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So in case you missed it…I’M GOING TO BOOK EXPO THIS YEAR!!!!! I am so super excited because I’ve never been to real Book Expo, only Power Readers (I am oooooooold) and the first year of BookCon, which was a STRAIGHT DISASTER, and I’ve never gone in a professional position for work-related reasons either, so I am PSYCHED. I had to go through this whole process of getting my funds approved so I can have all my hotel and travel and food and train paid for by my library job, but THEY SAID YES and now I can go to Book Expo practically for free and DID I MENTION I AM EXCITED?!?!?!! (if you can’t tell by all the caps and screaming…idk what to say).

BUT let me tell you…I have a lot to do before Book Expo actually gets here, so today’s post is mostly me being excited and also me trying to get myself organized and figuring out what I have to do before Book Expo.

Here are some of the things I am doing to prep:

  • Plan my outfits. This may not seem important to some people, but I gotta look cute for meeting cool bookish folk and meeting authors like LEIGH BARDUGO and honestly I mostly have to look on Wednesday for the NINTH HOUSE signing and getting a selfie with Leigh Bardugo and the rest will be fine.
  • Get cool makeup. Not going to lie, I did buy two makeup items specifically to look adorable at Book Expo, namely some glitter hair/body spray so I am sparkly and fairy-like, and also blue eyeliner that hopefully I can figure out how to use in time?? I’m really bad at eyeliner, folks.
  • Favorite all the exhibitors I want to see. Publisher’s Weekly came out with a roundup of all the cool ARCs to get at Book Expo, so I used that to help me make a list of all the vendors I want to see when I go there. I have secret hopes that some of the publishing contacts I’ve been emailing over the past year will be there so I can hug them and thank them profusely for making my bookish life bliss.
  • Make a schedule of the panels & signings I want to go to. The main reasons I cited in my work paperwork for Book Expo was a bunch of the panels and how I thought they’d help me professionally, so I will actually be going to panels at Book Expo this year. I’m glad I have three full conference days because otherwise I’d be worried I wouldn’t get enough time with the exhibitors. But there are a lot of panels I want to go to about diversity issues, particularly some LGBT panels, and I am very interested in them. I’m also going to Book List’s Shout and Share because I am leading a Shout and Share panel at an event at work for a big con-type thing next month.
  • Make a packing list. And also pack. Usually I’m not a packing-list type person, but I am for some reason so stressed that I’m going to forget something I need or want or will help make me feel more comfortable so I’m making one.
  • Make a playlist. A couple people suggested to me that I make a playlist of happy music for when I’m inevitably stressed out and panicking in NYC, so I am definitely making a playlist of happy and/or badass songs that make me feel like a queen/boss. Most notable artists on the list thus far include Sigrid, Lizzo, and K. Flay.
  • Finish the books I’m currently in the middle of. I want to be reading as few books as possible when I go to Book Expo so I can start my Book Expo books immediately. I want to be free of any reading commitments so I can fully immerse myself in my Book Expo loot.


So, yeah, basically…I’m gonna be super busy this week. My week is already going to be super hectic with various work things (ugh, save me) and then I have to do…all this. So, if you are a kind soul, please send me some good vibes to get through the week and then doing all this stuff so I can have a successful Book Expo with as little stress as possible.

Oh, and by the way, I’m going to be on hiatus until I get back June 1. I may even be emotionally dead after that, so I’m not sure when you’ll be hearing from me next after this post. So, wish me luck, light, and books, and I’ll see you all on the other side!

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