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So maybe I should have done this post last week when it was actually New Year’s Eve/Day, but I didn’t think of it then and it’s still early enough in the year that these things are relevant, in my opinion. So here are some witchy ways to ring in the New Year:

  • Light a candle and whisper all the things you hope will come to pass in 2020. When you are finished, blow out the candle.
  • Do a deep cleanse of your tarot deck by separating and laying out all the Major Arcana and putting the Minor Arcana out by suit in order.
  • Do a tarot spread of the new year by drawing 12 cards. Each card represents what you should focus on for each month.
  • Do a serious cleanse of your room and/or house, getting rid of negative energy in the forms of dirty piles of clothes, dishes that haven’t been put away, chipped or broken glasses or cookware, clothes that don’t fit, etc.
  • Bless your house from the outside by sprinkling herbs with correspondences for peace, prosperity, and happiness.
  • If you use protective amulets, talismans, or sigils, cleanse and charge them and put them up again. Replace old protective wards. If you don’t use protective amulets or talismans but want to, make some and bless them before putting them around your house.
  • Add blessed water to your cleaning spray. Blessed water can be made by saying a spell over the water, or infusing it with herbs that correspond to your intentions.

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