book expo experience: wednesday

I must be a very Good and Committed blogger, because the first thing I wanted to do when I got back to my hotel on Wednesday aka First Day of Book Expo was to blog about the experience. Okay, so the need to sleep overtook my desire to blog and I started writing this in the morning after about 11 hours of sleep, but I think it still counts. Anyway.

Here is what happened on Wednesday, the first day of Book Expo:

me getting ready for book expo
  • A LOT of waiting in line. I got to Book Expo at 9:00 on Wednesday because I assumed the floor opened then, but nothing opened until 12:00, so I basically waited in line for three hours. The most exciting thing about that was that I recognized two very famous book tubers, Emma Reads and Clockwork Reader. I was too shy to talk to them. A couple people in line asked me if it was my first time there, which it was not, so apparently I looked as anxious as I felt. Someone also very rudely accused me of cutting the line when I asked someone to save my spot so I could go to the bathroom, which was not great, but apparently that person had just cut a bunch of people in line which I found out later, so that was not a huge deal in the end I guess. It was just unfortunate that someone would be so rude.

IMG_4252 IMG_4260

cool signage for Stephen Chbosky, Sarah J. Maas, SLAY, and REBEL

Me with CRESCENT FREAKING CITY in the background!!!!
  • Missing Leigh Bardugo’s signing. I didn’t know that her signing for NINTH HOUSE was ticketed because nothing I read said it was, and even though I got to the booth by 12:04, all the 100 tickets were already gone, so I didn’t get to go to her signing, which was a HUGE disappointment because that was half the reason I wanted to go to Book Expo this year.
Leigh Bardugo from really far away. Oh, and her last name means “executioner” DOESN’T THAT EXPLAIN SO MUCH???
  • Seeing Leigh Bardugo speak. I did get to see her discussion of NINTH HOUSE, which was super interesting, especially the parts about being a Jew but feeling disconnected from it, which is something I feel in my own life, so I am very excited about that aspect of the book. She was so weird and cool and Goth and I want to be her when I grow up (I am an adult already but whatever, I can still say that). Leigh Bardugo also admitted that she was casually racist when she was writing SHADOW AND BONE, which was why it was not diverse, and why she was so on board with making it more diverse in the Netflix show. I thought her explanation and discussion of race in her books was really interesting and thoughtful.
  • Being the first person in Phil Stamper’s line. Since I didn’t get to the NINTH HOUSE signing, I got to go to two other signings I’d wanted to go to, including Phil Stamper’s signing for his debut, THE GRAVITY OF US, for which I WAS FIRST IN LINE!!!! I was so awkward and nervous. He was also awkward and nervous because apparently it was his first signing ever, so I felt really special for being queer and being the first person he’s signed at a signing.
my face after about 2 hours of being overwhelmed at Book Expo.
  • Being too scared to talk to people. I think I was actually more comfortable talking to people and publishers the first two times I went. This time I felt so much pressure to make sure I had an amazing time and got a million books, and I think that actually made me more anxious and I felt pretty incapable of talking to publishers and by day 2 still had not figured out how to ask publishers about books. I didn’t want publishers to think I was just there for the ARCs and I wanted to have a perfect time and that ended up paralyzing me a bit from just doing things I wanted to do.


wednesday book haul

sorry about the shitty hotel room lighting
  • Serpent & Dove | Shelby Mahurin – aka witch/holy war book of my DREAMS!! I’m SO happy I did not miss the ARC drop for this at HarperCollins.
  • All-American Muslim Girl | Nadine Jolie Courtney – I picked this one up on a whim at a librarian giveaway for Fierce Reads because the cover was pretty and I did like the author’s first book, ROMANCING THE THRONE, so we’ll see how it goes.
  • Winterwood | Shea Ernshaw – This was actually the very first book I picked up at Book Expo! I was psyched. I still need to read WICKED DEEP, though.
  • The Truth Is | NoNequia Ramos – I was supposed to get this for my coworker, but I am definitely keeping it for me. It’s about a girl from a conservative Puerto Rican family who dates a trans boy. Very excited for this one.
  • Nocturna | Maya Motayne – I was a little happy I could go to this signing even though I missed NINTH HOUSE because I love this cover. I have an ARC of this but really want the full version.
  • The Gravity of Us | Phil Stamper – YES for queer author at Book Expo and being the first in his line. Go me.
  • The Desire Map – I picked this one up on a whim because I do enjoy self-help books every now and then and this one is about goal setting which I am working on, so it seemed like a good one to pick up. Plus the booth person pointed out that it matched my hair and then I could not say no.

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