november rewind \\ sleepy blues

what happened in november

  • I started feeling the seasonal depression.Β I usually get really depressed in the winter, and unfortunately I started feeling it a little earlier than normal this year. It’s not bad, but it’s not great either. I’ve been using a Verilux mood light in the mornings to help combat it, and I think it’s been a little effective, but I wish I could use it in the evening because I always feel the worst when it’s really dark out and I get home from work.
  • I got asked out by a patron. This is actually a fairly common occurrence in libraries, unfortunately. I probably should’ve said yes when he started asking if I had a boyfriend, but I thought telling him I don’t answer personal questions would get the point across so the whole thing could be avoided, but the guy did not get the message, but I was kind of already walking away when he started asking. Definitely not my favorite library experience and now I’m going to be super uncomfortable every time he comes in.
  • I confronted my neighbors about them scratching my car. They do this thing where they park their motorcycle horizontally in front of the space to reserve it for their car, which is kind of a dick move, and as a result, often park super close to or on the line, and in October they scratched my car because of their shitty parking. I told them rather politely that they did it, but they appeared not to believe me and tried to tell me I was a bad driver and that they go out of their way to be courteous to fellow people parking in front of the building, which is obviously bullshit because if they were really being courteous, they wouldn’t park like jerks in the first place. My therapist was super impressed by this because I usually turn all my anger inward but this time I was assertive and stood up for myself!
  • I saw friends! I actually saw my friends who live half an hour away a couple times this month. The first time was for a brunch that was very tasty (one of my friends made a pot roast and I was super impressed by his cooking abilities) and the next time we hung out in a fun area of the city for a vintage expo and also lunch. I told them about feeling insecure and having a weird paranoia thing that they don’t really like me, and they told me not to worry and that they wish our schedules matched up more so we could hang out more frequently, so I feel mildly better about that now.
  • I continued struggling to find a hobby.Β I slightly have things to do now that I try to get 10,000 steps in every day, but I still desperately need a fun hobby. I feel like journaling would probably be a good hobby but it’s still not enough to do, because I don’t have things to journal every day. I’ve thought about teaching myself to draw, even though I’ve always been terrible at it. I’ve also thought about trying to take some sort of free online classes, because I really miss my grad school days and always having interesting things to study (plus I’d love to have a studyblr). I am just really struggling to find things to do that I enjoy other than reading and walking that will take up my time effectively and enjoyably.


what i read

I…didn’t read much this month. I was trying to read only when I felt like it per my monthly goals, but I did end up kind of forcing myself to read because I have literally nothing to do with my life if I don’t read and I was tired of being in a slump and determined to get out of it. Two books helped me get out of it, namely THE BEGINNING OF THE WORLD IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, a book of fairytale-esque short stories that I bought special from Book Depository, and also MONDAY’S NOT COMING by Tiffany D. Jackson. MONDAY was an absolutely amazing book, even better than Jackson’s first book, ALLEGEDLY, which incidentally also pulled me out of a reading slump last year. The words “harrowing” and “haunting” never so perfectly described a book. I’m still thinking about this book and probably will be for a very long time. My most disappointing read was THE SIMILARS, about a mysterious boarding school and cloning, which ended up being oddly paced and meh.



blogging things

I reached 247 followers! Sometimes I feel embarrassed by how small my blog seems but apparently that’s about average according to a survey I read recently. On the blog this month, I wrote about wanting to at least make some changes to this blog and add in some witchy posts, and I started doing that with my tarot reading posts of WARCROSS and VICIOUS. Both posts have been relatively successful and people seem to enjoy them so I think I’m going to keep doing it.

I also started a new Twitter account just for blog and book things since my original Twitter is for library things now. Ironically, this new Twitter was born after I decided to quit Twitter, and lasted for about three days. Additionally, I started trying a new aesthetic on my Instagram, but I’m not really feeling it and am debating trying a new aesthetic that more closely fits my new witchy branding. I’m also debating renaming my blog…Cotton Candy Book Witch. It’s the name of my Tumblr and I really love the name, but I also love A Word and a Whisper. So idk.


around the blogosphere

This is a new section I’m doing because I always read such great posts throughout the month and feel the need to share! So here are some posts from other bloggers that I thought were awesome this month:



  1. My Verilux happy light. One of my doctors suggested I try a mood light/happy light as it gets darker earlier to help combat seasonal depression, and I have to say, the light I got from Verilux really works! I used one last year too and I think it helped me then also.
  2. Revenge. Lily at Sprinkles of Dreams talked about how she was watching the show Revenge, and I’ve watched the first two seasons a couple of times but never finished it, and talking with her about it made me want to try again, and thus far I am enjoying it IMMENSELY. Everyone is pretty, there’s so much drama, I love the setting, and the soundtrack is on point. What more could you want from a TV show??
  3. Unicorn Crate. For the past couple months I’ve been trying Unicorn Crate for YA fantasy, since I like fantasy books again now. I don’t think I like it as much as OwlCrate, but I LOVED the special edition box for THE LAST UNICORN that I bought even though I haven’t read the book. Everything was so beautiful and unicorn themed!!


book haul highlights

This is a new section I’m experimenting with. We’ll see how it goes.


  • Let Me Hear a Rhyme | Tiffany D. Jackson | May 2019 – After reading this author’s first two books, I can safely say I’ll be reading everything she writes. I don’t even care what this one is about; I’m reading it.
  • These Witches Don’t Burn | Isabel Sterling | May 2019 – My first Penguin eARC approved on Edelweiss! They used to hate me! Which didn’t really matter because I have a contact at Penguin, but I still really wanted to be able to get stuff on Edelweiss. Anyway, this one is about WITCHES and has mystery and friendship and girl power, so YES YES YES!!!!
  • A Dress for the Wicked | Autumn Krause | August 2019 – FML why do I have to wait so long to read this book?? It’s about a FASHION COMPETITION and is comped to THE BELLES and THE LUXE, two of my favorite things.
  • Girl Gone Viral | Arvin Ahmadi | May 2019 – I haven’t read Ahmadi’s first book, DOWN AND ACROSS yet, but after finishing GGV I might go back and read it. I just started GGV, which is about a girl who’s super into coding and is entering this competition to get closer to a guy who knew her father right before he left them a note and disappeared forever, and it is very good thus far.

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  1. Yay for standing up for yourself! That’s so important and something I also struggle with. Same with seasonal depression. Getting a mood light is actually a good idea! I might try that out too.
    Cotton Candy Book Witch is an awesome name! I am also always thinking about changing my blog name but I can never decide ..
    and 247 followers is great! πŸ’™

  2. Ah, lovely post Mel! Congratulations on 247 followers – growth is becoming harder and harder with so many blogs and what not and you should be proud of your growth! And I have to say those covers I need the book haul highlights section are just so gorgeous and pretty that it hurts me 😍. Also, thank you so much to linking to my post, and I’m glad you enjoyed it! Happy reading ❀️

    1. It was a great post, so you’re very welcome πŸ™‚ And yes, I agree, it seems like growth is definitely a challenge, so I try to take my wins as they come even if they feel small to me. thank you for your lovely comment <3

  3. Seasonal depression is. the.worst. honestly, I hate it too. I’m glad that you found something that works out well for you <3
    I'm sorry you didn't love The Similars – it sounds like such an intriguing read and I've been anticipating it for a while, hopefully I'll enjoy it a bit better than you did. AND YAY ahh for getting approved for Arvin Ahmadi's book! I really liked Down and Across and Girl Gone Viral sounds absolutely INCREDIBLE, I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of it. May is so far away haha πŸ™‚
    I hope you'll have a lovely upcoming month Mel, take care of yourself! <3

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