October Goals

I don’t know why I still do these posts when I never accomplish all my goals that I write in them. I think I like the idea of goal setting more than actually setting out to achieve said goals. But writing goals is still fun, so here we are with another monthly goals post. This one is probably going to be much shorter than usual because I don’t know what I want to do this month.

First, let’s take a look at how I did with my September goals.

  • Read 6 books.    !!       I did this. Most of them were not very good.
  • Find a new show.        X!         I kind of did this? I tried WITCHES OF EAST END and got halfway through episode one, and might continue it. I’m just not in the mood for a continuous story for the most part. I also tried STEVEN UNIVERSE again and liked it, so I might stick with that, too.
  • Find a new hobby.      XX        I did not do this. I don’t know what I want to do!! Help!!
  • Keep the apartment looking nice more often.      XX       I definitely did not do this. It also occurred to me looking back at this goal that I should’ve made it more specific.
  • Try a new grocery store.       !!         I did do this! Twice! I tried Wegmans, which is expensive but apparently still not as expensive as Weis, and Giant, which is definitely my best option. I will probably be abandoning Weis for the most part now because I’ve been spending $5 on mushrooms when I could’ve been spending $2, plus Giant is way bigger and has way more options of foods than Weis.


October Goals

  • Read 6 booksThis seems like a good number.
  • Experiment more with journaling. I love notebooks and pens and bullet journaling, so I may as well make it more of a hobby and experiment with it more.
  • Clean apartment once a week. A more tangible, measurable version of keeping the apartment looking nice more often.
  • Walk 8,000-10,000 steps at least 4x per week. I want to work toward being more fit/healthy, and this will be one of my goals to get there.
  • Only have sugar 2x per week. I desperately need to cut out sugar more frequently, so this might be a good goal to add.
  • Experiment more with cooking. I love baking and like cooking, but I usually just pick an easy recipe and cook it over and over again for dinners until I get tired of it. This method seems to no longer be working as I am tired of all my current recipes, so obviously I need to find new recipes to try out.


Sorry my goals are so boring this month; I mostly want to focus on being healthier and having slightly more variety in my currently very dull life. Hopefully my goals for next month can be more exciting??

What are your goals for October?



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    I also tried to start a new hobby last month!! that hobby ended up being a Golden Girls marathon, but this month I plan to start learning a language on Duolingo?? I’m either brushing up on Spanish (it’s so sad, i used to be rlly good and now i barely know anything lsldkjflskjdfs) OR German c: c:

    1. I think marathoning any TV show is an acceptable hobby lol. I’d probably do that more if I didn’t just rewatch ANTM and Project Runway episodes that I’ve already seen a million times over and over haha. And ooh learning a language sounds fun! I could probably also stand to brush up on my Spanish because it comes up in my job a lot…German sounds fun, too! Good luck!

  2. When I was a teenager, I was so bored at home that I actually started writing fanfiction on asianfanfics. It helped me with writing skills and it was actually fun until I realised I was not a good writer LOL. And then, there were these people who had graphic design shops who made free fanfiction illustrative design covers so it kind of inspired me a bit to use photoshop again and make my own headers for my blog.

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