November TBR (ish)

Usually when I write up monthly TBR posts, I include lists of the month’s releases that I’m excited for and a couple from previous months that I want to remember to get to. This month, since I decided not to set a goal for number of books read and only read when I’m in the mood, I have also decided to only read what I’m in the mood for and not try to stick to monthly releases. Plus, the only November release I’m excited for anyway is Robin Talley’s PULP, about 1960s lesbian pulp fiction, but I’m not super in the mood to read it any time soon so there’s no point in putting it on my TBR.

Without further ado, here are some of the books I’m in the mood to read this month:

2019 releases

  • The Everlasting Rose | Dhonielle Clayton – I’ve already talked a lot about my mixed feelings initially for the first book in this series, THE BELLES, but I think I’ve finally decided that I did actually really like it. I am very looking forward to the second book and don’t want to wait anymore to read it.
  • Death Prefers Blondes | Caleb Roehrig – This book is about a celebrity who lives a double life as a thief and pulls off grand heists with drag queens. It just sounds super fun and different and I’m in the mood for a unique, fluffy book at the moment.
  • Wicked Saints | Emily A. Duncan – I remain confused why this is getting so hyped when there’s not even a full synopsis yet? I started this one today and so far I am…confused. It also gives me Grisha Trilogy vibes but…not as good as the Grisha Trilogy. Which I also still have to finish. I loved the first two but found the beginning of RUIN AND RISING kinda slow so I stopped? I should pick that up again, too…


2018 books

  • A Very Large Expanse of Sea | Tahereh Mafi – I can’t believe I still haven’t read this even though I got an eARC of it!! I also traded for an ARC and bought the finished copy because I have a feeling I’ll want a collection. I hope Tahereh Mafi’s contemporary is as good as her other books.
  • An Assassin’s Guide to Love & Treason | Virginia Boecker – I dislike that they copied the “Guide” titles from Lady’s and Gentleman’s Guide, but what can you do. This book hasn’t been much on my radar, but we just got a copy at my library that made me want to go back and read my eARC. It’s about a girl whose father is found to be a traitorous Catholic, and she discovers he was also plotting the murder of Queen Elizabeth I.
  • Blanca & Roja | Anna-Marie McLemore – Snow White retelling by an author whose books are always magical and queer? Yes, yes I must read this.
  • Damsel | Elana K. Arnold – I dismissed this book at first because I read that it was really upsetting, but I’m kinda tempted by it again after getting it at my library as one of our new books this month. I’m really in the mood for fantasy at the moment, so I may give this one a try.



  • Inkheart | Cornelia Funke – I LOVED the first book in this trilogy when I was little, and I’ve been wanting to finish the rest of the series because I never read the last book. They’re all pretty long, but I can read kid’s fantasy pretty fast, plus I’ve read it before, which should help my reading speed. I’m just very in the mood to revisit this old favorite about bookish magic.
  • Furthermore | Tahereh Mafi – As already noted, I am SUPER in the mood for fantasy right now, and no fantasy is more fantastical than FURTHERMORE, which I adored when I read it last year. I still haven’t finished WHICHWOOD either, so when I finish rereading this magical delight, I’ll have more wonders that await.

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  1. Hi Mel!
    Wow looks like you have quite a few new releases on your list. I haven’t read any of these but hope that you will enjoy them 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful November!

  2. This is such a lovely TBR, Mel! I’m excited to hear your thoughts on the sequel for The Belles 😀 and yay for Inkheart! This series was one of my favorites as a kid, too – I didn’t love the second and third book as much as the first, though, but I hope you will 🙂 Happy reading!!

    1. I hope I do, too! I haven’t done a reread of Inkheart in so long, and it’s been even longer since reading Inkspell and I never read Inkdeath, so I’m excited 🙂

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